Condiment of delicious and practical joker sesame paste

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Condiment of delicious and practical joker sesame paste

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Summer arrived, temperature compares a day one day tall, cook the issue that has become an anguish. Of the save labour when the province cool

Dish, noodle became the protagonist on table, all sorts of beauty that northerner also prefers to eat sesame paste to flavor in summer

Feed. This sesame paste flavors juice can match a lot of dish type, can noodles served with soy sauce, cool area hot area is delicious; Can mix

Dish, almost all green vegetables can match to it; It is skin, OK to can do shredded meat to pull it is bean jelly, OK to mix do white

Behead chicken. . . . . . Ah, too much, calculate really on ” joker “

The sesame paste face that sees me do has appetite very much

This is the Bai Qie chicken that with condiment juice makes, of old hot days need not fry boil blast in the decoct in the kitchen at all

Besides sesame paste, do good condiment juice to use earthnut, sesame seed, hemp even hot red oil (do not eat hot can

Do not put) , soy, candy, vinegar, salt

1, tone sesame paste: Open sesame paste leak with cool boiled water first, want release a few stiff, join hemp next hot red oil, sauce

Oily, candy, vinegar, salt, tone all epigenesis is sauce

2, pignut is entered directly in microwave dish on, 2-3 of microwave oven conflagration minute good, should follow according to oneself microwave oven

power, also can fry with boiler. Put cool hind flay is put into last bag, knock with rolling pole broken, next teem


3, small in boiler fire fries sesame seed ripe, again roll is broken, such fragrance came out

good condiment has been done actually, you can choose to break earthnut in pouring sesame paste with sesame seed, OK also

Put alone so like me, advantage cannot eat to have nothing to do with namely, had sealed alone in putting freezer, can one

Week won’t be bad. If liking, still can deserve nod mashed garlic again pretty good also

Serve a chili that oneself do sauce again, this summer won’t be troubled to cook again

Sesame paste bean jelly [alluring woman kitchen]

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*** mahjong bean jelly [alluring woman kitchen] ***

Graph / article author: Wander alluring woman

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** rises from tomorrow, the person that does a happiness — delicate life ** of the alluring woman

Without language

Do not know all the time since it is me what imagine the thing is too good, or others hidden is enough deep.

The mood is low, without energy long-winded. Direct serving. There perhaps is cate only now, ability lets my heart in a few gentlier.

Sesame paste bean jelly

The likelihood is to follow dietary habit of the family to concern, follow father to have a thing as a child, I what he likes also like. Father likes sesame paste, I also like, father likes to have bean jelly, I also like. In him birthday when the food that the habit makes father like to eat, in father birthday when the food that makes oneself like to eat. Just the view is different, actually, father likes, it is I like, also father likes what I like

Bean jelly of this sesame paste, my birthday was done that day. Lazy recently, always be disinclined to update. Procrastinate to just be taken today. Very simple very simple.

Raw material: Bean jelly (coil the sort of, lumpish also is become) , Chengdu of carrot, cucumber, garlic

Condiment: Essence of oil of sesame paste, vinegar, chili, salt, dawdle, white sugar, water


1, bean jelly down cross section section (a cough up is dispersedly after been cut) , cut into shreds carrot and cucumber, put on the bean jelly that has cut.

2, use sesame paste water smooth, join agitate of Chengdu of essence of oil of vinegar, chili, salt, dawdle, white sugar, garlic to make sesame paste juice equably next;

3, face sesame paste juice the bean jelly that has placinging to go up can.

What also did not say, eat!

Ball of pumpkin black sesame seed [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Ball of pumpkin black sesame seed [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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<TABLE CellSpacing=0 CellPadding=0 >

<FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE:&Nbsp;16px; FONT-FAMILY:&" Size=3> of body of Nbsp; the Song Dynasty [click this accessibility my Sohu rich guest]</DIV></TD></TR></TABLE></P>
<P>[click this accessibility my sina rich guest]</P>
<P> My early wants to make pumpkin cake, do not like to eat because of the daughter nevertheless, did not do all the time so, but myself likes to eat, when the result takes the advantage of her to not be in the home, I still was done, ah, never mention it I do not eat to her, be herself does not want! </P>
<P>Xian Xiuyi issues finished product to pursue: </P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
<P>Material: Rice pink 250g, 50g of pink of polished glutinous rice, white sugar 40g, pumpkin 200g, 30g of black sesame seed. </P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>
<P>Practice: </P>
<P>White sugar is joined in 1. ground rice, iron ground rice with boiled water ripe, knead dough. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >2. uses pumpkin microwave oven high internal heat 4 minutes, join dough next. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >3. kneads rice dough divide evenly. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >4. becomes rice dough rub pellet. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >5. puts face ball into Hei Zhi boil on a few rounds inside hemp, make sphere touchs black sesame seed entirely, put the bomb inside oily boiler next ripe. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>
<P> </P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>

Labial tine stays sweet sweet sesame paste sesame seed cake

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Graph / article author: ** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
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Went up with biscuit recently, the agent that has coiled child both sides always is bad heal, tried to make sesame seed cake of this sesame paste, it is good that heal reachs his, found some of key it seems that

The sesame seed cake of half leaven dough, the cake that baking pan makes is a little dry, taking the advantage of heat to eat nevertheless still is pretty is delicious, and flapjack when not very gives or take a lot of trouble, take time, ah, regrettablly husband does not like to eat sesame paste, ate ~ of ~ of two ~ ~

Do not give outer part!

Course of action:

1 dry yeast leaves with lukewarm to hydrate, knead dough, wake 20 minutes

2 add sesame paste candy to mix divide evenly, if too dry can transfer into proper oil, xie Kai

3 will wake the dough roll that has sent becomes chip, thinner made cake is more delicious, the chopping board of my home errors small, face skin does not have roll to arrive the thinnest

On 4 good in roll sesame paste daub face skins, furl, cent becomes an agent child, every agent child both ends is held close, search an area roll becomes small cake

5 scatter on sesame seed, get on sesame seed squeezing ramming in cake

Warm-up of electrify of 6 report baking pan, after waiting for lamp of baking pan warm-up to destroy, put the cake embryo that has done, build before last, appear when baking pan steam, cake is good with respect to bake in a pan (I always fear bake in a pan was papered, midway opened a lid a few times, crossed height a few times)

Bake in a pan two groups, of a group of black sesame seed, of a group of white sesame seed, growl, sesame paste and much, let me wipe cake in, gigantic sweet ~ of clinking ~ ~

Sesame seed crowndaisy chrysanthemum [maigre appointment]

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[Maigre appointment] - - sesame seed crowndaisy chrysanthemum [Chu Hengxuan essay]

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Sesame seed belongs to sesame division annual herb, entire individual plant is growing fluff. The bine is erect, make an appointment with 1 meter high, play round upper part. Racemose top is unripe, beautiful sheet is unripe, or 3 two bunch give birth to Yu Xie armpit. Cylinder shape, labial form, reddish, violet, white. Because breed is different, the arris number of capsule of long canister form has 4, 6, 8 differ. The seed is oblate, have white, yellow, palm red or black, the seminal oil content with white is higher, black seed is used as medicine, flavour pleasant sex is smooth, have the meritorious service with kidney of filling liver beneficial, aperient moisten the respiratory tract.
The fatty acid with a large number of indispensible human body is contained in sesame-seed oil, the content of linoleic acid is as high as 43.7% , taller than rape oil, peanut oil. The bine of sesame seed, leaf, flower can extract balmy oil. 100 branches network

Crowndaisy chrysanthemum, the gender is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is acerbity; Classics of person liver, kidney.
[dietotherapy action]
1. Disappear is fed appetizing, aperient benefit contains the naphtha of special fragrance in organs crowndaisy chrysanthemum, conduce to wide in regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, disappear is fed appetizing, increase appetite, and what its contain principle of bowel of crude fibre conduce wriggle, stimulative defecate, achieve the goal of bowel of the benefit that connect organs.

2. Clear blood raises a heart, the vitamin with expectorant embedded and rich crowndaisy chrysanthemum, carotene reachs embellish lung a variety of amino acid, sexual flavour pleasant is smooth, can raise a heart to calm the nerves, embellish lung filling liver, stabilize a mood, prevent memory to drop; In addition, crowndaisy chrysanthemum odour is aromatic, can disappear is phlegmy open gloomy, avoid dirty change chaotic.

3. Benefit pee, fall the mineral salt such as the natrium that a variety of amino acid, adipose, protein and higher amount contain in blood pressure crowndaisy chrysanthemum, Potassium, can adjust fluid of the water inside body metabolizes, connect benefit pass water, eliminate oedema; Crowndaisy chrysanthemum contains oil of a kind of volatile essence of life, and the material such as choline, have fall the action of blood pressure, filling head
The Mm that is afraid of get fat can be at ease eat, absolutely won’t of get fat ah, quantity of heat of crowndaisy chrysanthemum of this sesame seed is low, relaxed mouthfeel will surely gain your favour.

1. fresh crowndaisy chrysanthemum one, want limb fine the sort of.

Water is heated in 2. boiler, one spoon salt is added after water leaves, put crowndaisy chrysanthemum into, involve fire. Crowndaisy chrysanthemum irons 20 seconds fish out in water, put cold water instantly.

3. cuts the crowndaisy chrysanthemum that has ironed paragraphs what grow into 1 inch is small, add salt according to the individual’s taste, candy, olive oil, white vinegar,
Sesame seed mixes divide evenly can.

4.ok, ask everybody to sample.

Beauty of cate of の of ELLEN of sesame seed sweet steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste is engraved

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Beauty of ***ELLEN の cate is engraved - *** of sesame seed sweet steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

A lot of time does not have panification, because mom likes to eat the food of ormosia particularly, I did ormosia a few days ago sweet soup, also did the beans that nod honey incidentally, give me old Mom to thinking namely steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste of the honey that make a point is coming, ah, I introduce the practice of this sweet beans first, because forget,took a picture to explain to make a process.

Sweet beans makes a process: 紅 beans is put into 鍋 to add water 約 to compare 紅 beans tower above 3 centimeter, boil with medium baking temperature divide to water of 滾 boil, 瀝 male, pace 驟 is narrated to be boiled before weighing 複 again into commensurate water, the 紅 beans that 將 瀝 male water divides is entered 4 1/2 cup water, cook small fire of 滾 after 轉 with medium baking temperature, boil it is OK to come to point to with the hand the degree of 輕 easy crumb, enter candy 與 little 鹽 , with the wooden spoon a little 攪 mixes (did not crumb 紅 beans carefully) , wait for completely deliquescent all 勻 boils 1 ~ of 個 2 minutes again 鐘 , finish 囉 of 紅 beans 湯 namely! 續 of 繼 of 紅 beans 湯 is boiled, this 時 wants careful 燒 anxious 記 to get occasionally 爾 攪 動 , wait for 幾 should close male before it is good to want very careful 顧 . Boil to with bottom of 鍋 of 劃 of the wooden spoon, can the degree of 開 of very clear cent, finished the 囉 of sweet 紅 beans of my 們 namely!

Raw material: 1, 220g of tall pink 250g, milk, yeasty 30g
2, 70g of 70g of tall pink 280g, milk, 5g of butyric 50g, salt, candy, yeasty 3g


1, head day mixes the material of the first part in the evening knead smooth dough, enclothe last film puts freezer, let its low temperature ferment

2. Enclothe last film puts freezer, let its low temperature ferment

3. 3. The following day dough ferments original 2 times big decomposite the raw material of the 2nd part, salt and butyric except

4, the agitate in putting bread machine again becomes a group, put salt and cream again

<img SRC= Http://>

5, dough agitate is become smooth, can pull easily pull a film, chewing gum wanting an elephant is same, transparent in that way film, this is the key that becomes good toast

<img SRC= Http://>

6, 6, it breaks up 75g small dough, the requirement is rounded, put in fermenting piece on flabby, enclothe towel, prevent dough surface hair to work

7, gas squash is discharged again after 10 minutes flabbily, the bag enters sweet beans stuffing

8, put baking the squash on cloth a bit, a small hole is pressed with finger among

9, ferment yoke fluid is brushed after finishing again, white sesame is put in small hole

10, 160 ° are in charge of 15 minutes up and down, good finished

<img SRC= Http:// >

11, because be done hastily, so this biscuit sells is not very good (find oneself is bad) , but have an opening exceedingly soft, inside stuffing is very sweet

<img SRC= Http://>

Candy of today’s work hickory sesame seed

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I rest today, the northeast hickory that the mother-in-law gives discovers in the home in the morning, one large bag has not eaten, old Mom says to be able to boil a dot sweet juice is irrigated go up, began to start work then.
Had not done before, the sees a few impression when everybody is done and myself in jar before only creative work in the head
Read the raw material that I take first, ah, did not illuminate for ages, the sense is not quite keen.

1, this is the hickory in fokelore, benevolence it is one valve of one valve, with the big walnutmeat here not quite same, I want is deep treatment, turn the five spices into hickory benevolence, the scarcely that sell is poorer than southern small walnut

2, this is sesame seed, bought ripe sesame seed went to the lavatory a lot of, and quite clean, without foreign matter

3, this is the small messtin that when I go to school, uses, of protection very good still, the key is volume figure pretty good, by pitch on, a water wipe up inside wants when be being used nevertheless

4, see this again, this is the walnutmeat that I had baked with microwave oven, medium baking temperature and in Gao Huo each 2 minutes, bake again air one air as expected fragile a lot of.

My first time - - candy of earthnut sesame seed

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** my first time - - *** of candy of earthnut sesame seed
Graph / article author: *** flying snow does not have frost
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** clicks here to enter my rich guest **

Mention candy of this earthnut sesame seed,
It is the food that spends the New Year every year to want to buy, like very much.
This year, want to break a tradition, be brave in to innovate, ah.
Then its begin not tire of irritatedly get online seek formula,
Discovered eventually, pretty good still, can try,
The raw material that basically is it is exceedingly simple, worth while study oh.

Today thing of it doesn’t matter, will learning to do.

Earthnut 250 grams, sesame seed 30 grams, white sugar 200 grams, little still what? Oily 10 grams,
If you like piquancy, still can put bit of ginger,
Actually I also like to have sugar of ginger olfactory earthnut quite,
Be first time nevertheless, raw material is a bit less still, a bit smaller,
Did not fail, all was wasted. Ah

Practice, earthnut fries ripe flay, sesame seed is fried ripe need not flay is breathed out
10 grams oil is put in boiler, after white sugar has been boiled, need not too long, was about to waste otherwise, became bitter earthnut candy ha.
Join earthnut sesame seed, agitate,
Bake into what wiped oil dish in, planish, a bit after 涼 , was about to cut. Do not wait for complete 涼 , completely cool can cut did not move

Cake of sweetened bean taste of potato mud sesame seed [butterfly cate]

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****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

Cake of sweetened bean taste of potato mud sesame seed (20)

Stuffing of the cake core of the case that just gives the cake of sweetened bean taste of potato mud sesame seed of boiler to having crisp, soft glutinous, sweet sweetened bean taste still has sweet sweet sesame seed, bite an aftertaste boundless. Take to be put in the hand, be about crisply it seems that go to sticks and staves. When if had been in,passing a part, come such a mug-up, believe family person can like. The stuffing of sweetened bean taste that because buy,comes is very sweet, sugar need not be put again in dough so.

Advocate makings:

Tomato patch 350 grams
Pink of polished glutinous rice 450 grams
Water 250 grams


Stuffing of sweetened bean taste 300 grams
Vegetable oil 10 grams
White sesame seed 50 grams
Black sesame seed 50 grams


1, potato is abluent, cut chunk, the evaporate in putting a pot for steaming food is ripe.

2, the potato flay with ripe evaporate, put on chopping board to be blown with the back of a knife blade grind mud.

3, pink of polished glutinous rice is put into the basin, add 80 degrees hot water agitate, put knead of oil of vegetable of mud of be buried beans, 10 grams to become dough equably again.

4, a thin range is extended on chopping board, the agent that breaks up dough rub about 50 grams into strip shape child 20.

5, stuffing of sweetened bean taste also the agent of sweetened bean taste that rub breaks up about 15 grams into strip child 20, knead becomes a ball.

6, dough agent child knead a circle to press flat, put the part of tiger’s mouth-jaws of death of leftward, put ball of sweetened bean taste, bag tight rub is glomerate put sesame again dish in be stained with sesame seed, rub makes closely sesame seed cement, press the flat base that become cake, other is ordinal had done.

7, vegetable oil is added to make an appointment with 500 grams to burn heat inside boiler (so much of actual have more than is needed) , come when oily temperature rise 5 when becoming heat, put the cake semifinished product that has made, scamper fizzles out to two sides gold color (among search an area twice) fish out, put on hutch paper to suck redundant oily cent to be able to be installed dish tall with. (After also can waiting for oily temperature rise again answer blast effect is better)


1, should cut chunk tomato patch again evaporate, easier ripe.

2, the water capacity that adds in pink of polished glutinous rice can do wet circumstance to be added appropriately according to doughy decrease.

3, sesame seed must cement, otherwise scamper when can fall off in oil.

4, when scamper makes small cake, oily lukewarm scarcely can be exorbitant, otherwise outside Jiaolisheng.

5, redundant oily cent should be sucked to taste with hutch paper after the cake with good blast gives boiler ability won’t be fat.

Click the picture below to enter ” butterfly “

Bread of whole wheat of black sesame seed is healthy delicate

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<DIV></STRONG> of bread of whole wheat of <STRONG> black sesame seed</DIV>

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Measure pursues one: </DIV>
<DIV><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></DIV>
<P>Measure pursues 2: </P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
<P> </P>
Material: Wholemeal 250 grams, entire egg 1, milk 220 grams, saccharic 10 grams, yeasty 7 grams, butter 15 grams, salt 5 grams, a few of black sesame seed. </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV> practice:
<DIV> 1) milk is put into microwave oven to bite with Gao Huo 30 clever, take one clean bowl joins yeast, enter milk a bit agitate, quiet place reserves. </DIV>
<DIV> 2) first egg fluid, salt, candy enters face basin. Enter yeasty milk slowly again, mix with the chopstick divide evenly kneads dough with the hand. </DIV>
<DIV> 3) join dough butter, knead smooth dough, knead at the same time at the same time at the same time beat, want beat 150 times above looks, if illuminate this to the method was done or cannot maintain film to also have nothing to do with, nevertheless dough has kneaded a muscle. Last on the lid film, outside putting warmth, undertake fermenting for the first time needing above of a hour, I am vivid in the evening good side commonly, put freezer, the following day in the morning or in the evening redo biscuit. </DIV>
<DIV> 4) dough is sent double big later knead go air, lax after the cent after 20 minutes becomes small to slacken again 20 minutes, take out dough, the roll after kneading strip with the hand becomes a bag to coil into roll into of black sesame seed, a biscuit has been done, ordinal had done, oven warm-up 150 degrees, put a bowl of boiled water, put the bread that has made oven to undertake the 2nd times fermenting, about 90 minutes, ferment to double big hind, can leave bake, 160 degrees of 25-30 minute can. </DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV> Adscript: After making N second bread by hand, one mesa charter flight lies in my home kitchen eventually, although key-press is of English. But also can begin to operate according to Chinese manual! </DIV></DIV></DIV>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
<P> </P>