The quatre soup with the ruddy complexion of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely

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Of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely: The quatre soup with ruddy complexion
Graph / article author: Peaceful _yz
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
The woman drinks soup water series surely, around a theme ” warm ” , the purpose lets blood move namely smooth, cannot silt block is illogical, then you also are met ” complexion is ruddy luster ” . Respecting ” warm ” , I first appreciably is carried to it contrary ” cold ” . “Cold ” point to not simply cold second or the food of iced and so on, also point to cold sex food. Arrived summer, a lot of MM like to eat ice-cream, bought watermelon to also want to put freezer, taste cool in the heart, sensory spy bright. Return some MM to like many draft fruit, the fruit is actually medium wait besides the grape of a few, longan, litchi, other it is cold sex. Although be smooth sex,connect an apple, but also slant slightly cold. “Cold ” the taste that of the most immediate harm is you, “Kidney is a priori this, taste will be the day after tomorrow this ” , the stand or fall of taste function matters to you to eat the alimental that go in to absorb directly digest, just think: If you eat to be digested what go in,be not absorbed, do you return a hope to eat what filling what?

This quatre soup has the effect that enrich the blood, suit anaemia particularly or the MM of hematic depress, tipple of normal person classics also is to the more the better, on a few days must be drunk after period passes especially!
Click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters me:

Love cate loves preserve one’s health

Material: Red jujube 12 (two people portion) ormosia, earthnut is right amount Brown sugar one small spoon
Process graph:

1, 12 when I use red jujube, even give presents my woman
2, after ormosia water leaves, put again, and midway adds cold water twice, rot very easily so;
3, brown sugar also can be not added, it is 3 red soup. </b>

From 0 initial Shang Chongbai system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan

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Graph / article author: Ka Ka
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

<b> is clicked enter — the cate sky </b> of * of * Ka Ka

Big lazy make 2 lazy, 2 lazy make 3 lazy, 3 lazy make who?
, have a person to pour cup water ~~~ to me excuse me
Ka Ka, so have a person to wash a peach to me excuse me?
, if somebody gives me to pour water,I wash peach to her ~~~
Ka Ka, if somebody washs peach to me I pour water to him. . .
, if somebody admits her,be smelly monkey I wash peach to him. .
Ka Ka, good, 2 junior fellow apprentice, to you monkey elder brother washs a peach! !
, roll ~~~~</b>

Hire 100 type person euqally, like having Ka resembling Ka, love eats the law of rubber mouthfeel to wrap, like also having woman of Ka resembling Ka, love takes loose bread, ka Ka is filial daughter, of one mind wants to learn to become old woman of loose bag give presents, search alls over a network to discover a truth: <b> thinks loose, do Shang Chong! </b>

About Shang Chong

<b>1, what is Shang Chong? </b>

Shang Chong meaning is tepid or it is thin face kind. The meaning of soup has boiled water, the meaning of hot water, kind for the seed, the intention that leavening dough plants. Use on bake to heat to add flour water with respect to the explanation, make produce amylaceous gelatinization. Or will if flour is different when the hot water of temperature its gelatinization. The panada of this gelatinization becomes Shang Chong. Come with Shang Chong bake biscuit advantage depends on amylaceous gelatinization making water absorption grow in quantity, the organization of biscuit is accordingly soft, and bouncy, can defer ageing.

Why is <b>2, Shang Chongru made? </b>

Much comes from a network under <b> . </b>
The method that make basically has the more popular Shang Chong on the net the following 3 kinds: A, allegedly 65 degrees of the most authentic soup plant law:
<b> [raw material] tall pink 20 grams, water 100 grams — namely tall pink and water scale 1: 5, actual dosage is needed to make up by you.
[method] in putting 20g tall powder the basin, add 100 grams water, edge border agitate comes without grain.
Put to fire to heat — notice agitate — 65 anger leaves when spending (panada can have grain to appear when agitate) last on the lid film falls to put freezer to refrigerate to to room temperature hind cool use.
[evaluate] highborn, blood relationship is authentic, the problem is this 65 degrees not auspicious and affirmatory, if do not have a thermometer can probably small fire heats panada is thick stiff, see anger leaves after grain. </b>

90 degrees of the B, flattest hot water develop a way continuously:
<b> [raw material] tall pink 60 grams, hot water (90 degrees) 120 grams.
[method] in putting 60g tall powder the basin, irruptive 90 degrees hot water does not break agitate to arrive to do not have grain glossily, put cool hind put freezer cold storage.
[evaluate] simple and practical, having a little problem is 90 degrees water needs a thermometer likewise, if do not have, come likewise probably water burns a bit cool fullback to enter flour.
The scale Ka Ka that still this kind of method is joined when the biscuit that make is not quite clear, ask everybody to complement. </b>

The microwave oven law with the most commonly used Ka of C, Ka.
<b> [raw material] tall pink 20 grams, heat up 100 grams.
[method] enter 20g Gao Fenfang microwave oven in applicable container, add 100 grams water, edge border agitate comes without grain.
The Gao Huo in putting microwave oven takes out mix after 30 seconds, again high internal heat the agitate after 10 seconds, right now panada already very hot, need not heat again, ceaseless agitate lasts to rear cover of occurrence grain of thick stiff panada film is put cool reserve.
[evaluate] likewise simple and practical, efficient, suit Ka Ka this kind of dawdler. </b>

Why is <b>3, Shang Chongru used? </b>
After general Shang Chong is put into freezer to refrigerate 24h, use it is better to protect wet sex, also can put nevertheless cool hind use, the result is likewise right.
Shang Chong is joined directly when using can, because moisture content already was contained in Shang Chong,do not pass, so the wet sex material such as water, milk, egg is sure to keep in mind right amount chase a quantity to add, prevent dough too rare.

<b> above comes from a network for the most part. </b>

After doing sufficient survey to learn, ka Ka begins to start work make Shang Chong bread.
Build up from nothing, from 0 begin, that is done most Shangchong Bai Tu of the foundation manages.

[raw material]
Tall pink 180g, candy 20g, milk powder 20g, saline 3g, milk is right amount, do yeasty 4g, shang Chong 60g, butter 20g. — this quantity suits 250g to say department model, do the hill form that appears slightly to say department.
1, tall pink 180g, candy 20g, milk powder 20g, saline 3g, do yeasty 4g, shang Chong 60g is put into face basin, right amount join milk and into dough, knead to smooth hind join butter to knead to patulous, the lid lasts film is put at warm place to ferment to 2 to 2.5 times big.
(Unaltered, old photograph, go up ~~~ )

2, ferment flat deflate is pressed after ending, break up rounded, flabby 15 minutes.
3, press flat hind, roll becomes strip, 3 after folding again flabby 15 minutes.
4, furl put the standard that say department, ferment 2 times.
5, after fermenting 2 times, the surface brushs water, oven warm-up 170 degrees, 30 minutes.

Finished product says department very marvellous really, very loose, the mouthfeel that says department with what do not add Shang Chong is very different, can rip with the hand give, outside mixing, sell exactly like, after all oneself do with one’s own hands, hit pink to do not have biscuit without Peng loose agent without bubble improved agent, add east east the know exactly about sth in him heart, who knows outside spit whats to put in department! !
Spit Si Song the following day soft still, suckle sweet tangy ~
Successful ~~~~~</b>

Bun of butter of Shang Chong Hokkaido

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** of kitchen of ** Sohu cate spends leisurely adrift license without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** of bun of butter of Hokkaido of *** Shang Chong

Graph / article author: Spend leisurely adrift

The happy Eden ** of pig of ** happy pig
<P> Good to do system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan, treated the rich customer of several ace elder, see the Hokkaido milk system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan of Xiaochan and free elder sister, seem to evaluate very tall ah, but should use butter among them, there can be the cream that 1L installs only in the home, the butter that opens 1L to do a system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan seems to bit of waste is breathed out, bore so bear again, eventually when a reason, grandmother spends birthday, ha, made a Mu Si cake to grandmother, the butter that remain can do this system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan. But think oneself had done N system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan, bun seems to had not been done, bun of white sugar of shredded coconut stuffing is small very lovely also, why be done? Think of to be done. </P>
<P>See my lovely bun</P>

>Raw material: </P>
<P>Shang Chong: Tall pink of 100 grams water, 20 grams</P>
<P>Advocate dough: Tall strength flour 270 grams, egg 50 grams, candy 25 grams, bright butter 30 grams, milk 30 grams, milk powder 30 grams, butter 20 grams, salt 3 grams, yeasty 5 grams</P>
<P>The process that make: </P>
<P>1, Shang Chong: 100 grams water adds 20 grams tall pink mix is even, heat inside pannikin, keep during agitate, heat to mushy, after been do, put cool OK (the requirement heats 65 degrees, nevertheless I do not have a thermometer, can by the feeling) . </P>

<P>2, put all stuff into bread machine, a small hole is dug on dough finally, put yeast, sweet biscuit program: Light color, light. Lid is opening, begin agitate, right now time shows for 2: 50, when first time of agitate of present charter flight stops, put butter, right now time shows for 2: 40, agitate of add of 5 minutes of succeed, 2: 15 stop agitate, dough take beat a few minutes, probably 160 or so, right now time probably 2: 08 the left and right sides, the cap on the lid undertakes the foundation ferments. 1: 27 ferment to 2 times big, the foundation ferments finish, take out dough, 50% discount exhaust, break up, rounded, again flabby 15 minutes. I am to break up the 65 small dough that overcome. </P>
<P>3, again squash, exhaust, rounded, put bake dish inside (I organized 2 other form foolishly still) . Ferment finally, press in one’s hand go down not spring back OK. Brush bun face on melting butter, scatter on white saccharic white perhaps sesame seed. Oven warm-up 200 degrees, put in middle-level, anger leaves 15 minutes on, I covered silver paper a little while after chromatically, took off tinfoil again until giving heat quickly. </P>

<P>After 15 minutes, my lovely bun gives heat, again show off 2 pieces</P>
<P>This appearance is below become dough roll elliptic, furl again.

This is blind imitation with ludicrous effection, the pumpkin that learns Xiaochan the weave of 5 annulus biscuit, be 4 unlike nevertheless, (*^__^*) Xi Xi…</P>

; This bun, when the first day eats, did not feel very special, I am the 2nd day night in the sitting room, smell suddenly very sweet smell, looking for next ability to know is the fragrance of this biscuit, cannot help be being taken ate, wow, very sweet very soft, really pretty good.

Shang Xianmei of fish of crucian carp of bright soya bean is so simple

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Graph / article author: Tung Mom kitchen
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

<img SRC= Http:// >

Be worth the season that soya bean harvests now, there are a lot of fresh soya beans to sell on the market, no matter be to use briny Bao,Bao boiling water is used after ripe young soya bean still rinds, like ~ very much


<img SRC= Http:// >

1, crucian carp fish two, fresh soya bean 19 (after rinding) , Gong Luobo, horse’s hoof 6 bead, Jiang Pian is right amount.
2, crucian carp fish is abluent, filter does moisture, bloat a bit with salt, oil and Jiang Pian.
3, section of horse’s hoof flay.
4, section of Gong Luobo flay.
5, fresh soya bean is abluent.
6, leave the crucian carp fish that has bloated the decoct in oily boiler, decoct arrives two sides is golden.
7, good decoct crucian carp fish and other arrive below ready data in the stockpot.
8, one-time join enough much water.
9, conflagration Bao leaves, in small fire Bao 40 to 60 minutes with respect to OK, add salt to flavor.

Remarks: The time of Bao of this fish soup does not need very long, do not suggest to use violet arenaceous boiler, use bright internal heat with common made of baked clay boiler or electromagnetism furnace Bao went.

Go to the lavatory simply, very bright really sweet ~

<img SRC= Http:// >

Welcome to my rich guest

Shang Chong is tall edition of calcic toast machine - prescription comes from Xiaochan

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Shang Chong is tall edition of calcic toast machine - the biscuit lab that prescription comes from Xiaochan
Graph / article author: Flying Xue Moshuang
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **
** clicks here to enter my rich guest **

Material Shang Chong makes: 12 grams tall pink adds 55 grams in water, mix is even, put microwave oven to turn 15 seconds take out mix, turn again 10 seconds can.

A: ?50 of Fu of talk in one’s sleep is overcome, fine saccharic 38 grams. Salt 7 grams are yeasty 168 grams soup plants 4 grams milk 67 grams

B: Plain?6 overcomes bate

The process that make:

1, will put a basin except the material beyond butter inside,

2 join Shang Chong (I do now)

3 agitate become a group

4 put bread machine

Program of biscuit of 5 choices sweet taste 5, burn color shallow. Weight 750 grams. Show screen shows at this moment: 5 2: 50

6, by start / stop key, dough begins agitate.

7, 5 2: 35 join butter, dough begins agitate, (next without giving thought to)

8, 5 1: The 27 dough with take ferment setting out good, take out muddler,

9, plastic 5 1: The dough with 18 good plastics puts bread machine inside. Dough of lid upper cover begins to ferment

10, 5 0: 48 begin to bake make.

The muffler on the belt after finishing takes out dough, buckle put cool.

State I am very lazy finally, I did not do Xiaochan’s beat, tired. Begin to kneaded a dough to calculate so: )

Still have lazier, use the machine with Xiaochan so, save trouble became much ha
Thank Mr. Xiaochan

Tipple of a few ELLEN enrichs the blood Shang Shui drinks a feminine good color

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Beauty of ***ELLEN の cate is engraved - drink a feminine good color - tipple of a few ELLEN enrichs the blood Shang Shui ***

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

If want good color,serve as a female, that must be known how him take good care of sb gas blood, pairs of age is small before me this respects are not very understand, if maintain,also do not know after physiology period every time so oneself, the age is small also do not have a feeling, after arriving 30 years old now, can feel complexion is bad, the body also appears the symptom of deficiency of vital energy, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, accidental opportunity I from a traditional Chinese medical science a bit knowledge about gas blood take good care of sb was acquired over there the friend, after coming home, oneself fumble gave a few to go to the lavatory already delicate also enrich the blood drink, it is good to say I honest ate a year many, I feel color is compared really previously a lot of, face is ruddy Bai Xi, mental may as well is much, good I introduce me to everybody now 3 drink that every month can have: Soup of 4 content soup, red bean of rose sweet tea, brown sugar

The female is after menstruation is periodic, hair of total meeting complexion is yellow, because this enrichs the blood, regulate the menstrual function, raise colour the 3 major issues that became a woman, after physiology period ends, drink a week continuously, morning and evening two, the body restored to come over, fill after menstruation every time ” 4 content soup ” very good part, can make complexion ruddy, moist skin

4 content soup: Raw material includes cultivated land 15 grams, root of herbaceous peony 10 grams, angelica 10 grams, the rhizome of chuanxiong 6 grams

Mixture Chinese traditional medicine is put into decoct medicine boiler, water should have done not have Chinese traditional medicine, decoct becomes 2 bowls small, cent morning and evening is taken 2 times

General I am become powdery rose to tea at ordinary times water will drink, because the rose can enrich the blood not just, it still has reduce weight of the effect of popular system, pretty good drink

Rose sweet tea: France imports powdery rose, do not choose red rose of China, effect and fragrance are to differ of a lot of, the rose is had scanty liver wakes lienal, grow skin discharges poison, aerate invigorate the circulation of blood, have one’s ideas straightened out changes the effect of silt

Want 5-6 only every time the rose develops bubble with the boiled water of 80 ° , can develop bubble repeatedly

Soup of brown sugar red bean: Brown sugar, red bean

After ormosia is cleaned clean, immerse with water overnight, next big baked wheaten cake leaves, small fire is boiled to red bean crisp bead, join brown sugar to fuse next

Soup of brown sugar red bean provides good energy of life to raise blood, be good at lienal warm stomach, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt to improve anaemic, antiphlogistic detumescence, when menstruation comes or around edible, can help period more smooth reduce ache, but 溫 of 讓 body 體 is warm, increase energy, blood of vivid 絡 氣 , accelerate haemal abide 環, 經 after is like difference of feeling 覺 spirit, 氣 color is bad, can be in one cup is drunk before Chinese meal everyday, not 則 of heavy 時 of 較 of 適 disease 狀 can add 飲 again before dinner a cup, hold 續 one week to be able to be improved effectively.

Shang Xian of medlar mullet yam gives mother [butterfly cate] [nutrition calls for paper]

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[nutrition calls for paper] soup of medlar mullet yam, give mom [butterfly cate]

****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

Soup of medlar mullet yam, give mom’s love

Mom has coronary heart disease, blood sugar a bit tall still, the food in living daily so also needs an attention. Mom of the stepmother before remembering new year’s day 8 years because heart disease be in hospital, mom heart disease is very severe in those days, it is a little breath, difficult to walk. Look at the appearance that in former days healthy and optimistic mom is tormented by ailment, my heart should break. I am thinking in those days, after it is good to wait for mother fault, I want double filial mom, let mom have a happy old age. Now body convalesce of mom, make a person feel glad really. I show boiling water of yam of this medlar mullet give me dear mother, wish mom health is macrobian.

[the nutrient value of mullet is analysed] mullet contains a lot ofE of vitamin of protein, fatty acid, B a group of things with common features, vitamin, calcic, magnesian, Selenium to wait for nutrient element, shuttle fish bone is little, the flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious. Mullet with approach shuttle flies when wintry spring is alternant most delicate.

[the dietotherapy action of yam]   1. Be good at lienal beneficial stomach, aid digestion: Yam contains much amylase, more phenolic oxidation enzymatic wait for material, be helpful for taste digesting absorb a function, it is to make the same score the medicine of filling taste to feed blindly taste amphibiously. No matter lienal this world has a deficit or gastric deficiency of yin with irritability, all but edible. Clinical on commonly used treat taste frail, feed little body tired, the disease such as have loose bowels. 2. Essence of grow kidney beneficial: Yam contains a variety of nutriment, have able-bodied airframe, the action of essence of grow kidney beneficial. Generally kidney deficient seminal emission, woman leucorrhoea the disease such as frequency of much, pee, all can take. 3. Beneficial lung relieves a cough: Yam contains black to become, mucilaginous, have lubricant, moist action, reason but beneficial lung is angry, raise lobar shade, phlegmy cough of remedial lung empty is long coughing disease. 4. Reduce blood sugar: Yam contains some mucous protein, have the effect that reduces blood sugar, can use at cure diabetic, the dietotherapy beautiful that is diabetic person is tasted. 5. Prolong life yam contains many mucous albumen, vitamin and microelement, can prevent hematic fat effectively to be in charge of mural precipitation in blood, prevent cardiovascular disease, obtain profit records to calm the nerves, the effect of the prolong life. 6. Fight hepatic coma: Consider to discover yam has composed effect in recent years, usable will fight hepatic coma. 6. Embellish skin, hairdressing: OK and alimentary skin follows hair. Yam is the beautiful dish of edible not only, also be nourishing beautiful is tasted.

[the dietotherapy action of medlar] the indispensible nutrition that medlar contains the healthy eye such as the calcium such as rich carotene, vitamin A1, B1, B2, C, iron, reason is good at bright eye, so common says ” bright eye child ” . Deficient empty of shade of inadequacy of blood of liver of therapy of home of past dynasties cure, kidney causes look matter dim-sighted with nyctalopia, often use medlar. Bolus of glutinous rehmannia of chrysanthemum of famous prescription a surname, it is main medicaments with medlar. Medlar has the effect that enhances airframe immunity power, can fill enrage strong choice, nourishing liver kidney, fight consenescence, stop the disappear thirsty, warm body, effect that combats tumor. Still have the effect that reduces fat of blood pressure, blood and blood sugar, can prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, protection is hepatic, boycott fatty liver, stimulative liver rejuvenesce. Suit old person edible more.

Advocate makings: Mullet; Yam

Burden: Medlar, caraway, ginger, salt, gourmet powder, pepper, dry starch, liquor

The method that make:

1, mullet goes scale, branchial and splanchnic, clean clean, cut paragraphs small.

2, use the mullet that has cut salt, liquor, dry starch to pile up flavour 10 minutes.

3, boiler having oil, mullet paragraph two sides summary decoct.

4, a few water, Jiang Pian, salt are added inside boiler, conflagration is boiled, medium baking temperature boils 20 minutes.

5, yam is abluent, flay cuts chunk, put into boiler to boil 5 minutes instantly.

6, the medlar that joins bubble to had been sent finally boils 2 minutes to involve fire, essence of rejoin pepper, chicken, caraway paragraph can.

Sweet clew:

1, when yam flay section, had better wear a glove, lest have an itch to do sth.

2, yam had better be in piece husk again when next boiler, lest become angry.

3, yam is not long boil, can insert with the chopstick move can, time grew to be able to rot and do not become form.

4, the fish must be used had panbroiled, boil the Yu Shangcai that go out the meeting is sweet thick.

5, the color with piscine golden soup comes from mullet.

Click the picture below to enter ” butterfly “

Before dawn gives milk of Hokkaido of furnace Shang Chong to say department

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** before dawn gives milk of Hokkaido of furnace Shang Chong to spit department ***

Graph / article author: Midnight flower is not a flower
[Achieve formerly]** is not beautiful license without midnight flower, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Raw material: Tall pink 200 grams, wholemeal 70 grams, fine saccharic 40 grams, salt 4 grams, yeasty 5 grams,
Entire egg 40 grams, animal sex bright butter 30 grams, milk 50 grams (wholemeal compares moisture absorption,
Added 20 grams milk in order to compare with tall pink completely) , milk powder 1.5 big spoon, shang Chong 90 grams, butter
25 grams

After milk heats, ⒈ will put Wen Zhihe temperature to be close to.
⒉ will put bread machine except the raw material beyond butter, start ” leaven dough is round ” program,
Stop after 20 minutes.
⒊ joins butter, start afresh ” leaven dough is round ” program, 20 minutes stop, the lid is good
Cap undertakes the foundation ferments.
4. dough ferments to original double the left and right sides is big, after the hand touchs flour to insert, small hole is not answered
Shrink, ferment finish.
5 take out dough break up 4 rounded lids to last film is flabby 15 minutes.
The 6 dough exhaust roll after passing flabbily leave elliptic, both sides of suitable long side is gone to each among
Roll 1/3 submits strip form, next dough binding off gadarene, flabby 10 minutes, again roll roll into
7 green compact binding off gadarene, put a pattern inside, oven maintains 38 degrees or so to undertake 2
Second ferment
8 ferment to 8 the egg is brushed to suckle fluid after cent is full, had built shell of the matrix that say department, put 180 degrees into warm-up
oven lower level, fluctuation fire, 35 minutes.

Give furnace to brush milk, put cool hind section is loaded last bag.

Wipe on blue berry sauce, delicious. . . . . . . . . .

** welcomes to come the night that my rich guest flower is not a flower takes notes all right **

Healthy festival distributes food one Shang Yi dish a bit

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Bamboo fruit chicken broth Wan Yu Zelou

*** Wan Yu Yuan is achieved, without oneself the license does not get arrogate to oneself to rotation carries or be extracted and compile, ***


Ginkgo is counted, drumstick one, mire water goes blood-red. Dried bean milk cream in tight rolls rinses bubble sends 12 hours, dateplum persimmon 10 abluent.


ginkgo hull, go endodermis, clutch goes core. Put drumstick the stockpot, add clear water to amount to boiler 2/3 deepness, put ginkgo, dateplum persimmon, big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire is stewed dried bean milk cream in tight rolls is put to continue to stew 20 minutes to be become namely after boiling 20 minutes, put salt to flavor.


Soup clear taste is pure, nourishing take good care of sb.

The Chinese’s food is used to, the festival is unavoidable to eat eat and drink drink, can create the overweight burden of intestines and stomach, and the dietary habit with undesirable nurturance, cross the rubbish inside pile form for a long time into accumulation, can create undesirable dietary convention to the body. What contradict to it is, normally people thinks to weigh wanted red-letter day, not meat or fish chews essential inadequacy greatly the grumous mood that reflects a red-letter day comes, had eaten actually, eat health, eat delicate the thing that is not contradiction.

Especially I present, besides pursuit delicate besides, more a concept that seeks health. Begin 8 years, besides very few frequency adjust taste with, power will reach between greater part time-sharing at studying healthy cate.

I think this idea is me not merely probably, however the good life idea that more person is pursueing hard.

Balsam pear fry a beans to work

Balsam pear one, go core seed, abluent, scrape lining white skin, this is more acerbity. Cut point to thick, sauce beans dry-clean is cut completely, chili cuts a group. Boiler pours oily a few, issue garlic to break first explode a fragrance, fry into stir-fry before stewing of balsam pear conflagration, break be born to issue sauce beans to work namely fry even, issue chili, salt, fry tasty can.

This is conflagration quick fried dish, what dish won’t fry is too ripe rot and bring about nutrition and water to distribute overmuch prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, conflagration dish tastes normally sweeter, make simple, lubricious form does not sell at a discount however.

Cake of potato mud sesame seed

Look be like complex, actually simple, cut yam flay, cut big, evaporate is appeared, press into mud, mix milk powder one pouch, add glutinous pink, want more healthy can add pink of a few food grains other than wheat and rice. Ormosia sand rolls a group, take mashed vegetable or fruit of a yam, shape of make it sunken bowl, put group of a sweetened bean taste, the bag rises, rounded, gently squash, divide evenly is touched in sesame seed, flat bottom frying pan arrives a few is oily, small fire simmer in water comes the surface is golden mature namely.

It is a health delicate, make simple small snack, especially winter yam appears on the market in great quantities, basically besides baking is evaporate, tipple of again alarming classics drinks yam congee, originality gives bit of more and healthy yam, arouse everybody to have the glow of yam, it is the healthy food raw material that comparative absolutely, available might as well taste it.

Click a picture to enter, guest of Wan jade rich:

Longan pineapple Shang Xiao is fastened

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Will want to go out a few days tomorrow, did not do what to give authority for nothing , can before a medicinal food that a period of time makes gives authoritySmile Want neverthelessAttention: The tube that has high blood pressure does not try yo ~~~ please heyTitter

The effect of this medicinal food: Bu Xinan god raises blood, raise blood pressure, apply to blood pressure too low, insomnious dizziness reachs the disease such as brothers jelly.

Raw material: Longan flesh LOOg, pineapple flesh 200g, red jujube LOOg, saccharic and right amount, refined salt a few.


1. Put pineapple meat in weak brine to immerse 10 minutes first, red jujube is abluent go nucleus.

2. Longan flesh, pineapple flesh, will red jujube enters boiler together, add water 800ml, convert again after flourishing fire boil ~ of L of slow fire cook over a slow fire 2 hours

3. When making an appointment with 300ml to water remnant, join saccharic and smooth become namely. Feed boiling water of pulp, water, daily 1, take L week to be a period of treatment repeatedly,

Long-winded: The day you that I am absent must not think my expression of pain too: ) especially lovely candy sweets girl, with a ha breath out (should term begins, very academic be used to breaths out ~~~ up every day) dear learns age of younger sister CLV not small also, I am not much long-winded

Will background music listen to well known of an I Got You Under My Skin~ does ~~ of a song have an interpreter to become Chinese ” love you to love the bottom of one’s heart in ” ? Breathe out breathe out, give authorityYock Yock Yock