The taro 頭 of 圓 of 團 of 兩 of 08 people month is crisp [share short skin 製 to make 訣 竅]

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雖 like that, crisp 餅 my 還 is not to be done very well, but compared with last year, I am have a result than 較 .
Accordingly, the 點 that I want to share my 製 to make short skin with everybody drips, hope 對 has 幫 to aid at the friend 會 that wants to make heart of this 類 點.

One pace of my 們 來 . . . . . .

Above all 餡 of 準 備 good 內 . 這 second I want to make egg of taro 頭 鹹.

Practice of & of 內 餡 material:
From 黃 of 製 鹹 egg 6 個 (the 參 of 處 manage 請 of 鹹 egg takes an examination of egg 黃 crisp)
Taro mud 240g
20g of brown granulated sugar
Butyric 20g

1. 將 taro 頭 cuts 塊 evaporate ripe, the 壓 that take the advantage of 熱 becomes mud.
2. Like that candy and butter knead after rejoin 勻 備 is used.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ also can replace butter to suckle fragrance in order to increase with 鮮 butter.
Suckle the friend of fragrance to Wu Buxi 歡, also can use attar of general certain herbaceous plants with big flowers or salad oil to wait.
@ wants slippery 潤 of 緻 of 內 餡 細 , oily deal needs 須 wants to increase again. My recipe is low candy low oil!

Mud of 1. 將 taro is divided into 12 divide into equal parts.
2. divides 別 to wrap 備 of egg of half 顆 鹹 to use.

The material of outermost layer of skin reachs a way:
It is OK that 內 餡 does good after 開 only then do ~ of ~ of 囉 of outermost layer of skin

Tall pink 46g
Low pink 46g
Candy pink 12g
Butter 16g
White oily 16g
Water 48g

But outermost layer of skin of 個 of make it 30gx6

Attention: Feel embarrassed, left 1 reach left I put the 圖 of 2 turned over.
1. The material appreciably beyond 將 water mixes.
2. Join water 將 slowly again its mix knead 勻 .  
3. Chase 漸 knead smooth the 麵 糰 of not sticky hand.
4. Relax of 鬆 of bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 30 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The deal of the water in material of @ outermost layer of skin needs him 調to rectify, need 須 is kneaded.
The butyric 換 of half of @ my 將 becomes white oil, because 歡 of happy event of 較 of 為 my comparing is hard,be fragile mouthfeel. If you are fond of 歡 to compare 較
Crisp, can use butter.

該 of 應 of outermost layer of skin is the 麵 糰 that extends 強 of sexual photograph 當 . Be like left 圖.
Outermost layer of skin of 將 of after of 鬆 relax 過 is broken up, again rub becomes 長 model. Be like right 圖.

The material of short reachs a way:
The 時 of relax of 鬆 of 當 outermost layer of skin is awaited, can 製 makes short.

Low pink 70g
Finest cream (Ghee) 42g

But short of 個 of make it 18gx6

1. Summary 為 mixes 將 material.
2. Mix with the hand knead the short 麵 糰 to 無 pink bead.
3. Break up after rub 圓.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ Finest cream namely butter of 100 % 純 . (圖 piece 請 點: Video 館- - bake material piece)
個 person is fond of 歡 to make short with 製 of finest cream 來 . Fragrance and effect very not 錯. If did not have,also can use
What other 適 closes is oily.
@ In the part of short, oily deal needs 調rectifies him 須 . 務 makes surely the soft 軟 of short 與 outermost layer of skin is spent is very
Adjacent. Short 雖 is not provided like that extend a gender, but very soft 軟 also is on feel. 並 unlike I last year
體 會 , break with respect to 會 forcibly.  
If your short is brittle, 該 of that 麼 應 is too male. Oily deal needs to increase.  

Short skin 製 makes pace 驟

1. Take one outermost layer of skin, 將 兩 carries 壓 of the 間 in going to to close. A little 壓 is flat.
2. Put one 顆 short. 環 of left hand tiger’s mouth-jaws of death lives outermost layer of skin, receive 緊 slowly.
3. The right hand enters outermost layer of skin with 壓 of 時 將 short in, till binding off.
4. Receive 緊 轉 mouth, the outermost layer of skin of 將 much 餘 is by 壓 on 麵 糰.
5. The buy on binding off face at the desktop.

6. Short skin uses a hand summary 為 is pressed flat, like that after by in 間 carries 桿 開 to 兩 . The 長 that big 約 is one 個 palm is spent.
7. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . On binding off face, 鬆 relax 10 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)

8. With the hand summary 為 壓 is flat, by in 間 becomes 長 to 兩 end 桿 model. The 長 that big 約 is 2 個 palm is spent.
9. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . Binding off is gadarene, 鬆 relax 20 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)
對 of after of 過 of 10. 鬆 relax cuts 開 partly, can 進 luggage 餡.

Bag 餡

1. Take skin of one 顆 short, on tangent plane face, press a little flat, again 桿 becomes 圓 piece.
2. 將 圓 piece the 來 that turn over 過 , put 餡 after, the gimmick that is like the 餅 that include a month with 類 has been wrapped.
Binding off after can be in desktop 滾 one, 調rectifies good look 狀 .
3. Put 預 熱 to 200 degrees oven, the 約 that bake 20 - 25 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The rate of short of 與 of @ outermost layer of skin should be taken hold well. 過 of rate of outermost layer of skin is tall, finished product 較 is hard, 層 second also compare 較 not
Clear. If short rate 過 is tall, 則 會 creates the situation with 開 of not easy 桿 or crisp leakage 況.
The 時 of 開 of 桿 of @ short skin is awaited, the force wants all 勻 , 這 樣 make 來 gift is nice.
@ if the 時 of 開 of 擔 heart 桿 awaits 會 sticky in the desktop, can scatter some of hand pink to prevent at the desktop touch.
OK also one 層 of 舖 model 膠 bag.
The 鬆 relax 階 that @ 製 makes 過 Cheng paragraph, it is 為 the 時 in 桿 開 awaits 讓 麵 muscle easy extend.
Bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 or the film that protect 鮮 is 為 prevent exterior 結 Pi Huoqian to crack.  

Did not have quality of make it 雙, 層 second is seeing a 來 or 許 very bright 顯 ?
Not 過 myself knows, 這 is compared last year a lot of.
這 second did not have completely defeat crisp tired 擾 , also not 會 is awaited in the 時 of 桿 開 touch sticky in the desktop.
Short skin 異 constant good operation.

I am fond of the crisp 餅 of 歡, it is fragile in 帶 is crisp. 內 餡 is 鹹 is sweet, not sweet not 膩 .
Make tea one 壺 tea, laugh at road of 時 seeing 來 .
This year mid-autumn, and 讓 me, 灑 of 瀟 瀟 灑 .

Most after, 預 wishs everybody 節 is fast mid-autumn 樂 ~

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

Pink of root of hot a short wooden stake of acid of cold and dressed with sause

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

These days besides the Olympic Games game that watchs CCTV, other program is same do not look! Experienced Olympic Games and the motivation that move be brought to everybody, vigor and cohesive affinity truly!
Chinese players or wonderful unsurpassed or a little regretful expression, the connotation that also made a person deep experience Olympic Games spirit, wonderful with cruelty!
At the moment, in the heart of every China people, by deep agitate is worn complex Olympic Games feelings, proud, excited, surprise, ecstatic, shock, touch, excited, nervous, asphyxial, regretful, vexed, solemn and stirring… too much and too much complex, the time in a such concentration paragraph immanent human body will appear come out, I think, also only Olympic Games ability is accomplished.
When the people of the whole world concentration is together, a corner that is in the world when the people look focusing of the whole world, rise and fall for free and easy of mood of a thing when the people of the whole world, I understood the significance of the Olympic Games, understood the tenet of Olympic spirit is in more.
Olympic Games, you are really great! The motherland, you are really great!

The net of pink of root of relevant a short wooden stake is picked –
Pink of root of a short wooden stake belongs to brake kind, boiled water take medicine with water, often feed diminish inflammation falls fire, step-down goes the function of fat. Because pink of 100% pure feral brake contains a variety of microelement such as rich iron, calcic, Potassium, phosphor, rich amino acid and peculiar pharmacodynamics are characteristic, fall especially hematic ester, eliminate the inflammation inside body, go effect of water of hot, benefit is distinct. It is diabetic, hypertensive, reduce weight, the ideal and supplementary food of hairdressing.

[raw material] pink of root of wide a short wooden stake, shallot 2, alone garlic 1, green pepper 1/2, 1/2 of red any of several hot spice plants.
[flavoring] balm is 2 big spoon, red oil is 1 big spoon, self-restrained sesame paste of any of several hot spice plants 1 big spoon, vinegar is 2 big spoon, unripe smoke ointment of 1 small spoon, sauce essence of small spoon of 1/2 of 1 small spoon, salt, candy, chicken.

Graph 1: Pink of root of a short wooden stake is used into clear water abluent, immerse 10 minutes or so.
Graph 2: Burn into half boiler water, pink of next the root that enter a short wooden stake boil 2 ~ 3 minutes to come ripe hind in scooping up discrepancy cool boiled water, pass cool.
Graph 3: Garlic is pressed into garlic fine and soft with the clamp that press garlic.
Graph 4: Will all flavoring is ordinal the attune inside bowl of the fine and soft that enter garlic becomes flavour juice.
Graph 5: Cut Qing Gongjiao Xiaoding, green cuts a flower.
Graph 6: Had entered flavour juice and green Gong Jiaoding, chopped green onion together cool mix inside the bowl of pink of root of a short wooden stake after divide evenly can.

[experience and recall with emotion]
Of pink of root of ** a short wooden stake boil make should notice to dominate good time, otherwise time grew to be boiled changed oh!
Pink of root of a packet of a short wooden stake did ** 2 times, every time LG likes to eat very much, bird also likes very much, really delicate oh!

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

Sweet taro burns pig hoof of short duration to will reduce weight after throwing all heads

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Do not like to eat pig hoof in one’s childhood, after be brought up, just begin to like slowly. The evaporate coming home that the supermarket goes to buying a family to thoroughly cook when just having him fossa one good, learning oneself to prepare food gradually later lane. I have had tried to use soya bean stew, cultured is raw ingredient, the fragrance each shining more brilliantly in the other’s company of soya bean and pig hoof. I also have had tried beer to stew, not oily not be bored with, still have light alcoholic drink sweet. This thing is actually bad also to often eat, although so-called and OK compensatory collagen albumen, beneficial skin, but adipose after all not little also. See the family was boiled of late, oneself also saliva is moved, the heart is crawly.

Add taro to be burned together be temporarily conceive a design. Before two days bought to exceed big taro, 4 jins of right-and-left appearance, it is to plan to make taro mashed vegetable or fruit originally when sweetmeats. Think of suddenly to be able to be added some go in, because taro itself does not have flavour almost, also need not fear meeting and pig hoof should not so. And this thing and potato are same, absorb the flesh extremely easily sweet and the fragrance of your itself is more outstanding. The result proves or succeed.

Raw material: Pig hoof

Flavoring: Cassia bark 2, anise 2, often draw 2 small spoon, a few sweet vinegar, gallinaceous essence, rock candy, cooking wine, unripe smoke right amount (still be that one, allocate completely according to individual taste)


Pig hoof flying bath is clean

Join except often smoke all flavoring besides, add water, water boil moves small fire later

Taro stripping and slicing

Drench a few water, fu lasts filmy, fire of small wave height ten minutes

Taro is joined when pig hoof boils 2 hours, add 2 small spoon to often be smoked next

Boil a hour to come again pig hoof is soft rot bone with respect to success

I was not used, install dish of outfit to get good malformation

This pig hoof not classics deepfry, not quite sweet not quite salty also, flavour just arrives the advantage of this person taste

Taro absorbed bovril completely, carried the scent of its oneself, soft glutinous and sweet, the entrance is changed namely

Big fast a cheek: )

Leader classic — 5 colleagues are in short for Zhejiang Province on the west big gorge

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Farmhouse dish mixes short for Zhejiang Province on the west local speciality

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2007. 11. 25

Go together with the colleague short for Zhejiang Province on the west big gorge two days. Weather is good all the more, the sunshine by November makes a person comfortable, red autumnal leaves is already very few, ginkgo leaf also is gotten about the same, day photograph compares Dan Hedong, what still feel vegetation is green is quite pretty good, short for Zhejiang Province big gorge is missed by me last on the west, all of us belongs to collective action, come back they say very amused. Fill this at long last on.

The first day big bright hill not how, tourist is lonesome. 70 minutes one-way past, visit rapid march, to us telpher after coming down, the sky is already dark. The following day big gorge view is good, area of 4 A scene. Not be the season of abundant water regrettablly, the brook in gorge is far from bouncing, careless character incomplete breathes heavily just, the desire that damp hand wet foot goes to under place also is done not have. Tourist is not much also, those who come up against is Shanghai person. Also be to be visited hurriedly, drive a duck like, I always am dropped in the last, this is my travel style, my bring up the rear needs to pat unmanned scenery to illuminate.

Farmhouse dish carries a few me to stick stick a graph, still bought one pile local speciality, see us shop is the group fierce not?

Is this bloodstone true? I am left look right look, dare not wash with tooth brush, lotion, be afraid that the psychology after knowing to be cheated gets hurt. That great grandfather pats chest to assure be true bloodstone.

Dried bamboo shoots is the special local product over there, taste is not quite good. Farmhouse dish is coarse. Salty Chinese cabbage fries gallinaceous assorted. Get a lot of people are praised, the country bloats dish is delicious still. Cake of green oily potato, see little potato, specially lets do. Do not have on menu. This is them special commendatory small fish, call flag the fish. Tender, bright. Burn very hotly, taste is good. Bullfrog pumpkin Bao. Originality is pretty good. Pumpkin is a proprietress the old pumpkin of fetch of the husband’s family outside going by bike rapidly.

The last it is the boiling water of silk of turnip of crucian carp fish that I heat into the kitchen. Because know to have crucian carp fish, chose this course, they say to want to put soy, get me urgently to be forced oneself go in burn. Result one desk dish, this is the allegedly most delicious, knowing is colleague favour sb I, still be really the first. If the ox breeds,I accomplish Shang Bai, flavour is delicious. Xie Min says, a lot of inn cook this food put the water that clean out rice, this word says too dilettantely. Meet with I one supercilious look!

Silk of melon of egg short for xipi and erhuang

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Silk of melon of egg short for xipi and erhuang

Cucumber cuts into shreds, add salt to bloat a little while. The egg adds salt and touch of sesame seed bead, break up, booth becomes egg skin, cut into shreds, mix together with cucumber divide evenly can.

The flavour that I move is simpler, add salt only. Also can add other condiment according to his taste of course.

Handy 111: Green burns + of silk of melon of short for xipi and erhuang of corrupt of mustard of + of 3 article fish to fry steamed bun to spend

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I two mornings drink fruit juice to sitting, I say, want to contain in the mouth, contain a little while, swallow slowly again. Do to him next set an example, see him contain a big in the mouth next, cannot help wanting to laugh suddenly, I am becoming aware two people contained a fruit juice to rousing cheek to be opposite the look that see, very comical, it is to want first, goldfish is such, think better of wants to understand, what goldfish rouses is an eye, not be cheek, remember those who will be like hamster what to like a mouth again in crowded fabaceous beans and commissariat? After knowing they are crowded namely, rouse do not rouse cheek? Associate because of this, swallow in a flurry that fruit juice, I laugh mad, laugh perpetually, arrive to laugh at pig head all the time angry, carried a cup to transfer the position that drink juice to just halt slowly. What remember to say on the book again suddenly is to want small mouth small mouth to drink fruit juice, think againSmall bluenessThe home is to use straw to drink fruit juice, send pig head a straw, tell what he is not containing in the mouth to drink, want to be drunk slowly with straw. This, chao Lingchao changes, also not be my fault, who lets us is to exploring level

Should say pig head drinks fruit juice to having breakfast this thing also fits quite quickly, now already need not I shift to an earlier date hold tight he gets up drink water to drink fruit juice, oneself rose actively ahead of schedule. I estimate, the reason has 2: Go up objectively for, breakfast drinks fruit juice, to midday he also does not feel hungry, the stomach also does not feel afflictive. Subjective go up for, likelihood he feels to had not fought me, do not have breakfast the destiny that drinks fruit juice cannot avoid, frank also?

The watch leaves a message to be determined on my rich guest in stupid bird the day before yesterday, say to want from begin the following day, execute a few days of onefold food, the result just was defeated at the beginning yesterday result, because drank juice in the morning piece go rambling, to midday when did not hurried back in time the home extracts juice, hungry, ate a chocolate, biscuit of walnut of a banana. Decided to want to drink juice then however afternoon, but pig head demand takes steamed stuffed bun in the evening, with respect to evaporate element stuffing bag child, it is really did not eat steamed stuffed bun for ages, I also cannot help eating accordingly, feel but delicious, ate another, ate another, eat repeatedly3, this day of onefold food fails thoroughly.

Failure is not afraid of, do not say new beginning one day new, so this morning I am determined afresh again, begin onefold food a few days from today, preliminary those who decide is to arrive to end on the weekend. Discovered a thing, the determination that is me seems to cannot be expressed secretly, express secretly do not have pressure, do not have pressure not to press greedy bug, run today so cry out is worn express, I want onefold food again ha — ― this onefold food, seem to have bit of get into the habit, answer on me rectified7The accurate onefold food of the day, feel the body is very relaxed and comfortable, return conveniently the move is comfortable decreased3-4Jin, often wanting to come again.

What do this morning is handy:

Messtin1: Green burns silk of melon of short for xipi and erhuang of corrupt of mustard of + of 3 article fish

Messtin2: Fry steamed bun flower

Be afraid later do not have messtin3– ― morning drank fruit juice, pig head also does not bear a fruit again after firm demand, I think, do not take be not taken, we also is a family that tells democracy, cannot what thing my person said to calculate, the sound of masses still also wants to listen.

I write the way alone, with convenient classify.

Silk of melon of mustard corrupt short for xipi and erhuang

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Silk of melon of mustard corrupt short for xipi and erhuang

Practice: Skin of soya-bean milk cuts into shreds, use boiled water scald, cucumber cuts into shreds. The condiment that adds oneself to like has mixed can. I move juice this time with mustard and soy mix. It is the taste that pig head likes.

Flesh of the daily life of a family fries cake - - the be economical meal that you must learn (end is happy)

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A few years ago, like to read interesting mobile phone short message especially, add the friend that there are a flock of same interests by the side of the upper part of the body, because this is China,shift contributed many silver.

Two years ago, like to hear bell of mobile phone colour especially, although I arrive to still do not know how to should apply for now, how to use, of course, I also do not plan to learn, because that collects fees indeed too expensive, just be in every day at one’s leisure listens midday of broadcasting station ” colour bell happy overturn the heavens ” just.

This paragraph of day, I had new interest again, day sky Msn sees the sign of friends first, do not have a thing to look for a Le Zi to oneself, end is happy, arranged a few, share next breathing out with everybody:

MSN:  of  of Huang Lou of  of  of dew of stool of  of dew of Xing of  of body regretful Γ is stupefied idle of  dew  ! ?

MSN: “The woman likes to grow badly bad man, not be the man that likes to grow bad. Not be the man that likes to grow bad..

MSN: “Father, why should there be so much black moon’s path to on my body? ” ” oh, baby, the fellow that they can let those are fierce and cruel people hiding bit we, can protect our life so! , ” ” foolish the child, do not listen to your father, having a lot of oppidan is bumped into dead on zebra crossing! Having a lot of oppidan is bumped into dead on zebra crossing!!

MSN: “This month ” fashionable gentleman ” Jiang Wen’s photograph is too arrogant, girl of my home girl is pointing to cover to say, mother mother, monkey, monkey monkey. . . . . . ..

MSN: Stop damask silk of Sun Mou billows is long brandish punishs  newly to knock at bud large be angry to make fun of  Xin Fen to cut excuse me of brandish apricot be ignorant of into parts! ?

MSN: My sheng has  of Ke of condition overstep one’s authority ties the residence of a high official! ?

MSN: Ф of  of over sixty years of age of  of alarm of  of  of bully imperial mandate Wu looks for channel Lei of billabong of curb of  of Xi of  χ  basks in common of slender and delicate of Φ counterfeit  to make an appointment with Ge of drought harmonious Dong! ?

MSN: Meat and fish dishes of  of caries of Yu of 8  О changes pa hey americium faint wishs Α of Qian of Qiang of Lv of Yi of  of grave of clump of Si of  live abroad! ?

MSN: Li of target cost amaranth is swollen be contrary to arm of  of Bo of bits of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of  of exterminate of  of  of road of reel silk from cocoons of   Si brightness huang3hu1 flesh! ?

MSN:  of back of the Yun that install Huang embraces clean  of alliance of choke of emperor of  of Mou Mei Yu! ?

MSN: “Just heard of run quickly the double-loop car that BMW wants to accuse us borroweds, the website that heads for double-loop immediately supports home products, just went in to see the advertisement sign of our double-loop: “We are in hard all the time! ” lean, connecting TMD SLOGAN is copied! Connecting TMD SLOGAN is copied!!

MSN: Ti of Dong of reed of  of  of Tiao of laborious of Liao of dam orangutan Dong melt   ! ?

MSN: Abstruse Ti hydroxide child door of foot of emperor of  of remnant of bridle of be surprised Man judges  of delay n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor! ?

MSN: Hold ι of suck of  of ⑺ of treasure of Σ of suck of vanadium of  of stalk of Ψ of suck of garden of ⒊ of yo of χ persuading suck high be good at! ?

MSN: 8 Cong shake also Huang does not amuse tip of band of Qian of Sou of corridor of  of O remnant  to mail Nai copy more! ?

MSN: Xin of cape of Kong of appearance of burnt of anxiety of favour of sunken cease Xie is read door curtain of idle scar handleless cup protects  Qiang to withdraw forbearance of Lin of Gu of handleless cup of dimple of Wan of ruthenium of  of Yi Ya of the  that get sole! ?

Game Over!

Flesh of the daily life of a family fries cake - - the be economical meal that you must learn

Raw material: Flapjack 300 grams Cabbage patch 300 grams Tenderloin flesh 200 grams Chili 1 Green Chinese onion half

Condiment: Cooking wine 1 spoon (15ml) amylaceous 1 spoon (15 grams) soy 1 spoon (15ml) rice vinegar 1 teaspoon (5ml) candy 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams) teaspoon of gourmet powder 1/4 (1 gram)


1) flapjack cuts filament, cabbage patch abluent hind cut filament, chili is abluent go the base of a fruit is become sideways piece. Tenderloin flesh cuts silk down fleshy grain, transfer into cooking wine, the souse after soy and amylaceous mix are even 5 minutes.

Oil is entered in 2) boiler, wait for oil 7 when becoming heat, put green Chinese onion piece explode sweet hind enter tenderloin silk, stir-fry before stewing is fried after becoming angry to shredded meat, fill piece reserve.

The rejoin in 3) boiler is oily, heat to 7 into heat, put chili piece, enter flapjack silk, break up soy is entered after frying 2 minutes, enter again cabbage patch silk continues to break up fry to dish silk molten hind, drench vinegar of a few rice, put salt and sugar, fry good shredded meat, break up fry even hind scatter a few gourmet powder can

Super long-winded:

** flapjack is bought must oneself cut filament, outside also machine generation is cut, but the sort of cake silk is fried do not come out delicious.

If ** does not like to eat the meat, can make it element fries cake to breath out, bloat elliptically shredded meat and the measure that fry shredded meat, all of other operating sequence is same OK.

** puts a few vinegar when frying cake, besides can carry sweet add flavor, return the trouble that can avoid to fry cake to stick boiler bottom.

** fries cake to want to do delicious, the most important is, must not turn on the water go in ha! ! ! !

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

A remarkable piece of writing enjoys series in all one: Zhu Ziye talks salt

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I LOVE LINDA recommended a commendable short story to me recently, be Liu Wenfu ” epicure ” , everybody can read full text like the word that have fun at, among them hero Zhu Ziye is delicious by nature, because take essence of life, have many to eating pay attention to and study, it is one puts salt solely among them, he has a lot of wonderful comments, quilt is as follows:

Zhu Ziye is not the person that can speak very much, arrived especially on the stage, he always is urgent cling to, tremble tremble close close. Tell case eat come but very different! Dash along, and the method is novel. He appearances raise a question to audience:

“Comrades, who can reply, is the where that make food the most difficult? Is the where that make food the most difficult??

The assembly room is active, people began to guess:

“Choose makings. “Choose makings..

“Knife result. “Knife result..

“Duration. “Duration..

Zhu Ziye shakes his head one by one: “Incorrect, incorrect, be most the simplest and most the most complex issue — put salt. Be most the simplest and most the most complex issue — put salt..

People in spirits, everybody eats the home this to say the responsibility system that had to be able to do even a little girl actually without expect. When the old lady cooks food, often go up in well edge, the granddaughter that cleans out rice one side to call her at the same time: “A wool, for me to bit of salt is put in bowl. ” on the world the most complex have the biggest knowledge with the simplest thing, what is more,the rather that a few our old chef are nodding again and again, feeling is to say to be above drop.

Zhu Ziye developed further: “East acerbity on the west hot, na Tian north is salty, the family knows Suzhou dish is sweet only, it is an extremely big misunderstanding really. Suzhou dish gets rid of besides beet, most cultured is to put salt. Salt can a string of 1 100 flavour, if be in (fish cling to) lobar Shang Zhong forgot to put salt, that is tasteless, namely what flavour also is done not have. Salt is put, came, fish cling to lobar delicacy, ham sweet, water shield slippery, bamboo shoot piece fragile. After salt gives 100 flavour lift up or let down with a rope, itself disappears with respect to concealed, also do not have a person to have taste giving salt in the dish of salty weak moderate, unless you are,put salt more, have a kind of taste only at that time: Salty. Was over, what knife result, choose makings, a crucial moment, everything is to waste! Everything is to waste!!

I listened greatly open-eyed, this Zhu Ziye has bit of reason really!

Zhu Ziye’s truth still is developing ahead: “This puts salt also is not invariable. Because of,want person, change because of from time to time. Lay out of one desk feast, a few dish of begin should slant salty, weak be about to fail. For what, because people just begins to eat, mouth is weak, salt needs inside body. The following come on dish only only, be about progressively ground is weak go down, if this desk feast has 40 food, that final Shang Jian cannot put salt continuously, everybody is drunk, call delicacy all the same. Because so much wine and vegetable already took to go down,the saline portion inside evening body had reached saturated point, at that time most those who need is water, gourmet powder still was put in water, bright of course! Bright of course!!

Zhu Ziye is not only go up from science and theoretic try to elaborate, still by inserted a lot of interesting clues. Say that final Shang Jian cannot put salt continuously, a well-known chef discovers in accidentally drop. , that one meal had at 6 o’clock from in the evening at 12 o’clock, ke is hit when chef does boiling water (eye is filled) , forgot to put salt, when salt was being taken to run quickly into inn hall after waiting for him to detect, people has drunk off soup, praise consistently: In all dish soup is the first!

Full two hours, zhu Ziye does not have cease, those who make the person feels him is learned, just showed like the iceberg nod. He steps down a stage to come in applause, hold out pectoral protruding abdomen, in ruddy health, the white hair of full head is floating Yin Guang, more add some kind of grave flavor.