The taro 頭 of 圓 of 團 of 兩 of 08 people month is crisp [share short skin 製 to make 訣 竅]

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雖 like that, crisp 餅 my 還 is not to be done very well, but compared with last year, I am have a result than 較 .
Accordingly, the 點 that I want to share my 製 to make short skin with everybody drips, hope 對 has 幫 to aid at the friend 會 that wants to make heart of this 類 點.

One pace of my 們 來 . . . . . .

Above all 餡 of 準 備 good 內 . 這 second I want to make egg of taro 頭 鹹.

Practice of & of 內 餡 material:
From 黃 of 製 鹹 egg 6 個 (the 參 of 處 manage 請 of 鹹 egg takes an examination of egg 黃 crisp)
Taro mud 240g
20g of brown granulated sugar
Butyric 20g

1. 將 taro 頭 cuts 塊 evaporate ripe, the 壓 that take the advantage of 熱 becomes mud.
2. Like that candy and butter knead after rejoin 勻 備 is used.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ also can replace butter to suckle fragrance in order to increase with 鮮 butter.
Suckle the friend of fragrance to Wu Buxi 歡, also can use attar of general certain herbaceous plants with big flowers or salad oil to wait.
@ wants slippery 潤 of 緻 of 內 餡 細 , oily deal needs 須 wants to increase again. My recipe is low candy low oil!

Mud of 1. 將 taro is divided into 12 divide into equal parts.
2. divides 別 to wrap 備 of egg of half 顆 鹹 to use.

The material of outermost layer of skin reachs a way:
It is OK that 內 餡 does good after 開 only then do ~ of ~ of 囉 of outermost layer of skin

Tall pink 46g
Low pink 46g
Candy pink 12g
Butter 16g
White oily 16g
Water 48g

But outermost layer of skin of 個 of make it 30gx6

Attention: Feel embarrassed, left 1 reach left I put the 圖 of 2 turned over.
1. The material appreciably beyond 將 water mixes.
2. Join water 將 slowly again its mix knead 勻 .  
3. Chase 漸 knead smooth the 麵 糰 of not sticky hand.
4. Relax of 鬆 of bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 30 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The deal of the water in material of @ outermost layer of skin needs him 調to rectify, need 須 is kneaded.
The butyric 換 of half of @ my 將 becomes white oil, because 歡 of happy event of 較 of 為 my comparing is hard,be fragile mouthfeel. If you are fond of 歡 to compare 較
Crisp, can use butter.

該 of 應 of outermost layer of skin is the 麵 糰 that extends 強 of sexual photograph 當 . Be like left 圖.
Outermost layer of skin of 將 of after of 鬆 relax 過 is broken up, again rub becomes 長 model. Be like right 圖.

The material of short reachs a way:
The 時 of relax of 鬆 of 當 outermost layer of skin is awaited, can 製 makes short.

Low pink 70g
Finest cream (Ghee) 42g

But short of 個 of make it 18gx6

1. Summary 為 mixes 將 material.
2. Mix with the hand knead the short 麵 糰 to 無 pink bead.
3. Break up after rub 圓.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ Finest cream namely butter of 100 % 純 . (圖 piece 請 點: Video 館- - bake material piece)
個 person is fond of 歡 to make short with 製 of finest cream 來 . Fragrance and effect very not 錯. If did not have,also can use
What other 適 closes is oily.
@ In the part of short, oily deal needs 調rectifies him 須 . 務 makes surely the soft 軟 of short 與 outermost layer of skin is spent is very
Adjacent. Short 雖 is not provided like that extend a gender, but very soft 軟 also is on feel. 並 unlike I last year
體 會 , break with respect to 會 forcibly.  
If your short is brittle, 該 of that 麼 應 is too male. Oily deal needs to increase.  

Short skin 製 makes pace 驟

1. Take one outermost layer of skin, 將 兩 carries 壓 of the 間 in going to to close. A little 壓 is flat.
2. Put one 顆 short. 環 of left hand tiger’s mouth-jaws of death lives outermost layer of skin, receive 緊 slowly.
3. The right hand enters outermost layer of skin with 壓 of 時 將 short in, till binding off.
4. Receive 緊 轉 mouth, the outermost layer of skin of 將 much 餘 is by 壓 on 麵 糰.
5. The buy on binding off face at the desktop.

6. Short skin uses a hand summary 為 is pressed flat, like that after by in 間 carries 桿 開 to 兩 . The 長 that big 約 is one 個 palm is spent.
7. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . On binding off face, 鬆 relax 10 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)

8. With the hand summary 為 壓 is flat, by in 間 becomes 長 to 兩 end 桿 model. The 長 that big 約 is 2 個 palm is spent.
9. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . Binding off is gadarene, 鬆 relax 20 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)
對 of after of 過 of 10. 鬆 relax cuts 開 partly, can 進 luggage 餡.

Bag 餡

1. Take skin of one 顆 short, on tangent plane face, press a little flat, again 桿 becomes 圓 piece.
2. 將 圓 piece the 來 that turn over 過 , put 餡 after, the gimmick that is like the 餅 that include a month with 類 has been wrapped.
Binding off after can be in desktop 滾 one, 調rectifies good look 狀 .
3. Put 預 熱 to 200 degrees oven, the 約 that bake 20 - 25 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The rate of short of 與 of @ outermost layer of skin should be taken hold well. 過 of rate of outermost layer of skin is tall, finished product 較 is hard, 層 second also compare 較 not
Clear. If short rate 過 is tall, 則 會 creates the situation with 開 of not easy 桿 or crisp leakage 況.
The 時 of 開 of 桿 of @ short skin is awaited, the force wants all 勻 , 這 樣 make 來 gift is nice.
@ if the 時 of 開 of 擔 heart 桿 awaits 會 sticky in the desktop, can scatter some of hand pink to prevent at the desktop touch.
OK also one 層 of 舖 model 膠 bag.
The 鬆 relax 階 that @ 製 makes 過 Cheng paragraph, it is 為 the 時 in 桿 開 awaits 讓 麵 muscle easy extend.
Bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 or the film that protect 鮮 is 為 prevent exterior 結 Pi Huoqian to crack.  

Did not have quality of make it 雙, 層 second is seeing a 來 or 許 very bright 顯 ?
Not 過 myself knows, 這 is compared last year a lot of.
這 second did not have completely defeat crisp tired 擾 , also not 會 is awaited in the 時 of 桿 開 touch sticky in the desktop.
Short skin 異 constant good operation.

I am fond of the crisp 餅 of 歡, it is fragile in 帶 is crisp. 內 餡 is 鹹 is sweet, not sweet not 膩 .
Make tea one 壺 tea, laugh at road of 時 seeing 來 .
This year mid-autumn, and 讓 me, 灑 of 瀟 瀟 灑 .

Most after, 預 wishs everybody 節 is fast mid-autumn 樂 ~

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

製 麵 wraps 驗 of 經 of ~~ of complete hand 冊 to share first

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** not 經 龍 兒 allows, 圖 of this post content character piece do not get 轉 載 or pick 編 **

Recently, a lot of friends have 關 麵 to wrap the 問 題 that 製 makes in 詢 問 , and some friends also of 紛 紛 express not quite dare 嘗 試 麵 wraps 製 to make, 擔 heart breaks 敗 會 billow 費 feeds capable person.
Base the 緣 reason at 這 樣 , I think a 這 兩 year the 經 驗 that 來 製 makes 麵 wrap shares 給 everybody, hope 這 piece article 對 at the friend that wants the bag that do 麵 can 夠 has 幫 to aid somewhat.
這 , be 驗 of one 種 經 only share, of 業 of 絕 blame 專 teach 學. In the article if have not the 處 of 盡 or not perfect place, the ace 們 of 過 of path of special also hope points to 點.

開 only then before I need 須 說 bright, because of 為 I am to be in 熱 帶 Home 國 , and 這 piece basically be 寫 給 of the friend in big 馬, so a few 資 in article expect, everybody needs 須 wants 靈 vivid 運 to use. (Special 別 is respect of ferment of 發 having 關)

Above all, 製 of bag of 麵 of 來 談 談 makes base 礎 material.

1. 麵 pink
General 選 uses the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of tall muscle 麵 with albumen 質 much 較 . (Tall pink) also somebody is fond of 歡 to be made with 製 of 來 of especially tall muscle. 當 also can join the low pink that 適 measures or complete 麥 white like that, make it is different the 麵 of different 風 flavour wraps mouthfeel.
By have water imbibition at albumen 質 , rub of the 體 that add juice kneads after but muscle of 產 unripe 麵. Rub of 過 of 麵 muscle 經 is kneaded can make 張 of 組 織 擴, 並 and the carbon dioxide that laps 產 of the place in the 過 Cheng in 發 ferment gives birth to microzyme, 變 makes into 氣 bubble 脹 of 麵 糰 Peng.

2. fluid 體
The soft 軟 of 為 of 內 ministry 較 that fluid 體 can make 麵 is wrapped. Besides water, also can use milk, 鮮 grandma, fabaceous 漿, fruit juice is waited a moment.
The fluid 體 溫 that uses commonly is spent cannot 過 is tall. The 馬 來 that awaits phlogistic 熱 in 氣 on the west 亞 , build 議 to use 製 of 來 of 體 glacial fluid to make.

3. yeast
In the 環 condition of 適 當 , but 將 candy decomposes 為 carbon dioxide and alcohol. The 氣 體 將 that wraps roast 時 to await a 產 to be born in 麵 is lapped by 麵 muscle, 進 and 產 gives birth to small 氣 bubble, make 脹 of 麵 糰 Peng.
Besides fast 發 male dry is yeasty, the yeast that also has new 鮮 and use natural the natural yeast that feeds material to earth up 養.

4. candy
Besides the sweet taste that adds 麵 bag, also have the effect of ferment of hurried 進 發. 將 does not want before kneading 麵 its follow yeasty lump.
In addition, also can increase the lubricious 澤 of finished product.
The speed of the chromatically of 響 of deal 會 shadow of the candy in the recipe. Contain candy to measure tall 麵 糰 chromatically commonly fast, you Wuhong bakes 時 間 縮 is short, 減 became little the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the moisture in 麵 糰, the 麵 that makes 來 wraps 質 ground to compare 較 soft 軟 . But what also do not state candy is added is more better. Content 極 turns over ~~ surely
Besides white sugar, also can use black / 紅 candy, honey, 楓 candy, brown granulated sugar waits 來 製 a moment to make the 麵 package of different 風 flavour.

5. 鹽
The 鹽 that 適 measures can add the 風 flavor that 麵 wraps.
In addition, 鹽 can increase the water imbibition of 麵 pink, make 麵 團 產 gives birth to stickiness.
1000 萬 do not do 鹹 麵 to include the OK and aleatoric deal that adds 鹽 with 為 . 鹽 has the effect that restrains yeast, 過 measures can be ferment of 發 of 會 shadow 響 .
Before the 團 that knead 麵, cut 記 cannot 將 鹽 and yeasty lump.

6. grease
The 風 flavour 並 that can increase 麵 to wrap prevents sclerosis. Besides butter, also can use Gan 欖 oil, 鮮 butter, white oil, plant butter is waited a moment.
Butter besides beautiful of 風 flavour 較 , more healthy than 較 also.
By Wu You of muscle of 麵 of 礙 of fat 會 block form, so general 會 mixes in 攪 metaphase just is joined.
But the earlier 與 other data that if use fluid 體 oil,則 會 mixes in 攪 is joined together.

7. egg
Can make 麵 wraps soft 軟 , add the 風 flavor that 麵 wraps. But not be necessary data. Entire plain or the person that do not eat an egg need not be added. The part that is 體 of the fluid in former recipe only wants extenuatory increase.

First 學 person the 時 that 學 習 製 makes 麵 wrap is awaited, can 選 擇 recipe compares 較 簡 單 , of the stuff that has above only namely base 礎 recipe.
Waited for you to be familiar with 麵 to wrap 製 to make, him 試 of ability 來 嘗 revises a recipe.
I encounter 過 a few friends, because 為 compares 較 to be fond of 歡 to have 鹹 麵 package, understand with oneself so, candy take out, like that after added many 鹽 to be in 麵 糰, ferment of 發 of law of essential 無 of 團 of 結 fruit 麵.

Accordingly, before 製 makes 麵 Bao Zhi, need 須 wants 對 material to have base the understanding of 礎.

Is 現 in is my 們 OK does 嘗 試 do 麵 to wrap 嗎 ?
. . . Be like 還 to be no good. My 們 還 needs to understand, the bag that do 麵 needs after all very 麼 tool 與 matchs 備 .
Of 寫 of 這 裡 place is only base of 礎 match 備 . 當 like that you have 條 話 is OK 擁 has more.

1. oven
擇 of the 選 that build 議 has fluctuation 溫 to accuse. Namely 說 is OK 選 擇 uses suffer from excessive internal heat or leave anger, or 兩 person use with 時. 當 like that, also want to be able to control 溫 to spend 與 時 間.
If have 條, OK also 選 擇 內 the oven with fan of 風 of type of 轉 coming back, 這 樣 熱 spends 會 to compare 較 all 勻 , the color of finished product 顏 that bakes a 來 also compares 較 all 稱, and not easier than 較 also 燒 is anxious.
對 at oven, I did not have 強 調to want to use those who hold 貴 high to 來 , or of 專 業. See oneself 預 calculate namely, 還 has the 決 of empty 間 來 of 廚 room to decide. 當 like that, have the 話 of sufficient 夠 empty 間, big one 點 is better than 較 with. Because 為 can be baked more than 較 ~~~

2. balance
電 child the balance is more convenient than 較 . Because of 為 I am put all stuff in 攪 to mix directly the balance on the crock, did not have 個 別 level, also need not wash a lot of appliance so.
If you did not have, do not have 關 係. . . . 還 is OK. Just compare 較 hemp 煩 one 點 點 just. If you are very commonly used,arrive, 當 can take an examination of 慮 買 電 like that child balance. Deny 則, 儘 quantity does not spend too much 錢 (賺 錢 is not easy ah ~~~) 買 one 個 is very common good.
If you did not have a level, OK also the tool 來 測 of the 類 of spoon measuring glass measures dosage.

Rod of 3. 桿 麵
The 時 that 這 個 is plastic awaits 會 to be used, 價 case also not of 貴. The 還 that build 議 is to should have one root comparing 較 is good.

4. cuts 麵 knife
這 個 also is very cheap 東 on the west, so best and OK provide 備 .

5. 麵 wraps 機 / the 攪 of big 馬 force mixes 機
If you very often make 麵 package, 為 the save labour that save 時, the 還 that build 議 is the 機 that provide 備 implement 較 is good. But if seldom do, also not 會 makes very great deal, it is good to use one 雙 hand. 這 樣 not 會 spends too much 錢, also need not the 壓 force that the 東 with very much 買 creates many sided on the west.

6. bakes 盤, 鐵 wearing
The 盤 that bake is OK and additional 買, also can add that 種 of 帶 with oven. If did not have,just prevent those who touch the effect, need 須 uses bake 紙 , or one 層 of 塗 is oily OK also. 鐵 wearing is 麵 bag after giving 爐 places 麵 to wrap 讓 its come loose of 熱 . Use oven adds 帶 me, if did not have,need additional 買.

7. bake 紙 / bake cloth
If your 盤 that bake or model are not touched, must not use 這 個 . What bake 紙 differs with bake cloth is, bake cloth can weigh 複 to use, and prevent touch the effect very good. It is 價 case compares one 點 of 較 貴 only.

8. brush
給 麵 wraps ” to change 妝 ” to use go up commonly. Its 實 me not 會 is very commonly used arrive. Because of 為 me very 懶 indolent, so my 麵 is wrapped very 樸 element.
If I want to brush a face, I also did not use a brush. What I use is 類 is like small drawknife the 東 of that 樣 on the west.

Good, it is OK that my 們 現 is in 開 only then 製 makes 麵 wrap. 來 sees 製 make 驟 of pace of 過 Cheng 與

The balance of 1. material is measured
If use 電 child balance, can mix 攪 directly the crock is put in the 來 on the balance to use. If use average level, the level of material 個 別 that 則 須 needs place to be used beforehand is good. It is OK also to if you make,measure spoon with measuring glass. Just need 換 to calculate 單 .

The mixture of 2. material
The good after of material 準 備 that 當 place needs, OK 進 mixed all right. No matter you use 麵 to wrap 機, 攪 mixes 機 還 is the hand is kneaded, 請 記 gets 3 jobs.
A. The fluid 體 in the recipe adds 進 not completely. Pour 2/3 first. Because the water absorption of 為 麵 pink is differ, so the part of fluid 體 can make 為 參 take an examination of only. Wait for material to knead add up to after, again slowly one 點 of one 點 enters fluid 體. The novice that 這 點 對 is not familiar with 麵 to wrap 製 to make at 還 by 為 important. 時 is awaited, the 還 that the fluid 體 會 that you need offers than recipe place wants; of much 點 點 to have 時 則 conversely. So you need 須 wants to know the deal that how controls fluid 體. Of 糰 of 麵 of 從 of 這 點 need shape 來 sentences 斷 . General recipe, the 結 of 體 of material 與 fluid closes, need 須 wants to be able to knead one 個 a little the 麵 糰 of sticky 濕 . 換 sentence 話 說, 麵 團 can slant in compound initial stage one 點 of 濕 , but must can become 團. If too 鬆 comes loose 無 law 結 closes, express too male, you can increase fluid 體 again. Does 萬 add too much water not carefully how 麼 辦? With respect to extenuatory addition then 麵 pink 來 is improved.
B. Butter needs when muscle spends rejoin. I am to wait for him to become 團 normally, 觸 feels a 來 to have 彈 sex rejoin. (Fluid 體 oily except) 這 點 above base 礎 material already had 說 bright.

C. Candy and 鹽 are in 還 not 開 only then the 時 that kneads 麵 is awaited do not receive 觸 yeast. Can 讓 yeast is buried in 麵 pink. (The 圖 below 參 take an examination ofing) lie between his 們 first namely anyway 開 is. 這 點 is in upright there is 說 in material of 紹 radical 礎 bright.

3. rub kneads 麵 團
Some feed 譜 to did not have a 這 part 說 very 詳 細 . General also 說 kneads smooth 麵 糰. It is very important that my 覺 gets 這 share, accordingly, in 這 說 of 裡 spy 別 bright. No matter you use 機 implement 還 is to use hand 來 to knead 麵, 麵 團 should knead 擴 to exhibit 階 at least paragraph, and the 則 of system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan with 體 積 big 較 should knead complete 階 paragraph.
麵 團 is in 剛 開 only then the 時 that rub kneads awaits 會 very sticky 濕 , see a 來 very coarse also, but the rub that holds 續 kneads 變 of 會 漸 漸 to must have 彈 sex glossily and not sticky hand.
What additionally need carries is 攪 mixes / the 溫 that rub kneads is spent cannot 過 is tall. Be in especially big 馬, 氣 awaits very phlogistic 熱 , more one 點 of 應 attention 這 . Accordingly, 攪 of 麵 bag 機 mixes the 話 of 麵 糰, build 議 蓋 child hit 開 to come loose 熱 .
Next 圖 are 屬 at complete 階 paragraph 態 of 麵 糰 狀

Ferment of 發 of 4. radical 礎
當 rub kneads the after that finish, OK 進 travel base 礎 發 ferment. 這 is the 階 with one very important 個 paragraph.
If you are used,攪 mixes 機, can put in 攪 to mix directly ferment of 發 of travel of the 進 in the crock. But it is good 麵 團 蓋 that 記 must want. 麵 bag 機 is OK and direct the 蓋 on 蓋 child, 攪 mixes 機 or the rub that use a hand is kneaded, can use 濕 cloth or 糰 of 麵 of 蓋 of Fu of the film that protect 鮮.
Base the optimal 溫 of 礎 發 ferment is spent is 攝 26-28 is spent. In big 馬, can go in general room 溫 進. 30 minutes of 鐘 go to the 時 間 從 of 發 ferment one small 時 differs.
The 時 間 僅 that a lot of 書 that feed 譜 offer is taken an examination of for 參 , cut 記 cannot complete root 據 .
My means is, in big 約 the 時 of half small 時 awaits 團 of 測 試 麵. The method of 測 試 is, finger touchs pink or touch water, stamp enters 麵 糰 in, if mouth of a cave adds up to 攏 instantly,express ferment of 還 half-baked 發. That 麼 can delay 間 of 時 of 長 發 ferment. The novice can divide 試 of 進 travel 測 at every 5-10, until, 麵 糰 jab does not answer 縮 into 處 and of bright 顯 leave mouth of a cave, 則 states 發 ferment is finished. (請 sees next 圖)
If use the means of eye 測, the 2-3 that the 體 積 of 團 of 麵 of after of 則 發 ferment is former 來 times. But do not build 議 novice to use 這 個 means.
Enough 發 ferment is very important, but 過 spends 發 ferment 卻 unworkable.

5. breaks up 鬆 relax
發 ferment finishs after to be able to move 麵 糰 to the 檯 face of male 淨. With the 壓 clean 氣 of palmar 輕 輕, like that after is OK 進 is broken up all right. Can first the 總 weight that the balance gives 麵 糰, like that after again cut becomes divide into equal parts. But if you do not mind the 麵 package that makes 來 to have,have greatly small, perhaps want painstakingly to be divided into different measurement namely, that 麼 also can need 來 to break up according to his. 歡 of general like me happy event is divided into 50 grams. But the 麵 糰 會 that 時 is remained is insufficient, that I with respect to make it 30 or the small 麵 bag that 40 overcomes. But, if the 話 of system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan of your make it measures cent to become coequal quantity with respect to 儘 , 這 樣 bakes the finished product that gives 來 to compare 較 beautiful 觀 .
What need an attention additionally is, the 時 of cut awaits 盡 quantity to be cut only, want to avoid to lest 傷 kills 麵 糰,be cut again. Not 過 my 覺 gets 這 點 to need 驗 of a few 經 .
I every time the 時 of cut is awaited, I cut 50 grams 當 to become the 遊戲 with one amused 種. The 話 that often does, eye 測 but very of 準 . But also not be each knife every time OK 準 of that 麼 essence. That 麼 sees 這 裡, not must 曉 have 產 of 會 of a few friends did not lay cowardly idea? Its 實 does not fear. Do 幾 more second was familiar with very much with respect to 會 . If you cut 說 the first knife, 糰 of 麵 of 覺 of 發 of balance 過 after has 45 grams only, and what your 實 際 wants is 50 grams, you can go to that 麼 again cut 補 of 來 of 糰 of 麵 of one small 塊 its are insufficient.
Break up the after that finish, can 圓 of 滾 of 糰 of 將 small 麵, like that 10-15 of relax of 鬆 of cloth of the 濕 on after 蓋 divides 鐘 . Break up the means of 滾 圓, I also everybody looked for 為 the 視 頻 with one very good 個 . The friend that has need can arrive below 觀 賞.

6. 麵 團 is whole model
變 of 會 of after of relax of 麵 糰 鬆 gets softer than 較 軟 , it is OK that 這 時 is awaited plastic. Most of 簡 單 is form of make it 圓. If be of 餡 wanting a bag, that holds 緊 into after binding off with respect to the bag, like that after is in desktop 滾.
More rectifying model means stays wait for after to be shared again.

7. most after 發 ferment
Whole model the 麵 團 of after is put in the 盤 that bake, OK 進 goes most after 發 ferment. Most the optimal 溫 of after 發 ferment is spent is 攝 30 -38 is spent (這 has) of law of 說 of good 幾 種, 濕 spends big 約 is 80% . Anyway, 這 個 溫 is spent is to should be compared base 礎 發 ferment is a few taller. My 寫 這 piece basically be to hope 幫 helps the raw recruit that considers the package that do 麵, so 裡 of my 們 這 also is not used very the means of 專 業. Putting forward 溫 to spend is one 個 參 is taken an examination of only.
My practice, it is a 麵 團 連 in putting 進 oven with the 盤 that bake (oven is to did not have those who add 溫 ) , like that after places water of a cup of 熱 in oven. (這 樣 溫 spends 溼 have)
Its 實 most the means of after 發 ferment has a lot of 種. Can put 進 to protect 麗 龍 box or microwave 爐 for example, 還 has below the means of 視 頻 is OK also. Just, my 選 擇 puts 進 oven directly. Because of 為 , oven anyway certain 會 some, the means 對 of 這 樣 my 來 說 most 簡 單 is the most convenient also.
Most the 時 間 of after 發 ferment, feeding what 譜 offers commonly also is 參 take an examination ofing only. So my 們 還 is to need 試 of him 來 測. How Where is 麼 測 試 ? Ability following 剛 is about the same.
It is finger touchs pink or water, but 這 second jab of not whole 個 goes down. . . . Want 糰 of 輕 壓 麵 only. The 團 that be like 麵 immediately extensive 復 former 狀 , state 還 needs ferment of 繼 續 發. The 團 that be like 麵 slowly extensive 復 , 則 states 發 ferment is finished. The 麵 糰 會 that 過 spends 發 ferment leaves mark clearly 跡, the surface coarse and form 狀 also the 鬆 of 會 變 breaks down.

8. is baked into 爐 bake
記 shift to an earlier date 預 熱 oven. Can spend 溫 before 10 minutes of 鐘 that enter 爐 轉 arrives the scale of need, like that the 時 間 that after goes to 時 間 轉 to need than place again is much the place of 10 minutes of 鐘 . My oven, I use 220-250 to spend commonly. 時 間, if be the 話 of 麵 bag,big 約 wants 鐘 15 minutes. Not 30 minutes of 鐘 control 帶 蓋 system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan. 則 of 帶 蓋 system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan needs 鐘 or above 40 minutes. The 溫 that I use is spent taller than 較 , 這 is by the oven at me it is to compare 較 not of 熱 . Everybody needs 對 from
Personal oven is familiar, ability 測 gives what 適 closes bake 間 of 溫 與 時.
Before 麵 wraps 爐, can be fond of 歡 according to 個 person, brush on egg fluid, or the 噴 點 water of 簡 單 . OK also 選 擇 gives 爐 after to brush on butter or Gan 欖 oil. 產 of different 塗 fluid 會 gives birth to different 麵 wrapping mouthfeel, everybody has 機 會 to might as well oneself play play look. Its 實 , weak 妝 of 個 of 畫 of 為 麵 bag not 僅 僅 is to increase smooth 澤 and beautiful 觀 , 還 can have the effect that protects 濕 .

9. saves 與 to add 熱
麵 includes offspring giving 爐, need immediately 脫 model, 並 is placed come loose on 鐵 wearing 熱 . The 時 that takes the advantage of 麵 to wrap 還 to have small 溫 is awaited it is good that with respect to need 將 its collect a packet, 這 樣 just not 會 makes 麵 Bao Qian hard, quicken ageing. If 無 law takes in one 兩 day, can have wrapped with model 膠 bag, put freezer to save. 噴 點 water needs only before eating, 熱 is baked in the oven that after puts 預 熱 like that can. If need to save more than 較 day, can put in cold 凍 庫 to save.

Good, my 終 was over at 寫 . . . . .
Originally I think 驟 of pace of 說 every 個 puts 個 small 圖 to do 為 參 to take an examination of, but 寫 這 piece, I used the 時 間 that one 個 禮 does obeisance to 約. . . . . . . .
Fortunately I found one 個 movie, the friend that provides 給 need does 為 參 to take an examination of. 這 裡 face already 經 was included very a lot of more. . . . . . .
I think, had 這 個 movie cooperating the character above, is 應 該 OK did 讓 want the friend that 製 of 嘗 麵 bag makes first to there is 點 way?
You provide 當 備 這 some base the constant 識 of 礎, the 時 that encounters general 問 題 awaits him also can ” of ” solution 決, and need not 4 處 rush about 問 ” 為 very 麼 ” .

By the 經 驗 at me finite, capacity is insufficient, 這 piece article, 並 is not very perfect. But 為 幫 aids more friends to finish heart 願 , I am forced
義 nots allow the 寫 這 of 辭 piece 經 驗 is shared. The ace 們 of 過 of 還 hope path is great give advice or comments. . . . .

Its 實 resembles the 資 makings of 這 樣 , on 網 road also not 難 searchs, but I hope the means with oneself, the describes 麵 to wrap 製 to make 點 that thorough 淺 gives drips. The article is so medium I not famous 詞 of 寫 too much 專 , also 儘 quantity does not want 寫 too 長 (雖 like that 還 is very 長. . . . . Breathe out) but 這 some, it is very basic.
If want the bag that do 麵 purposely really, must 學 of 從 radical 礎 rises.

Expect a person with high aspirations and determination can encounter him 見 at an early date the happy house ~~ in memory

Most after, film of 來 glad 賞
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