Beijing is deep purchase, the old fan shell of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch of treatment coming home [scallop loves]

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Graph / the little love with not good article
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What market of Beijing deep seafood can be fried very much recently is hot! 2 years short time, beijing is deep from signs of human habitation exiguous have replenish onr’s stock only, to nowadays one purchases three-layer to machine and the person is the billowy manner that have completely, be to ward off blows hard really!

Go to Beijing buying seafood or content of very exquisite technology greatly, a little one careless, JS of possible back is black together, but the competence that believes each housekeeping amounts to a person to cut price scarcely common, should choosing only and call heavy link much piercing eye, can buy already cheap fresh seafood cough up!

Should say Beijing is deep take a seat at standing by south the situation of 4 annulus, also can every night full fact is belonged to infrequent, cannot book, only able wait, the environment that three-layer machines is too noisy, the person is much, of treatment also coarse a few. Write down so that the Mid-autumn Festival wanted to taking pa Mom to go originally last year old rub with the hands, my good as a result will by spell the awkwardness of the desk with another and so undone that be in a complete mess… see this manner this year then, what does that still think, redemptive him home is done!

Raw material:
Scallop 15 (conch is about 12 centimeters wide, 2 one 5) , dragon mouth vermicelli made from bean starch 2 small groups
Complementary makings:
Juice of Chi of fish of any of several hot spice plants of garlic, shallot, colour, evaporate, salt, cooking wine Right amount


When buying scallop, can ask to sell the home take out of material of the black inside scallop, scallop flesh goes to cheek after recapture home abluent, with right amount salt and cooking wine souse a little while, scallop carapace is abluent reserve.

Lukewarm bleb vermicelli made from bean starch, reserve.
Cut end of garlic end, onion powder, colour any of several hot spice plants, cross oil to fry mature to 7-8.

vermicelli made from bean starch dish in scallop carapace go up, place shellfish meat again above, scatter on the end of any of several hot spice plants of colour of powder of garlic end onion that has fried, drench on juice of evaporate fish Chi, go up boiler evaporate 5-10 minute.

The close-up before evaporate, actually evaporate was over about the same also such ^^ | | | |

Taste of ~~ of cough up giving boiler is very delicious

Of salty still can drench a bit beauty is extremely bright, also be right choice.

Still can buy simple him seafood such as shrimp of skin of a few prawn, crab, skin to come home evaporate evaporate is fried, eventually, perhaps need not spell desk feel disappointed to the seat waits greatly in Beijing again and return, the family is surrounded sit one desk, drink bit of small wine again, enjoy seafood sumptuous dinner to the top of one’s bent!

Above. </b>

————Delicious link————–

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Corrupt, also meet oneself be done with one’s own hands a few simple delicious, come family of reward with food and drink and friend ~~

★ loves to eat him pizza to do, super ★ of big flesh pizza
Banquet of birthday of Home ★ pig — ★ of wing of the chicken of & of pizza of seafood of the & that earth up a root that bake
The ~ of heavy cheese cake of ★ first time is asked great give advice or comments ★
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★ birthday department loves — birthday department is real also ★

Cool cake of old Beijing fastfood polished glutinous rice

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** is attractive cook, without the license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Live in Long Fusi in one’s childhood in the street, old name of Long Fusi snack bar, white chief. . . . . . Inside fastfood much

Incomputable. The home is moved now far, long Fusi is fastfood also do not have again in those days flavour, not be my taste changed,

However over there true quality is too poor. Want to eat now fastfood, can go only Niu Jie, flavour is original still

Same, just traffic, time is no-go, also cannot go one year a few times, person greedy how to do? Be in the home


Raw material: Stuffing of polished glutinous rice, beans, cake of green red silk, gold and melon, I also did not put this a few kind, have more than is needed is done in the home much

Little, bought do, the time that go must be thrown. Have in sesame seed home off-the-peg, had fried go,

There is paddy sweet village in freezer of as it happens fry the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn to want to go up in order to use.


1, the bubble after Xian of polished glutinous rice is clean is controlled 4 hours, drop evaporate of the boiler on water 30 minutes, take out, add water agitate

Even, this one pace is called ” take a starch ” .

2, get on the rice that has mixed again boiler evaporate 20 minutes, take a starch twice repeatedly, at this moment softness of criterion of polished glutinous rice, interest having pliable but strong.

3, relapse the polished glutinous rice that evaporate crosses, enter the agitate in the basin again, at this moment of polished glutinous rice agglutinant very big. (of old Beijing

Practice, it is to use wet gauze to touch water to include meal of good polished glutinous rice soft all, I feel such not quite clean, change so in the basin

In agitate)

4, the oil that takes a dish to apply touch, spread meal of a polished glutinous rice, spread stuffing of a beans again, spread again next

Meal of polished glutinous rice stuffing of a beans, cover meal of a polished glutinous rice finally

5, above scatter on the sesame seed that has fried, scatter again on the nutlet that you like and fruit makings, cool cake considers do good, this

Can be to want what cool move eats!

Clew: This fastfood and unfavorable do more than, cannot eat to put the word of freezer, polished glutinous rice can harden, influence mouthfeel


Thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years

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Original plan National Day resigns afterwards, the Lian Shen before the section has been written please, can arrive crucial moment, cannot open a mouth namely! Think of to want to apply for a job to feel a bit confused afresh later, also do not know after all the job of what just suits him, it seems that everybody is advancing, and oneself are in however place footfall. . . . . . Think of oneself go straight towards the person of 3 quickly, return this model, true distress!

Alas, do not say, serving! The entree tonight — thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years!

Hearing of a cycle of sixty years is a kind of seafood, flavour is delicious, and price is cheap, 5 sell here a jin (the ability 3 years two ago 2) , the individual feels this dish wants to have the ability that nod juice delicious, I am fried this so that did a drop a little, taste is very good still nevertheless!

The way learns to mom, although not quite professional, can taste likeness is spent have 80% however!    

Material: Two jins of abluent, purple perilla reach a cycle of sixty years the head of garlic is right amount and mincing, small chili 3 (viewport flavour increase and decrease) mincing

Condiment: 1, 1.5 spoon of Chi of beans of gust of old dry Mom, salt is right amount

2, oil of arrack, Chi, unripe pink, white sugar, water each are right amount, put a bowl completely in smooth and stand-by


1, because a cycle of sixty years is testacean food, water treatment should fly before boiling:

1) turn on the water in boiler burn, enter a cycle of sixty years that washs clean.

2) the conch that boils a cycle of sixty years searchs entirely, can see there is white bubble on surface at this moment.

3) fall a cycle of sixty years cistern in, boiled water bibcock is rinsed clean (a piece of picture forgot when spelling a plan, him everybody is envisaged) .

4) a little drop doing enters the water, stand-by.

2, burn boiler hot, receive oil, put the head of garlic to explode sweet.

3, break up into a cycle of sixty years fry a few times, put purple perilla and chili bead to break up fry, till smell the fragrance of purple perilla.

4, join right amount salt to fry divide evenly, ordinal put flavoring 2 reach thick chili sauce of old dry Mom.

(the practice of my mom is explode old dry Mom, purple perilla and chili bead first sweet, put a cycle of sixty years again next, fry so allegedly come out to be able to taste the meeting is sweeter, nevertheless I disrelish such chili flavour too choke, be overcome, moved order so)

5, break up ceaselessly fry, till juice closes almost, install dish!

Taking a picture is illuminated with the mobile phone, hope everybody put up with!

Come Zhang Jin of a bit!


Drumstick goes spirit old law

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Remember rice bucket elder sister a drumstick goes before of bone, I also am done, of lane bad must not jest, growl

Drumstick abluent put on raw meat chopping board, the knife should use the knife that cuts raw meat technically, unripe ripe departure.

Particular way: Drumstick has 2 paragraphs of big character, dissection the flesh along bone, let bone be shown, next before a hand is being taken paragraph the termination of bone, a hand uses a knife slowly the flesh that shave drops bone to go up, arrived the tail end of this bone, careful cut out gives bone head, this bone is taken

The 2nd bone: Begin shave from tail end, mixing on one is to return way, the hand obtains the termination of bone, knife from outside to among slowly shave. Take care next cut out gives bone termination. Last rest and reorganization, redundant bone broken bits and adipose eliminate with respect to OK.

Finished product:

The gives old girl summer of Ka Ka kitchen is relaxed and vegetable face

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Summer, summer, ka Ka should buy a package, the bag of summer.
In bazaar, ka Ka faces an another bag, how is knowing good.
conveniently points to, this, this suits your ~~~ my eye all along feel well your. .
Ka Ka distains, bah, you know a P. Myself is carried.
Ka Ka is carried ordered a package.
say, is this a moment ago I let you buy that?
Ka Ka says, bah, who says, whose attest?
innocent, point to the girl that sells a package, do not believe you to ask her. .
Girl selling a package is being borne by force laugh nod.
say, I had said early, my eye all along feel well your. .
Ka Ka spirit is blinked solely, right oh, right oh, marry especially on this problem, namely such oh. . . . Hey, eye of Ka Ka dried. . . . . . eye well ah. . . . . .
The girl that sells a package laughs at gush ~~~~~

Summer is relaxed and vegetable face

Summer arrived, the clothing is light, old girl says, ka Ka, not all the day cranky, to do dish that reduce weight occasionally. .
Reduce weight to not be equal to fast, those who want the 6 big nutriment that sponsorial body place needs is balanced absorb. On this foundation, reduce the nutriment of quantity of heat such as carbohydrate, grease, protein appropriately absorb, add person the cellulose of the 7th nutriment, absorb in order to reduce quantity of heat, strengthen gastric bowel peristalsis, achieve the result that reduce weight.

One, raw material

Half and half of red, yellow, green sweetbell redpepper sufficient, vegetable face, ham bowel half (need not add) , egg, tomato sand department, Li Jin writes down garlic Chengdu thick chili sauce.

2, measure

1, red, yellow, green sweetbell redpepper cuts into shreds, ham section, the code is put in dish in.
2, vegetable face is thoroughlied cook, roll put dish in.
3, egg decoct comes bosseyed stream yellow, spread Yu Panzhong.
4, tomato sand department, Li Jin thick chili sauce of the Chengdu that write down garlic is irrigated go up in the face, mix divide evenly is fed namely.

Summer is relaxed and vegetable the face is simple and fast, color is bright-coloured, delicate and goluptious, slave girl greatly, how ah?

The sauce of tall examinee in sending mixes old cucumber intermediate

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(Cucumber intermediate is old cucumber of the autumn, the estimation that eats now is keep in storage, I do not know south, can replace what do not have with cucumber ah)

The 20 many the university entrance exam year ago up to now remain fresh in one’s memory, the condition in the home is very bitter at that time, but 3 days of dish of the exam are to have

Of the flesh, the meal is flour and rice.

Had experienced ability to know the psychology of examinee only, to the exam I had not said to give just a little 3. Want to put anyway

Loose body and mind, had eaten to had slept everything is good.

I think food to want to nutrition wants on one hand on one hand appetizing tastily.

This seasonal vegetable appears on the market in great quantities, northeast person loves to give birth to the dish that feed melon most, but examinee must have nutrition so I mixed with ground meat,

The result is sweeter. Cucumber Zhong Wei is acerbity, taste appetizing. Big sauce very go with rice

Cucumber intermediate uses flay implement flay, cut with it then.

Melon immerse 5 minutes with weak brine fish out.

Prepare ground meat and green ginger powder.

Boiler burns heat to explode sweet green Jiang Fang is fried into ground meat stir-fry before stewing, the boil cooking wine, soy that enters a few.

Enter after thick broad-bean sauce is attenuant break up in boiler fry, add one spoon white sugar, put essence of a few chicken to break up fry a pan.

Fleshy sauce mixes when eating on cucumber intermediate divide evenly can.

Old course makes pork of the braise in soy sauce that do not have oil newly

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile **** cate kitchen
I am small sister-in-law likes to eat the meat very much, before coming, say to want to have the flesh only with me greatly good, ah, the small sister-in-law with lovely pink, the word says I am smaller than her, that is me also pink is lovely ∩ of O(∩ _ ) O. . . Ha. Since small sister-in-law opened a mouth, I also must be taken out special competence just goes. Come a flesh of braise in soy sauce, , satisfy a craving for delicious food to not be afraid of again again fat.

This flesh also has been done before, do now than at the outset more adroitness and conveniently, good because of the tool, ∩ of O(∩ _ ) O. . . Ha
See finished product first, very satisfy a craving for delicious food?

Raw material: A, steaky pork,

B, jiang Pian, green paragraph, aniseed

Condiment: &Nbsp;C, bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, cooking wine,

D, salt, candy, gallinaceous essence, unripe smoke, often smoke,

E, soup-stock or boiled water


Souse: steaky pork abluent stripping and slicing is put in recuperation basin, put B material and C stuff. Catch divide evenly with the hand. Bloat commonly half hour goes.

Dry explode: I make the pork need not boiled water is boiled, it is dry explode, such doing come out more delicious, need not oily, particular way is such, take wipe up of a pan, do not put oil, burn boiler hot, degree, you pour water of one small spoon, those who see drip is very fast is diffuse went.

Big firebrand boiler burns heat, can put the meat at that time, want a grain there affix, want to make sure every one side is sticking boiler bottom. On four sides what decoct becomes golden look is OK, I a decoct two sides

Do not use conflagration at that time, change medium baking temperature. After decoct is over, the meeting in boiler has explode the oil that go out, come to teem, I am give the meat first choose pour oil again, what arrive in that way is clean, also be possible directly actually

Fire: Answering the flesh next in the boiler that does not have oil, put D to fry divide evenly next, this color gives the facial expression after boiler namely, so, if color became light,you can put a dot to often be smoked again.

Stew slow: Join F to turn into conflagration, small fire turns after boil, lid of the boiler on such lids is stewed slowly, big essentials stews a hour to control

Receive juice: Juice closes with respect to conflagration when waiting for the flesh to be able to be plunged into to appear easily by the chopstick, should break up carefully right now fry, did not crumb the flesh. Also do not involve fire when Shang Zhiyi was done not have via closing, igneous instead medium baking temperature, continue to break up fry probably 2 minutes, so OK have redundantly in the flesh fry come out.

Serving, ha

Ester beans is spent in dish of old wheat confidential

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Dish of old wheat confidential: Ester beans is spent inside

Dish of old wheat confidential, have you more wonderful: ) (click enter old Mai Bo’s settle or live in a strange place)

Meddlesome recently again and again:
Today, the Olympic Games times 100 days, lucky Beijing, lucky 2008.
” old Mai Mei is fed ” (first issue) the active support that gets authority, click download more than 50000 times. (be examined here or download)
” old wheat cate ” (the 2nd period) solicit contributinos successful: 10 days short, manuscript many 40. Of course, still expect everybody is taken an active part in, eagerly contribute, breath out to opinion and proposal more. (examine here solicit contributinos announcement)
Rich guest of Laomai [dish of old wheat confidential] everybody undeserved kindness, click a breakthrough 200000 a little bit. (click enter old Mai Bo’s settle or live in a strange place)
Of Laomai clean out treasure small shop [Laomai cate kitchen] fast 3 got.

Thank you too! Ask everybody to have fabaceous flower

[dish of old wheat confidential] inside ester beans flower
** Laomai is achieved formerly. Without the license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Fabaceous flower, the street in Chengdu often can see: Shoulder of a butcher carries a burden, it is a crock directly, what install inside is tender tender fabaceous flower. It is directly other miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous 8: Multifarious condiment, still have a bucket, there is clean water inside, there are china bowl and ladle in water. (mix as one-time bowl nevertheless of spoon appear, fabaceous flower the pail of a carring pole ases if exited historical arena)
Butcher walks along a street to string together alley, the edge takes margin call: Fabaceous flower ~~~ . That quivers those who quiver procrastinate sound, tick off our greedy bug so that catch voice eye continuously.

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

In the past fabaceous flower, it is bittern relying on salt more or gesso dot comes out
Science and technology develops now, the ester inside dextrose acid (the ester inside abbreviation) use, of flower letting a beans make more simple

[Laomai recommends a recipe] : Soya bean 2 two (100 grams) , water 3 jins (1500 grams) , inside ester 3 grams
Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

Grind soya-bean milk, bubble beans is very crucial, water measures the figuration that also decides the beans is spent directly
Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

[Laomai 啰 Suo]
It is good that 1. my habit carries the bubble on overnight, do slowly again the following day, make it sufficient and bibulous
When 2. wears an ancient stemmed cup or bowl, churn for many times, divide water of second mix into, make soya-bean milk more exquisite, sweeter thick
3. residue from bean after making soya-bean milk was not thrown ha, making snack is a good thing: Steamed bread of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, biscuit of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, boiler of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk spreads out, …
Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

The flower that nod a beans actually very simple
The key depends on at 2 o’clock: 1. Temperature — cannot under 85 degrees
The quantity of the ester inside 2. — come according to the recipe: Soya bean 2 2, water 3 jins, inside ester 3 grams
Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

Wait for this paragraph of time that solid of fabaceous Hua Ning shapes, you can do a dot to intend the work: Crisp soya bean, cut hot pickled mustard tuber, crisp groundnut is mincing, cut chopped green onion, san child break broken
Flower waiting for a beans is fine, in using spoon dip to enter a bowl (piece shape is best) , flavor next: Salt / gourmet powder / white sugar / soy / red oily chili / crisp soya bean / earthnut is broken / hot pickled mustard tuber / San child / chopped green onion
Look condiment one pile, follow a heart actually
Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

Good eat, ate ability to know. Please!
Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

Dish of old wheat confidential, have you more wonderful: ) (click enter old Mai Bo’s settle or live in a strange place)

Birthday manages (the meal that thanks old talent and general)

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(make work) birthday manages the meal is round (the meal that thanks Changjiang Delta old talent, general and be angry green raise child ~~ )
Graph / article author: Small poem 1228
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Come first a finished product graph
Ban of dried meat floss of 3 article fish is round

Birthday of 3 corn bowel manages, 3 crab good life manages

This is a few birthday department that added salad, small, very lovely ~~

Raw material:
Still have in the picture sweet sanded law of thick chili sauce, China and crab child. Because I am carried a few days ago with respect to try to win sb’s favor raw material, law of the Warsaw in when be being done today, just discovering and crab child bad, trashy.

1, cook good rice first, put 40-50 to spend (the meal of general says) , join birthday to manage vinegar has mixed. (the birthday department vinegar that I buy directly, those who be afraid that oneself are moved is not delicious)
2, had spread out the egg (I do not have pan, the egg that booth gives cannot make the sort of package outside egg skin)

3, crab club crossed next boiled water. Safe is taken, also do not know to be born ripe, I still passed to enter the water be at ease dot.
4, meal of dried meat floss of 3 article fish is round (of the meal according to general stick child do)
Put a few dried meat floss in first last among film, rice is added above, use next last film finalizes the design, take a laver to wrap next ~~ to breath out finally
5, department of corn bowel birthday and department of crab good life
Spread good sign, put laver (outside smooth one side face, be angry green Yang Zitie child in saying ~~ ) , in rely on oneself here the rice on the shop, put cucumber, carrot, egg and corn bowel or crab club on rice again, encircle ~~~ to coil rice group again next it is OK to cut paragraphs small. (Stick completely by Changjiang Delta old talent child do, ha)
Still did a few small lovely, add sanded department. My China sanded law and crab child bad, still can add on sanded department again otherwise.

After oneself eat, these baling, will take an unit to eat to the colleague tomorrow, ah

[Sweet clew]
1. must coil tighten, cutting ~~~ very hard to still have otherwise is be angry green raise child say, the knife when cutting should touch bit of water, move wanting loiter is cut, pressing cut
When 2. is done, best meal still is, otherwise is not quite good stick together

Ha, with respect to these. Anyway I am the person that won’t cook, it is very serious ground goes a few days in jar every time, receive one caboodle to stick child next it is good that he try ~~ to be done such. Anyway my manner is very serious, ha, ask authority great support the meal that ~~~ thanks general of Changjiang Delta old talent again and be angry green raise child ~~~

Send fat Mi the biscuit earthing up a root of old father

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The father of fat Mi will be about tomorrow operation, send him this biscuit, wish him the operation is successful, recover at an early date. Also send fat Mi, notice the body more.

Raw material:

Milk: 140 grams Entire egg fluid: 35 grams Candy: 25 grams Salt: 1/2 small spoon (the spoon of 25 milliliter) Tall pink: 250 grams Yeasty: 1 small spoon (25 milliliter) Butter: 25 grams


1. according to first the order of the solid after the liquid is ordinal join fluid of milk, entire egg, candy, salt, tall white, stamp goes up in tall pink later small hole puts yeast. (such doing is to prevent yeast to reduce active with saline sugar contact directly)

After 2. is put except all material outside butter, press dish single bond chooses a function 8 send doughy function namely, press later begin key to knead dough begin. (whole knead dough upper cover of process bread machine should be opened)

The meeting after 3. bread machine works 20 minutes enters barmy state automatically, what right now you need to do is to be pressed begin key 3 seconds to end a program. (the filmy shape in achieving fokelore because of right now dough)

Butter man joins 4. general to choose leaven dough round function again, press begin key, right now biscuit opportunity begins to knead dough afresh.

Program end kneads dough after 5.2 minutes, right now dough has reached the level that finish, namely the filmy shape in fokelore

6. takes out dough, make a circle a little, take out muddler (also need not take) the dough of will full circle is put, charter flight upper cover has a head above the lid second ferment, right now the time of bread machine shows is 1: 10

The jab on 7. dough small hole tries next seeing, if answer,shrinking is not apparent ferment the process is finished

The dough that 8. has fermented is taken out break up 2 wait for a portion, rounded rear cover lasts velar quiet place 15 minutes flabby

9. is flabby good dough squash, cent becomes 6, roll becomes strip figure, coil to earth up a root, perhaps enter the Ding Juan that earth up a root.

10.10. oven warm-up 100 degrees, after warm-up ends (give out heat namely canal by red turn black hind) , shut firepower switch (namely the 2nd knob turns to shut) , bake dish inside put down a layer into hot water, lower level puts biscuit in bake dish, undertake 2 times fermenting. Time is controlled about 45 minutes, ferment to 2 times big, embryo takes out the biscuit that has fermented to brush on entire egg fluid, scatter black sesame seed.

11. oven warm-up, put biscuit embryo to oven lower level, 180 degrees, fluctuation fire carbonadoes earth up 180 minutes or so to had been done.