The quatre soup with the ruddy complexion of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely

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Of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely: The quatre soup with ruddy complexion
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The woman drinks soup water series surely, around a theme ” warm ” , the purpose lets blood move namely smooth, cannot silt block is illogical, then you also are met ” complexion is ruddy luster ” . Respecting ” warm ” , I first appreciably is carried to it contrary ” cold ” . “Cold ” point to not simply cold second or the food of iced and so on, also point to cold sex food. Arrived summer, a lot of MM like to eat ice-cream, bought watermelon to also want to put freezer, taste cool in the heart, sensory spy bright. Return some MM to like many draft fruit, the fruit is actually medium wait besides the grape of a few, longan, litchi, other it is cold sex. Although be smooth sex,connect an apple, but also slant slightly cold. “Cold ” the taste that of the most immediate harm is you, “Kidney is a priori this, taste will be the day after tomorrow this ” , the stand or fall of taste function matters to you to eat the alimental that go in to absorb directly digest, just think: If you eat to be digested what go in,be not absorbed, do you return a hope to eat what filling what?

This quatre soup has the effect that enrich the blood, suit anaemia particularly or the MM of hematic depress, tipple of normal person classics also is to the more the better, on a few days must be drunk after period passes especially!
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Love cate loves preserve one’s health

Material: Red jujube 12 (two people portion) ormosia, earthnut is right amount Brown sugar one small spoon
Process graph:

1, 12 when I use red jujube, even give presents my woman
2, after ormosia water leaves, put again, and midway adds cold water twice, rot very easily so;
3, brown sugar also can be not added, it is 3 red soup. </b>

Tipple of a few ELLEN enrichs the blood Shang Shui drinks a feminine good color

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Beauty of ***ELLEN の cate is engraved - drink a feminine good color - tipple of a few ELLEN enrichs the blood Shang Shui ***

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

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If want good color,serve as a female, that must be known how him take good care of sb gas blood, pairs of age is small before me this respects are not very understand, if maintain,also do not know after physiology period every time so oneself, the age is small also do not have a feeling, after arriving 30 years old now, can feel complexion is bad, the body also appears the symptom of deficiency of vital energy, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, accidental opportunity I from a traditional Chinese medical science a bit knowledge about gas blood take good care of sb was acquired over there the friend, after coming home, oneself fumble gave a few to go to the lavatory already delicate also enrich the blood drink, it is good to say I honest ate a year many, I feel color is compared really previously a lot of, face is ruddy Bai Xi, mental may as well is much, good I introduce me to everybody now 3 drink that every month can have: Soup of 4 content soup, red bean of rose sweet tea, brown sugar

The female is after menstruation is periodic, hair of total meeting complexion is yellow, because this enrichs the blood, regulate the menstrual function, raise colour the 3 major issues that became a woman, after physiology period ends, drink a week continuously, morning and evening two, the body restored to come over, fill after menstruation every time ” 4 content soup ” very good part, can make complexion ruddy, moist skin

4 content soup: Raw material includes cultivated land 15 grams, root of herbaceous peony 10 grams, angelica 10 grams, the rhizome of chuanxiong 6 grams

Mixture Chinese traditional medicine is put into decoct medicine boiler, water should have done not have Chinese traditional medicine, decoct becomes 2 bowls small, cent morning and evening is taken 2 times

General I am become powdery rose to tea at ordinary times water will drink, because the rose can enrich the blood not just, it still has reduce weight of the effect of popular system, pretty good drink

Rose sweet tea: France imports powdery rose, do not choose red rose of China, effect and fragrance are to differ of a lot of, the rose is had scanty liver wakes lienal, grow skin discharges poison, aerate invigorate the circulation of blood, have one’s ideas straightened out changes the effect of silt

Want 5-6 only every time the rose develops bubble with the boiled water of 80 ° , can develop bubble repeatedly

Soup of brown sugar red bean: Brown sugar, red bean

After ormosia is cleaned clean, immerse with water overnight, next big baked wheaten cake leaves, small fire is boiled to red bean crisp bead, join brown sugar to fuse next

Soup of brown sugar red bean provides good energy of life to raise blood, be good at lienal warm stomach, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt to improve anaemic, antiphlogistic detumescence, when menstruation comes or around edible, can help period more smooth reduce ache, but 溫 of 讓 body 體 is warm, increase energy, blood of vivid 絡 氣 , accelerate haemal abide 環, 經 after is like difference of feeling 覺 spirit, 氣 color is bad, can be in one cup is drunk before Chinese meal everyday, not 則 of heavy 時 of 較 of 適 disease 狀 can add 飲 again before dinner a cup, hold 續 one week to be able to be improved effectively.