[Beautiful 3 eat the dinner that a day of cate recorded 002] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Say strictly, this is not to be in what river source eats any more suddenly

When returning afternoon, cry through ” Ma Bei ” place, the fleshy bolus here is very famous, hear of flourishing period, can a lot of person opens a car to often run far to buy fleshy bolus greatly.
The fleshy bolus in fokelore is in rub when let it growing a small tail designedly, in order to become one distinguishing feature of local, play a tooth tastily.
Since we come here to pass, by the way Mu Mingyi is tasted!

Take a shop sign at will

Choose a fascia course ” fleshy bolus soup “

Really ” famed do not meet ” ah!
The fleshy bolus small tail in fokelore disappeared, the meat is very real, play a tooth tastily not at all, soup is a very heavy peppery flavour, fail!

“Brew 3 treasure ” , have aubergine of wine balsam pear, wine and composition of the any of several hot spice plants that make a top. Make a coarse food!

Taste is good still, juice is very grumous, but why to say it is coarse?
Because make the pork inside, it is to do not have chop to pass unexpectedly, a posse round ground is random a place of strategic importance goes in!

“Steamed catfish ” , this dish not result do not pass, quite delicate still. Him friend does not love to eat catfish, because we love to ate to also be nodded, touch!

“Qing Dynasty fries sweet wheat ” , be the green vegetables that gets recognition fully! Fragile, tender, sweet!
Finally still is I clean ground, how can I eat so, alas ~ ! ^@^

A day when enjoy cate, did not draw full stop at this point, because answer me excellent, still drank two bowls of amah Bao ” coco chicken broth ” , hey hey ~ !

- be over - the thank is viewed and admire!

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the breakfast that a day of cate recorded 004] river source on October 10

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The name of a place that river source is Guangdong breaths out ~

Accompany a friend to answer the peaceful county that a married woman’s parents’ home goes to river source city the day before yesterday, set out to come home afternoon in the morning, how didn’t time haste play, but eating is not little, renown accord with actually ” beautiful 3 eat ” , early midday is late 3 ha! ^O^

The order that we develop by time below records the brigade of cate of below one day: )

About much at 11 o’clock when to peaceful county, this time has a thing, do not know to be breakfast or lunch really!
The friend takes us to take place famous ” tripe Guang ” , it is a bit strange that this name is listening be, what take a cattle namely actually is splanchnic, niu Za and so on

Tripe Guang has sold, do not have the luck to eat sth delicious to be tasted!
This bowl of full thing, be Niu Za, have bowel ah abdomen ah… still have other the position that I say not to come out: P

Place trimly on the desktop on call bowl, rely on what the wall is putting to have chili, mint, unboiled oil, soy, chopped green onion…

Niu Za scald is ripe

The Niu Za with ripe scald is put in the bowl, irrigate the soup that goes up to had been boiled beforehand to calculate success again ^O^

A bowl of so simple ox is miscellaneous, put the mint with one appetizing gather unexpectedly (beautiful nevertheless beautiful classmate says is jingjie likely)
Soup is the Qing Dynasty that comparative sweet, not at all be bored with, still have the faint scent of sweetgrass

See the shingle of this small shop

Putting 4 pails of coal, it seems seems those who had burned

Corresponding past is 4 coal furnace, 4 bowl contain respectively above the boiled water, clear soup that has boiled, sirlon that has stewed, still have an outfit what?

There is a bowl unexpectedly in this boiler!
This can’ts help letting my be filled with deep esteem!
Although alexipharmic means is very vulgar, but put in alexipharmic ark compared with those bowl, but the restaurant that did not open electrify source however, is this to come so that have sincerity more? !

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The lunch that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the lunch that a day of cate recorded 001] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Ate Niu Za, we turn immediately went eating lunch…
The food of this restaurant is very good also, assist!

Go up first one earthen bowl ” soup of wax gourd of evaporate lean lean ” , pork is farmhouse pig, boiling water is very clear sweet very clear sweet, I drank a bowl another bowl…

Look be like very common ” decoct bean curd ” , but very tender very slippery, I ate another…

“Bao of green vegetables taro ” , taro very continous is very slippery the Shang Ye inside Bao of very goluptious ~~ is pretty good, but had not drunk fell: P

“Green oily chicken ” , the chicken with good evaporate, explode on shop of burden of first class of sweet ginger, green, green, aroma is tangy!

“Heart of clear fried dish ” , fragile, tender, sweet! Finally is by me this meat animal solved it entirely unexpectedly!

This one really special and unusual drop is satisfactory ~~

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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Delicious not expensive fry river snail

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Fry river snail

My husband likes to eat particularly to summer fry river snail, but what sell outside is sordid, and disagreement his taste, it is pained very. I think later, there still is a bigger market near the home, the likelihood has inside sell, went be being found really, two money a jin, not expensive! That husband has but sweet, because bubble is washed very neatly, he eats with mouth sorption directly, still say with me ” put boiling water more next time. Still say with me ” put boiling water more next time..

Dragon boat festival these 3 days, we are bought every day, also can not buy, had again eventually yesterday, bought 3 jins at a heat, 5 money. Come back, half many, husband eye pregnant is small, took an in part only, next pausing that still can eat again, more than the be to one’s profit outside!

1, river snail uses briny bubble 3 hours, reoccupy clear water is cast for many times wash

2, hot pot cool oil, ordinal put Jiang Pian, garlic is broken, chili, river snail

3, break up after frying ordinal put white spirit 3 spoon, vinegar 1 spoon, saccharic 1 spoon, often draw half spoon, water half bowls small, build frowsty 3 minutes, midway turns over boiler

4, add salt 2 spoon half, zi like that pink 3 big spoon, break up fry 1 minute

5, before giving boiler, drench little wet form sediment can

Clew: Salt is put little not tasty, husband says even me the opening is weak, the proposal can add 3 spoon salt

Fry river pink

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The work is more recently, the body is not quite good also, review an exam even, degree takes an exam. Do I ask husband took degree card to you can be used why on earth? Husband owns to want to say really: At present true it doesn’t matter is used, anyway you are my wife, I also do not treat card of your record of formal schooling and degree disease, have nothing to do with, but if one day you want to find new job, change a husband, he should not want you to show diploma with respect to unknown. If hearing husband, I also think seriously, had not wanted to understand, I use a brain excessive with respect to can special hunger, eat a thing to consider not to take an examination of degree again first.

River of leek flavour shrimp — staple food of 5 minutes of quick worker

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I am genuine northerner, but have a special liking to southern cate all along. No matter be mussel of piscine shrimp crab, still be staple food of of all kinds, it is in my gluttonous limits. Fry river pink, just eat when the university on me, like very much.
Leek, can choose leek, also can eat leek a kind of sedge, but leek trim vegetable for cooking is too troublesome, do not accord with the principle of quick worker, the leek with the closest together with is eating as leek a kind of sedge apparently fresh ha.

Shrimp, can be base surround shrimp, also can be arctic shrimp, but base surround shrimp to want to handle slimy line, arctic shrimp can issue boiler to fry directly, apparent more the principle that accords with quick worker.

Since be quick worker staple food, that leaves fried, my gibberish is too much.

Raw material: Leek a kind of sedge a small, arctic shrimp is right amount, little river pink a jin (two people portion)

Process: 1 leek a kind of sedge is washed clean cut off;

Natural defrost comes below room temperature of 2 arctic shrimp 7 into;

3 oily boiler, break up into leek a kind of sedge fry, the shovel goes out, pour oil additionally to fry arctic shrimp then, enter the leek a kind of sedge that a moment ago had fried to add salt to fry divide evenly finally;

After the shovel goes out, 4 leek a kind of sedge and shrimp issue oil to fry river pink additionally entirely, break up fry a minute, involve fire, move salt and gallinaceous essence;

5 after using domestic Yu Wen to join a moment ago leek a kind of sedge and shrimp to fry divide evenly quickly, fill piece can.

Special equipment forgets:

1 river pink is little river pink, not be a dried food. The place that supermarket and market sell bean products has carry out commonly;

2 rivers pink touchs boiler easily, unfavorable those who fry is too long.

Special express gratitude super 3 packets of big arctic shrimp that ugly melon offers freely!

Delicate do the river that fry an ox simply again

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Stuff is very simple, do river pink, beef, green, bright chili bean sprouts
Burden: Salt, water starch, soy, oily
Processing technique: Bubble of river pink boiled water half hour, all bubble is appeared. Beef section, starch is added, add salt. Green, chili cuts into shreds.


Bubble water


Still have this

Green + chili

Green chili beef can enter boiler together

Later, beef just became angry enter river pink avoid by all means not to add salt again
The color that the ox mixes is soy color, to right amount soy is added after the pink that enter a river can.

Hope everybody likes

Flesh of delicate river mussel

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Flesh of delicate river mussel

Ramble on Sunday food market, see there is the great river mussel of one washbasin below the stall that sells small aquatic product, although look clam shell black gray appearance is not breathtaking, but its that lock is worn the appearance of the mouth still made a person produce dark form bead embryo, old mussel is contained bead associate, think sliver will have a look very much after all. The hesitant appearance that spreads out I do not know definite idea partly, lazy lazy accost I: I do not sell pearl, mussel flesh eats eat look to know delicious!

Had eaten river mussel meat a few times in one’s childhood, write down my pa is particularly deliciously it. In the small food market of past Shanghai, idler likes to be in front of aquatic product booth getting together, see that day fresh foods, great river mussel piles sacrifice piling the ground, very regretful, everybody shakes his head do not know how to be burned. The person that sells aquatic product sees do not buy, swear pledge flesh of shell of clam saying a river that is delicious, bright ah bright, housing seams the mussel of cutting tool edge that still is like small hook with the turn to insert go in, gash, take out mussel flesh, explanation of saliva horizontal land of one province or county enlosed by that of another listens to everybody, everybody shakes his head even.

My father is the writer is mixed publication home, 449 time are in Shanghai, often issue eating house to dine together with literary bound friend, side chatting side samples cate, sometimes draft of a book was concluded on dining table. The on foot that says my father had better have is beyond the mark not at all, because he although oneself not quite be the chef is in the home, but because be opposite,this world has curious feeling, like innovation challenge, often let family follow then restaurant course, learn to cook agrestic food, what if eat,pass only is delicate, he can speak a just a little mostly 3 cooking step comes. Father is right of river mussel flesh delicate cross the mouth not to forget, bade bravery of National People’s Congress is redemptive, besides burn bean curd, return an invention to excogitate pickles to burn mussel flesh, it is delicious as expected.

Big mussel asks the person of food market to gash housing to take the flesh. The thing that has and so on of bowel of a few abdomen must desertion, must not among yellow refuse, that can be elite part. One palm can hold surplus so the biology with one big soft Dong Dong, ambiguous Tuo, rinse it clean. Put chopping board, mussel flesh the largest place is knocked with the back of a knife blade, knock the flesh to skin texture be like be not, destroy a structure. This resembles is the meaning like knocking big chop, it is for the flesh qualitative entrance is soft. Cut mussel flesh next small. Cooking oil is put in frying pan, issue ginger, explode mussel flesh fry one time, pour cooking wine to boil. Cut potherb mustard pickles a inch to grow a paragraph paragraph, put mussel meat one case, the boiler on the lid covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire. Wait for Shang Se thicken, after presenting white giving a milk, mussel flesh is soft also, scatter a chopped green onion, cheng Qi comes.

Pickles burns mussel flesh is a kind extremely low-key delicious, namely of rural farmhouse dish in that way, guileless and Le Hui. If be summer, you are smooth wing, prep against the setting sun, sit on platelet stool, fill meal of a bowl of big rice to eat with respect to mussel flesh, that at ease and absolutely be lung of thorough heart thorough.

Last year the season of the crab, I go along with the friend on boat of in relief settleclear lake to one’s heart’s content. Boat civilian went up first 4 dish cole, it is flesh of a bowl of big mussel burns bean curd subsequently, what thing is so little? A lot of people had not eaten, the ground says boat civilian grinning, the mussel meat that our him countryman eats, feel on in relief settleclear lakefront. Flesh of that bowl of mussel burns bean curd to had eaten to eat a crab again later, ate two repeatedly, a little interrogative crab is the bathing crab of foreign settleclear lake. I just ponder secretly, regrettablly the bean curd that they use is incorrect, should not use the tender bean curd of an outfit, should use the rural bean curd that does by hand, have the bean curd of flavour of dinkum soya bean.

To the think about with affection of mussel flesh bean curd, removed go up at add end of the year. This I am in old mussel of food market come across, the decision is bought, kill a mussel to take the flesh, excitedly is redemptive old bean curd together, come home to be burned together with mussel flesh. Burn a law Alexandrine, pickles changes bean curd, likewise delicious, it is mussel flesh some only the place is older, need trouble bites flesh, with respect to call it by a good name of: Masticatory and delicious. I be insatiable is captious, if put frozen bean curd better perhaps, the face is OK and inspiratory in bean curd aperture more mussel bovril.

On the world, dear father leaves me life, leave me to have deep love for literal gene, curious eye, besides, he still leaves me this young daughter actually gluttonous the stomach like and wonderful kitchen art. Think again, it is unexpected formerly, in reason.