Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

[apparently severed] lotus root already disconnected, lotus root silk still is being connected. Compare apparently disengage, still have embroil actually. Point to affection of male and female more not absolutely, difficult give up. In the school explain still clear, often see lotus root, can you also think of this term? Think of the person is worldly hard a lot of affection of give up?
Unripe lotus root has disappear Yu Qing Dynasty to heat up, divide irritated satisfy one’s thirst, hemostatic (nosebleed, hematuria, n/med having blood in one’s stool, uterine haemorrhage) , expectorant, treat pneumonic, all disease such as collapse of blood of the have diarrhoea below tuberculosis, enteritis, lienal empty, woman. After lotus root course is thoroughlied cook, quality by cool become lukewarm, lost the property with disappear Yu hot Qing Dynasty; And turn into beneficial to taste, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, beneficial blood, stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

We come a hemp hot lotus root: Additional kind have a way, absolutely hemp hot delicacy is sweet, ah

The leading role with abluent flay, beautiful? (prevent lotus root to become angry, can put in the bubble in the water that added white vinegar to wear, do not fry with pure iron bowl the meeting is nigrescent. )

Lotus root cuts reserve:

Oil pours in boiler, small fire fries pink of sweet chili pink, Chinese prickly ash, (must small fire, papered influence colour and lustre otherwise more influence appetite, master dosage according to individual taste) put lotus root, drop little is white vinegar (come lotus root won’t become angry 2 will hold lotus root fragile bright) , the salt that increase a point, a bit candy breaks up fry a few times, balm of a little dawdle essence, drop gives boiler—-

Go up desk, eat ~0~ Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

Monograph] enthusiastic happy be angry is so green raise child

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>> >> enthusiastic happy be angry is so green raise child

[Community character] enthusiastic happy be angry is so green raise child

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| Introductive | : Be angry green raise child, be active can quiet naughty woman student, attentive, persistence is her biggest characteristic, she can do every petty thing beforehand sufficient sufficient preparation, accomplish hard best. She is active in cate kitchen, good name ” sofa queen ” ; The problem of friend of very much new edition her patient answer, old edition is friendly people she shares the post enthusiasticly also discuss, it is the lovely girl that the individual sees the person loves a flower to see the flower leaves, hey. If want to understand her, welcome you and me to walk into green to be angry raise together child interview.

| Specially invite honored guest | : Be angry Cathay poplar child

| Fine Guest | : Wind wave wave
   Wander alluring woman
Each edition of the kitchen is friendly

| Compere | : Midnight flower is not a flower

| Direct assistant | : Those who ignite is green rub Er

Doleful extreme

| Interview time | : On July 18, 2008 on Friday 19: 30 — 21: 00

| Cover a site | : Cate kitchen

Everybody is good, I am flower of midnight flower blame, thank everybody to participate in today’s interview, ask everybody to quiz eagerly.
Ask everybody to be added in front of his problem additionally ” raise child ” 2 words.

The interview begins:
Midnight flower blame spends compere (red) with be angry of specially invite honored guest Cathay poplar child (violet) dialog:

1, you most which kinds of dish those who be good at is make?
Answer: Originality confidential dish
2, how are you to eat and drink at first of community? What be to the first impression that eat and drink at the outset?
Answer: Taking a kitchen at first is a dish that saw elder sister of small millet bucket innocently in home page.
To eating and drink the first impression is: Day! So much is delicious!
3, did you attend to offer course for the Olympic Games? Say the view to this activity simply.
Answer: I offerred a few more interesting course for the Olympic Games.
Numerous brief cate, the whole people is participated in; Cheer for the Olympic Games acclaim for China!
4, is what you like most cate kitchen which on one hand?
Answer: Cate kitchen is the cate demit sea in my memory, full of stains or spots patience is the epicure front courtyard with a dye-in-the-wood the milk of human kindness here: )
5, which kinds of type is the edition friend that you like most? Like least of all?
Answer: The edition friendly kind that I like most has a lot of!
What like least of all is the dish return that saw others intention make ” oh ” .
6, be accepted to eat and drink by the announcement when you of community reporter group when interviewing, is your mood what kind of?
Answer: Very accident, back-to-back move thought of to be turn for me this time by Huo Huo.
7, you had not gotten married, why to like to prepare food so?
Answer: Because have deep love for the life,enjoy the life.
8, does your parents support the network cate that supports you to live?
Answer: Support very much, support sometimes let me touch.
9, are your network life and the conflict that reality works how solve?
Answer: Had encountered this kind of fact really, my processing technique is to be each to allow one condition respectively each.
10, are you right cate kitchen and eat and drink what opinion and proposal does community have?
Answer: It is to had protected oneself original creative work to taste to the proposal of cate kitchen, hit after all stoutly to pilfer edition behavior!
To eating and drink the opinion of community is different great collaboration runs an activity between edition, be the same as an unit do not do so that do not know ha: )

Compere, honored guest and netizen (green) with specially invite honored guest (violet) free interlocution:

Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu]:&Nbsp; raise child: You most be good at and most what is the food that often makes? Does the reason where?
Answer: Originality confidential dish My originality is stronger, concern with the job, do a design ha
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Ending neodymium of bad news of cherry of an ancient unit of weight does not freeze allow cuts thick have a nightmare into parts to often overcome  
Answer: Dumpling watermelon
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Xing of hole of model of car of Luo Lang of Lin of Chinese toon of Fu of bad news of cherry of an ancient unit of weight tending or guard a gate cuts Se of β of  of cook a meal into parts
Answer: A candy from elementary school mixes since tomato, close not stop. Because learn well,did not do all the time when high school every day up. My motivation is the smile with a happy people
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Ending neodymium of bad news of cherry of an ancient unit of weight not be jealous of cuts Huang of Fan of aperture of  of chimney a unit of length into parts not be jealous of cuts dredge of  of chimney a unit of length into parts
Answer: Like pink most What like least of all is color of color of loess
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Cherry of an ancient unit of weight Hangzhou chasm noes Yun bay ending Cong grabs scabbard of banter of heart of  of the dredge that enter  to go straight towards temple of potato lifter of Ru brightness city
Answer: Ah during breathing out an Olympic Games, I appear bit busier
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Defect of hey of dry up of cherry of an ancient unit of weight bright noisy  fears Se of cliff of  of  of  of languid of  dust 
Answer: Had seen my alumnus edition netizen
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Bad news of cherry of an ancient unit of weight angries  Mei changes Gui to make fun of   to reduce scar of ê of wait of stitch the sole to the upper of と of male Si of bright car of Chinese toon caving Yue
Answer: Calculate from 95 years rising is much teenager coming, answer muddleheaded I. Because,be to the interest of cate I my family, let them eat very spicily to let me have happy feeling
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Defect of fear of cost of cherry of an ancient unit of weight bright noisy scabbard of Qi of Lv of phlegmy neon of bridle of ruthenium of ankle of core of  of Chun Mang of  empty pay is cut into parts stand tall and upright
Answer: The blessing that birthday received that day, too unforgettable this
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu]:&Nbsp; raise child: Interview you, what mood is now?
Answer: Be turn for me by Huo Huo
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Neodymium of W of artisan of Yan of bad news of cherry of an ancient unit of weight does not crouch Bao neon to lead scabbard to cut into parts stand tall and upright Liang of strong statement of reason of  of the dark blue that bake
Answer: Read a book
Those who ignite is green rub Er [Linluogz@sohu] : Xing of hole of model of car of Luo Lang of Lin of Chinese toon of Fu of bad news of cherry of an ancient unit of weight tending or guard a gate cuts Se of β of  of cook a meal into parts
Answer: A candy from elementary school mixes since tomato, close not stop. Because learn well,did not do all the time when high school every day up. My motivation is the smile with a happy people
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Can come to me, are you touched not? ,
Answer: Be not general sensation
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: You most what dish is of expert? Why?
Answer: Originality confidential dish My originality is stronger
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Do you marry a few children to want?
Answer: Come the word of two is better, more baby
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: If word, do you like son or daughter?
Answer: Daughter
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: What kind of is the husband in your memory? Have now encounter?
Answer: Bearing the first, had not encountered person having a reason temporarily: )
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: A few times had you talked about love? Like that most?
Answer: , feel to did not like most now
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: How is the life that you like most raised?
Answer: Working cate feeling 3 not by accident
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: To the netizen, you how look upon?
Answer: Network friend
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Do you like me not?
Answer: The complexion rejoin that I see Mr Yang first you
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Hear your skin is very good, how maintain at ordinary times?
Answer: Use rarely protect skin to taste, going to what do on the face can eat almost
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: I can more 8 not? Can you ask privacy not? Can you reply not?
Answer: Can, cost is I am frightened ran
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Is the life that you like most how?
Answer: Pure and fresh Free Safe Romantic Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Do you want to travel most?
Answer: Anhui grand village, although go,pass, go again even: )
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: You like skirt outfit, be still pants outfit?
Answer: Pants outfit
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child, you like brand dress, still clean out chic?
Answer: Have, those who suit oneself is best
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child, is your idea controlled easily not?
Answer: Won’t
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Can organic meeting come Xi’an? Came alluring woman of Xi’an inquire for not?
Answer: Of course inquire for! ! !
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child, what kind of is your undergraduate alive? What is is memory the deepest?
Answer: Rigorous free, conservative contemporary, busy when so busy that want dead.
The deepest is whole class spends restful night together
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : The endowment that you say to you did not cook to a lot of people how look upon? Do you agree?
Answer: Cook do not need talent, always cannot because of doing not have endowment hungry abdomen.
Wander alluring woman [Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Raise child: Besides cate kitchen, do you still go to Sohu forum what layout?
Answer: IT Wife and mother Woman Clever different

Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Yang Zi, the community activity to village of that Olympic Games how do you look, time works for Beijing village
Answer: Olympic Games player is in spot match, we are before computer the match. Time is participated in below
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Yang Zi, why to say so, are the job that is you and Olympic Games concerned
Answer: Recent design and Olympic Games subject matter are concerned
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Yang Zi, the Changjiang Delta scenery that remembers seeing you are patted before is illuminated, where is forgetting, the native place that is you
Answer: Either, I am Beijing girl
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Yang Zi, how do you look to persistence?
Answer: Correct is to should hold to, hold to even if win. Also be to not be afraid of difficulty at the same time!
Wind wave wave wave [Bhxygsswd@sohu] : Yang Zi, your choose occasionally what is the standard? Do not know to be had now favorite?
Answer: It is you such it is current favorite I, but my unlike

Midnight flower is not a flower [Xinxin51219@sohu] : Raise child, the boy of which kinds of type to like most?
Answer: The first have moral quality love
Midnight flower is not a flower [Xinxin51219@sohu] : Raise child, if have a boy,other side suits your purpose, need you and him to leave Beijing to go alone only the other place develops, how are you treated?
Answer: Leave the word of Beijing certainly, I abandon
Midnight flower is not a flower [Xinxin51219@sohu] : Raise child, like to offer course this for the Olympic Games this kind of activity?
Answer: Like
Midnight flower is not a flower [Xinxin51219@sohu] : Raise child, what kind of work atmosphere to like?
Answer: Optional, free play
Half flower is not a flower [Xinxin51219@sohu] : Raise child, be described to the feeling of cate kitchen with a word
Answer: I love my home

Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Raise child, the thing that do takes a picture first the opinion of family
Answer; Begin, should grab later pat
Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Raise child, doing a thing for the first time is when, who tastes, what kind of evaluation
Answer: The candy that makes for the first time mixes tomato, I taste, the evaluation is really easy, candy is very sufficient
Chess - child [Tmsk_yyw@sohu] : Raise child, how can think of to do a thing, your present hutch art be of self-study
Answer: Have deep love for the life. Self-study = sees family do add oneself to consider

Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Raise child, which to have been to to play, want to go most
Answer: Heibei Tianjin Anhui thinks those who go still is Anhui most, I like Anhui too grand village
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Raise child, there is what to let you touch in the kitchen with sad thing
Answer: In me birthday got a lot of course that day a lot of blessing, everybody can have grief, happy over sad
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Raise child, course is offerred in this Olympic Games in, you feel oneself actual strength how
Answer: I participate in me to dedicate I am happy
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Raise child, want to go most which country travels
Answer: South Africa
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Raise child, love moves not, like what sport most
Answer: Read the state of mind, what like most is badminton is mixed go quickly
Xue Wei SNOW [shirle_yu@chinaren] : Raise child, how to see this Olympic Games
Answer: China surelies win!

Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu]:&Nbsp; raise child, what is liked usually ah ~
Answer: Read a book Do cate Travel
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : 觺 of an ancient unit of weight you are to like a person to staying usually, still be in with one pile friend ~
Answer: Cent goes, go the bookshop likes a person. Go travelling the person has been jumped over more more.
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : 觺 of an ancient unit of weight you see a movie usually ~
Answer: Look
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] :
Answer: Ah breathe out recent design and Olympic Games to concern. The person that does a design does dish to suffer very easily inspire
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : 觺 of an ancient unit of weight you are to follow parents to live together ~
Answer: Yes
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : 觺 of an ancient unit of weight carries good intention condition everyday, the person is met young ~ Na Yang of several years old child how to maintain the state of mind ~
Answer: Deep breathing
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : 觺 of friendly an ancient unit of weight of an ancient unit of weight encounters feeling when the career, how can you choose what ~ says please is a bit more detailed ~
Answer: Feeling is former be all one’s life latter is OK search again
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : 觺 of an ancient unit of weight looks in you ~ waves waving is how person, spend fancy suiting, fat fat, attractive, the alluring woman that is narcissism even ~
Answer: Very lovely in my eye
Doleful extreme [Wwshang@sohu] : Road of colourful of Shun of Gua of  of cherry of an ancient unit of weight  of silk ribbon of cave of Qian of  of summary twinkling crisp school finishs hair on the neck of a pig makes an appointment with drought herd α to stalk or branch 飤
Answer: Can!

The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you have a boy friend?
Answer: Without
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Atmosphere can be experienced when your Olympic Games?
Answer: The likelihood does not go, because I am a volunteer, but the job needs not to go, so…
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Is the man that you admire quite what kind of? Citing says.
Answer: Often wave in that way, weight is one times heavier than him go
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you like what to kind of book read? Who is the author that likes most?
Answer: Novel Jin Heren
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Is your most yearning off means how?
Answer: Grow better more
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : What kind of is the wedding that had you looked forward to yourself? ? Answer: Chinese style is Western-style a day of different
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : What is the most interesting thing after you feel to work?
Answer: Before finding new job, hand in leave one’s post the double eye of circle of glare of the manager when the report, the look of be reluctant to part with of the manager when the last day goes to work
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you want to learn confect?
Answer: Want
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Beijing what tourist attraction do you like most? What is fastfood? What eating house? What bazaar? ?
Answer: Hind Xidan of AND of new world of sea jellied bean curd
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you like to whose song hear? The song of what style is more recipient? ?
Answer: Do not have the star that likes most at present, two butterfly, blue and white porcelain this kind
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If encounter the boy friend of filial piety of a beyond the mark I, can you choose him when husband?
Answer: Teach first, education disables to abandon
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Which organ on your body do you like most? ?
Answer: Fatigued
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If be in,close affection and love are chosen. Which do you choose? Why? ?
Answer: Did not marry choose close situation, married to also choose close situation, husband also is a family member: )
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If give husband’s father and mother to make food the first times, what is your menu? ?
Answer: The food that pass is delivered in cate kitchen
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you hope to do full-time wife? ?
Answer: Can accept
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you hope what profession you pursue? Do present job and ideal have difference?
Answer: Hope to become gumshoe most present with ideal as good as it is the type differs only
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If see the person that oneself love most sleeps soundly,be in before, what can you do?
Answer: Kiss immediately
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : When you do not know to wear what facial expression, what color can you choose?
Answer: Black
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If give your opportunity to go to world any place travelling, can you go?
Answer: Romantic country
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If time can flow backwards, which do you hope to be met one day?
Answer: 7 years of birthday that day
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Is the ideal sweetheart in your memory what kind of?
Answer: Accredit, safe, love I
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If have a future life, do you hope to become?
Answer: Change individual character to fasten first, when gumshoe
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : How to profession to favorite person? ,
Answer; Do cate, hide the matter that decide affection in cate
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If doomsday, you can save a person, who do you choose?
Answer: Sweetheart
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : If let you become the protagonist in the film, who do you want to become?
Answer: The teacher in beautiful beetle-crusher
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you care about the eye of others? Can you abandon the person that oneself want and thing for the opposition of others?
Answer: Not very care, won’t abandon, because I am persistent
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Feel between the friend via what test having?
Answer: Misunderstanding
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Below what circumstance can you betray your sweetheart? Below what circumstance can you cheat your sweetheart?
Answer: Never betray, in my life not I can cheat a long time sweetheart
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Do you like current life? If do not like, is yearning where planted live?
Answer: Like, the life of yearning romance: )
The fat hutch woman of Home Betty [Betty20060223@sohu] : Raise child: ≫> the friend that what kind of you feel is true friend? ?
Answer: Accredit my

Flying Xue Moshuang [Jsjhlzm001@sohu] : Raise child, do you like what to food make?
Answer: Originality confidential dish
Flying Xue Moshuang [Jsjhlzm001@sohu] : Raise, the person of your where
Answer: Beijing: Beijing::
Flying Xue Moshuang [Jsjhlzm001@sohu] : Raise, are you how old? Ha
Answer: 25

The cherry of smilingly [8866782288390130@sohu] : Raise child Do you believe to fall in love at first sight
Answer: Answer you piously: Believe

Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : Raise child: Have a nightmare of ぷ of grave of closely question of heart of Lang of rapid of coal of astounded road  and extensive is loved solemn
Answer: Yes
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : If you like the person lets you go together the other place lives, can you go with him
Answer; Won’t
Attractive love cooks [Dsdyhb@sohu] : If have clever different sinister plot really female a kind, can you be afraid of, can become a friend with them
Answer: 3 people go, have my division Yan surely. Choose its be apt to person and from, its are not good at person and those who change

Fluffy little potato [Wangjunrong324@sohu] : The first, raise child dish always has a lot of new originality, is cerebella melon thought out how? The 2nd, everybody calls intestines with you, come how? Answer: Likelihood and 1 major are concerned, I do a design. 2 very accidental intestines of evaporate of blueness be regardinged as by an edition friend, because was not grabbed,go up her sofa, I say intestines regret is green, from now on she sees me with respect to accost: “Intestines became green ” , abbreviation: Intestines

Thank raise again child the support that to eating and drink community and Olympic Games show dish activity, also thank everybody to participate in this second interview, hope everybody spends a happy night, a good dream is made in night.

Each honored guest is right be angry Cathay poplar child evaluation:
Fluffy little potato [the evaluation of Wangjunrong324@sohu] : Raise child be optimistic, enthusiastic, enthusiastic, the girl with honorary very strong sense. Thing having what asks her, have patience very much
Wander alluring woman [the evaluation of Youzouyaojing@sohu] : Have deep love for the life, help a person enthusiasticly. Discipline of small off year (compare me anyway small) , skill is not little. The woman that the sense that gives me is a tenderness (compare me anyway tender) .
The top of a kitchen range turns [the evaluation of Linghong1921@chinaren] : The raise in my impression child, it is a lively and optimistic girl, enthusiastic, have love.
Dragon evaluation: [ID: 腸 of my 對 of 寫 of Longsy714@sohu] my 寫 child view. . .
The 腸 of my 認 識 child it is the little girl with 個 special true 認, thing of one 點 實 is begged is. . . 這 點 has one 點 to resemble with me, breathe out ~~
還 記 gets me to be done for the first time spring the 時 of 餅 awaits his 給 my point to 導 , exceedingly patient, 認 of 細 heart 與 is true. </b>

The zhongzi is OK so be very popular decoct chop Zong [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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The zhongzi is OK so eat—Zong of sweet decoct chop [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

<P> I believe to be sure a lot of friends like to eat a zhongzi, but because a lot of places seem to be used to Bao Tian zhongzi only, the chance that consequently more friends take sweet zhongzi is some more, the zhongzi that shows actually follows delicate, especially chop Zong of Na Xiangxiang, be my daughter love most, nevertheless, outside the zhongzi that besides her grandmother wraps, she loves other zhongzis rarely eat. Of course, what I recommend to everybody today is not a zhongzi is general have a way, that everybody having a way is met, need not I taught, ah! What I should say today is [sweet decoct zhongzi] , knowing this has a way is everybody knew, of course, known friend also does not take a brick to me, the friend that does not know, you can want to sing the praises to me, after all I instructed you one court! </P>
<P>Go up first finished product graph: <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "Material of " Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/24/119c2380094.jpg" > : </P>
<P>Zhongzi 4, edible oily a few. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "Practice of " Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/27/119c23b0b77.jpg" > : </P>
<P>1. shucks the zhongzi zhongzi leaf, cut 4 paragraphs. </P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/28/119c23b5b96.jpg" >Oil of a few edible is added inside 2. boiler. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/25/119c2393f7a.jpg" >3. will be cut paragraph the zhongzi puts bowl inside. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/25/119c238cc62.jpg" >4. dot catchs fire, a few water are put inside past boiler (30ml is about the same) , waited for water to work, the zhongzi paragraph turn over a face to continue decoct, two sides decoct fizzles out to gold color can. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/25/119c238adfa.jpg" >5. is installed dish on desk. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/24/119c2381877.jpg" ></P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>
<P> </P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>

Also talk about my so little idea to cake of electric rice cooker ~ ~ ~

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What want a specification above all is, I am 8 classics ground has made land of cake of electric rice cooker, and, and, do not have ~ of ~ of unsuccessful ground precedent, want autograph land? I do this cake to follow a principle at first: Pressing a recipe strictly deserve to be done than coming, careless not at all! The electric pot for cooking rice that I use also is the sort of electric meal Bao that compares tight, is this the 2nd more successful matter that can I become probably? But, now, I need not electric rice cooker was done. Because of what? Because I moved, this village that I stay in now, it is the residence of a factory, this factory is the 2 class factory of the special responsible oil refining in company of an old oil, live the advantage that be here is gas a month is only beautiful 10 yuan of money is enough. Have tail gas because of us! So we live the person that be here is used entirely gas cook, my electric rice cooker hits me to be moved oneself here hind send me elder sister, her home that just in time is bad, you look, bad be moment more? Then I began to make the career of cake with a pot for steaming food. I think, my this a pot for steaming food, sealed again good, also won’t stronger than electric rice cooker? If a pot for steaming food is more airtight than electric rice cooker the gender is good, then I see manufacturer of electric rice cooker the home is flat close. Does what break pot? Be based on this theoretical foundation, the experience that I make cake of a pot for steaming food by me talks about a bit my understanding to practice of cake of electric rice cooker.
I make cake, use 3 eggs normally. Yoke albumen is apart, container does not have oily anhydrous. How much does the face use? The bowl that has a meal in our home, a bowl. I have electronic level, but use rarely, consciousness must have been " becomes hand " , if have,think BS my MM, sending brick ~ ~ the face please is me the face of domestic bag dumpling, but starch wanting mix into. The gluten sex that dumpling wraps to make noodle at ordinary times in our home is not low, so tall muscle sex, do you think cake can does Peng pine rise? I think many times, making cake every time is the flour of 2/3, match the starch of 1/3, with the muscle sex that will reduce a range, glad when I return flour: Amylaceous = 1 : 1 , how, so cruel! The flour that has matched catchs divide evenly with the hand. Yoke also break up, add candy (I add Debuduo, because of the daughter already too fat, want to make her thin bit, so every time the cake that I finish, more or less to return a little egg smelling of fish, I let her deserve to nod conserve to eat. Breathe out ah) , cheer, how much does oil put? The fried dish when peace is euqally much! Tell the truth, I feel this is oily, many little a concern is not big. At least I should not answer it too thing, put fry the oil with 3 so much eggs. Ah. Yoke paste is mixed first here. Everybody notices, is yoke papered and return to here little a what? Was opposite, be water! First not anxious turn on the water. A little while to water, I still have a word to say. Dismiss at that time albumen. Albumen adds vinegar, eat and drink that spoon of soup, add it a two spoon 3 spoon ground, my estimation has 10 probably - 20 G, for the first time so when adding vinegar with great quantity, I still fear the cake that finished can have tart flavor, the result gives boiler to be tasted, do not have vinegar at all what thing! You did not forget, it treats this thing heat volatilizes! Of course, what I use is rice vinegar, if you add white vinegar, discretionary reduction, discretionary reduction is breathed out! In albumen besides add vinegar to add bit of candy even, allegedly this is to facilitate dismiss. Look so stick child, requirement candy should be divided inside that second join, I am a pure dawdler, where one buttock sits down not to think, have an operation again for bos road so, I am acetic candy, add in albumen directly at a draught, anyway final candy dissolve did not go? Next you look for a comfortable place, sitting to standing to go, shutting an eye to be smoked with the egg child smoke that albumen! If open an eye, had better see a TV what, do not be other, to disperse an attention. Can regard this work as otherwise of a drudgery. Look at TV at the same time, brandish not self-consciously at the same time arm, make protein to rigid epispastic, this process, I normally in 10 minutes or so, do not have really so terrible. Look at albumen to be rinsed by one bark shape, become gradually stiff, become boiling, whiten finally, it is grey Chang Youcheng with respect to feeling ground. Albumen is good, then appraise pounds yoke to paper. There is oil to have yoke right now in yoke paste, am we what not to paper this yoke at the beginning stretch do well? You did not forget, we am to lay an egg artificially, this still has very kind time, if mix flour first,go in, woke ten minutes this, flour should have muscle sex. Albumen is so good, our preexistence adds water in yoke paste, agitate divide evenly, water need not be added too much, poured yoke and oil to go. Put flour next. Flour goes in, are you guessed how to wear? Agglomerated! I am not to follow you to say before, put a water less? Because water is little, can it agglomerate? Does that make you little let water for what? It is to be afraid that you are one-time add water much, to finally bad to remedy. Agglomerated to never mind, we adds water again. Until mix flour into panada so rare went. Did you see? Feeling! The sensation is very main! Must not use a level, the mainest is to should understand, you so doing is for what, want to achieve what goal, do the know exactly how things stand in ability understanding so. If be a copy only, do not know those who do to gourd ladle is calabash actually, can be that drawn? When adding water, you must understand this is the process of diluting dough pink, the face is too thin, meet partly temporarily bake not dry, too dry, that hair does not rise. Mix panada is very ropy OK, than the burnt a bit stiff a bit of booth cake. I so say not to know numerous visit an official whether clear? Flour is cut back and forth mix. Range estimation mixes divide evenly dig the albumen of 1/3 to mix to it, at that time, boiler this warm-up. I use a pot for steaming food, heat water namely on, if you use electric boiler, it is by boiler wipe an oil, press cooking key is OK. Mix the collectivity papering paste of divide evenly is entered of 2/3 in albumen, mix again divide evenly, put into container. Knock knock container bottom, yield panada surface level, the hubble-bubble Dou Zhen that produces those liquids is broken. Our a pot for steaming food is simple, put in need not be in charge of, fire involves after 15 minutes, do not open a lid, waiting for boiler nature to cool a few, with respect to OK. Electric boiler is simple also, cook key presses, start, wait 5 minutes, press again cook key, again start. Because the power of each boiler is different, do not press the 3rd times even cook key, see your home boiler contend for sneaking. Ah.

Below, I do next brief summary: Cake, face hair rises is cake. Rise to let it send, we should reduce its muscle sex, 2 should help it initiate with outside force. Dismiss like ours albumen arrives dry bubble, boiler warm-up is to have this objective. 3 it is the resistance that reduces it to initiate, I am panada as far as possible rare bit, ripe do not open a lid first later.

The process that everybody is familiar with a new thing is the process of a conquer. You want to know, it is dead, be 10 thousand change not to leave among them, but we am work. Fine fine consider, know it follows us to play hide-and-seek in where after all certainly, so, want you only enough perseverance, use a heart quite, this cake morning and evening is we am shutting an eye to be able to take the matter in the bag that hold! Congratulate beforehand everybody to succeed!

PS: Of my home according to do not be in the home like equipment, I have ashamed all the time to this kitchen actually. I am just like a borer, bubble of a day of two hours ground is here, derive its nutrient, the hutch that lets me art had great progress, but ah, but, it is good that I did not cross to here consecration up to now stick. Not be I do not think, it is climate really, favourable geographical position, hand, it, it, not at hand. Every time I made what good food, I can think, if how should describe gift with the character,cut truly. There is this kitchen really in my heart. . . . . . I owe, I can be returned late early. Everybody gives a time and chance again!

The thing with I and the most romantic bradawl — field mint chicken (the article has award to read)

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Resembling me is to dote on persistent ground to be in almost so the food that cooking needs every to put soy can put oyster sauce same, you see oyster sauce can think me; Bradawl sees some type thing, also can remember me immediately — because I go to each place can picking a kind of same thing,send bradawl as the gift, of course brand different, producing area pattern is different, different, but it is a thing — concentrated and persistent, make he wants to see that thing apathetic difficult also.
That still gives bradawl the gift for the first time when me when, I think so suddenly: Favour, I should send you a thing, and send you from world each district even later: )
From now on, I leave Beijing every time, although time is again short,also manage to find time certainly go buying this gift to bradawl, do not fall. I think, such gift not only imply is loving do not move, and can engrave in memory.
Bradawl also is learning me then, every also can be me seek a same gift to a place — accordingly, I have the headgear that piles star now: Thanked my pa Mom to have so lovely name to me, let me can have the present with extraordinary so much.
I think, this is I and bradawl those this the most romantic thing. I always am an imagination, when I am old, pull open a drawer accidentally one of these day, look at these things of one drawer, regular meeting forgets his age happily and go kissing him.
Yesterday, run in the shop to be the gift that bradawl has chosen meticulously this, fully 5 — although, 5 gifts actually very much the same, but always be an imply. When carrying bag to come home, oneself yell: Our romantic meeting arrives all the time old.
Ha, read final, can you be award?
Xi, actually, we besides choose a gift for each other, the home that still can be us buys a gift. We every go to a place, can buy euqally identical perhaps say congener thing, put in the home next, record the experience of life of our every time, every time is little other story, alleged history is such: Recording the history of our home.
So, guess, record our home, what is of our love history? The first guesses drop, drop having reward is breathed out. Nevertheless, need to wait for me to go back to just can announce the result. Oh, by the way, still have the reward that does not touch boiler, I am written down! ! ! ! !
Write here, cannot help wanting to write a few again, I think, actually, I write rich to consider a record most, not be how a dish is done, however how do each other love each other, how to spend the time so that be without to complain. And what I hope secretly most and can let my contented is, move the dish that yours is not me, however my love and life.
Be just like this character, what I think show off most is not me the field mint chicken that if afterwards goes to the ground to use oyster sauce,makes is delicate perhaps have originality, however I from little romance is caught carefully over there the life.
Below extraordinary specification, this dish, if cannot buy bright thin lotus leaf, also can be done with caraway.
Without oyster sauce, it is OK also to add some of candy with soy.
As, I buy such things to bradawl, you can be bought in that way thing ah. Hey. Raw material: Bright mint leaf, drumstick flesh
Condiment: Garlic, oyster sauce, butter a few (can omit) , salad oil or peanut oil, salt, cooking wine

1. Field mint Xie Xi accuses to do moisture completely, two whole garlic cut bead, two big drumstick go bone, chicken cuts small. Some of water falls to become water starch liquid in starch, pour a few in chicken, pour a few salt and cooking wine next, catch suddenly with the hand, dormant after 15 minutes, it is OK to be caught again suddenly ten times into a few oil do the work below.

2. Boiler heats, put a butter, reach right amount and common oil, heat let butter melt.

3. Put garlic bead to fry sweet.

4. Turn fierce anger, put chicken bead to break up fry, to become angry the flesh is ripe. The water in the bowl below Bi is paid attention to when pouring chicken.

5. The meeting in boiler has many moisture and oil. Fish out chicken and garlic bead, the oil in boiler and water fall entirely. boiler wipe up, heat with conflagration afresh boiler.

6. When pot is hot, enter chicken and garlic bead, put field mint leaf.

7. Break up quickly into oyster sauce fry divide evenly can.

Additional, oneself win still cannot be opened here.
Day! Whats can you leave to comment on to me, when my estimation coming home does not look one day.
Anxious: )
So, do not cold-shoulder my long-winded, my leader says: News repeats namely. Accordingly I still get again and again explanation: Feel sorry, I cannot see all problems and mail also do not reply, I also cannot resemble replying to the critical call at sb’s house that leave behind a good reputation in that way before modest accept, forgive please.
After all, below such condition I still am holding to, hold out those who be worth you to love me namely: )

The thing that did not do however should be done in love — chicken of chestnut yellow stew

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A lot of desires in love look common, so that place is met by our oversight, and become a regret eventually. There are a lot of seasons in the life delicate look common, so that place can be missed by us, and be kept thinking about all the more by us however when undeserved season. Write down, have the season of chestnut just about now. The picture that she feels the warmest in Beijing winter all the time is being risked in that cold wind namely white. . . .

[Wen Yi is in gibberish] - - - the travel of Xi’an, the brigade of taste bud (3) - - sina after all how? ? ? ?

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(upgraded as a result of sina system, so the picture of rich guest was compressed automatically, image is very ambiguous, I also do not have method, if consider the plan that see well, click a picture please can, I give everybody incommode, but the gain that sina gives us customers of these rich of the article that make a plan advocate give difficult problem really, how to still continue to be done? ~ ~ ~ , hope you compress a picture not automatically strongly, thank! Additional, excuse me, office phone forever nobody are received listen, is excuse me this why ah? )

This is the last day in Xi’an, not, should saying is most day, because the train 6:10 is about in the evening,remand me Beijing.

Clutch today’s time, decided the alarm clock 6 o’clock in the morning, set out partly at 6 o’clock hurry off to imperial tomb of Qin Shi emperor and military forces tomb figure. This also is the so called tourist attraction that we should go to exclusively today.

Come out to call a taxi from the hotel, this wanting that reach Xi’an railway station first, change again next swim 6 fair cars, can receive military forces tomb figure continuously. But ever did not think, devil still does not have what open Xing Song completely to sleep in me eye, cerebrum reaction still is in logier whole 6:40, decide to use 230 purse car to look at once arms.

The car is very clean, the master is very conversable, having the substantial knowledge about Shaanxi culture and historical respect, but I or whats did not hear, goggle when, already was at the door imperial tomb of Qin Shi emperor. Flower 40 bought a ticket, a sound says to us ” you are really active. A sound says to us ” you are really active..

“Ah? Your what meaning? Didn’t I understand? Didn’t I understand??

“I say you two really active, it is the first. It is the first..

“Still did not understand? “Still did not understand??

“Alas, that is to say you are today the first person that takes Huang Ling. That is to say you are today the first person that takes Huang Ling..

The someone says this word, I looked up at the Huang Ling with this big Nuo, carry on the back after ” whiz whiz ” Mao Liang is angry.

“This, this, this, that is to say, whole mausoleum, at present, with respect to, with respect to us two be? With respect to us two be??

“Right, very amused! Very amused!!

I faint, this, it is imperial mausoleum, it, it, it also is mausoleum ah ~ of ~ of ~ of ~ ~ ~

All one’s life downfallen what to cross the first, came mausoleum, mixed the first, also calculate went. Nevertheless, really a bit cold, devil looks at sex of my this Fu De, it is happy very happy. Must fall with camera record, the spirit appearance that I with a rustle quiver.

Along stone rank, upgrade climbs, begin again right now slightly next light rain that had to need not open an umbrella, really comfortable. The breath of big mouth is worn fresh air, forgot temporarily ” the first ” scared. See the friend of the photograph, allow me to complement please, the meal of Xi’an, raise a person really!

Climb ah climb, climb ah climb, both sides besides lush and green plant, seem also it doesn’t matter is especially other, we begin to feel this entrance ticket of 40 nots worth a bit. Climb ah climb, climb ah climb, devil says, this may be national Sport Commission to develop body building of the whole people, in Xi’an ” investment is opened ” tourist attraction.

Climb eventually reach the summit when going up, we two thoroughly foolish, besides the broken wood sign that Huang Ling swims, do not have the sells cold drink stall of practice with, the what on platform is done not have.

Actually, huang Ling is not can go with the eye ” Huang Ling swims ” place, however one needs us to use knowledge, with the imagination, with experience the place that goes having a good swim. This kind of understanding that does not know me is proper. The station overlooks here everything below, the scenery that those can see, let us feel, hum, very grand. But those we cannot see, be buried in subterranean?

Those who use you is subjective, probably your imagination, more richer than mine, but do not speak out please, as there are 100 Lin Meimei in 100 individual hearts same, everybody also has the extremely grand Qin Shi Huang Ling in him imagination certainly in the heart.

Such wanting, the Shu Xin that feels those 40 money are spent is much, be?

Along stone rank when going downward, there is a thing to be in in sudden sense woods rock, if be at ordinary times, I also not very fears. But now, am we in Huang Ling? Today, am we the first?

Frontal god, whose originality is this? ? ? In thick woods, putting tomb figure of a military forces that do not have a head unexpectedly.

I. . . . . . Alas ~

Because of the reason of time, after we come down, did not turn around again, go urgently military forces tomb figure. On the road that heads for Huang Ling and military forces tomb figure, you can see ” see Huang Ling first, look after arms ” such scroll, suspension is in road both sides.

Why to give us such proposal as to the family, besides by the way, I feel to still have a reason, a moment ago I say. Huang Ling is a need is used subjective experience brilliant place, and hole of military forces tomb figure will be one can experience grand place with the eye.

My camera and film level, do not have a body completely to show that the portion is grand, can calculate only stay read aloud just.

In this position, stood tall and upright very long. I like to see military forces tomb figure from this angle, always feel, he seems to be able to look round at any time I am one like, so another ” affection of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty of Gu Jin big fight ” can let the forehead also pass a strong interest.

Tell the truth, I feel our everybody has a particularly bad travel habit. It is every reach one point, want to keep oneself figure with camera. Become oneself undeserved, place in in the middle of the position, so that let you,located beautiful scenery sells at a discount greatly.

But this follow film for years habit, also not be my one the individual’s defect, the change also is not temporarily half groups thing. Take my Mom for, without the photograph that I myself appear, no matter be the again nice person that take, scenery, or what be, she won’t look repeatedly. This shows, important is not where I went to, however the sort of coming here that swim photograph that where I am, just be to her character, most the record pattern of love to see and hear.

Say so, everybody is mixed for certain I am same, the relatives and friends that has people of such be a burden on is round. Every reach one point, necessary with place most distinctive thing holds a photograph, the ability after coming home has explain. In hole of military forces tomb figure, cannot use flashlight, also be absolutely cannot 摽 takes a picture beside military forces tomb figure. Accordingly, emerge as the times require such one ” the dream answers Tang Chao ” place, can satisfy a tourist already ” come here to swim ” the limit expresses kind, can earn on one ticket for oneself again.

After coming out from military forces tomb figure, had walked along N to sell the store of little gift more, comply with the devree of my Xi’an friend, must not be duped, because this is right of both sides peddle turn a deaf ear to, go straight towards the vehicle that finds us continuously, sliding door approachs the Huis market continuously. Waited for 3 days in Xi’an, come to here everyday almost however. Come early in the morning the day before yesterday, yesterday come in the evening, now day, it is afternoon. The Huis market of midday leaves on, without too big difference, it is by day nevertheless kosher (but a few store do not open) , lively in the evening just.

Today comes here again, no more than is those who think a gangmaster two days to like to eat is delicate, again ” review ” . The cate of Xi’an is too much, what the haste that comes this goes is hurried, also do not have an opportunity to all receive all good things gastric bottom, stay wait for when coming next time, again explore treasure.

Ate cake of a lens yesterday evening, recall up to now boundless, come again today a solution satisfies a craving for delicious food, provide its in syrup Duobuduo, quantity of heat is high, anyway the near future so one.

Lens cake is delicious, sell the employer of lens cake, ah, I did not say more. Hope Xu sail has an opportunity to come Xi’an, come the Huis street, also will go up one lens cake is tasted ha.

Before two days still calculate those who eat have main threads of an affair, in the what that which inn eats, write down as clear as dayly, thoroughly dizzy today dish, this not, these a few are fastfood, wanting not to rise really is where home. Be in anyway the Huis street, you came, look for the individual’s much store to go in casually eat, affirmative fault not.

Hemp hot bean jelly, taste is good, but if you do not like to eat mustard, tell a clerk to breath out ahead of schedule certainly. Anyway I am too unaccustomed, if I said ahead of schedule, the flavour of this bowl of bean jelly, I feel may better, suit me more at least. Light has hemp, hot, salty, sweet, already enough, I feel mustard has bit of upstage.

This thing is to fry bean jelly, bean jelly piece extremely muscle path, I do not do the bean jelly that gives so good mouthfeel, technology issue, it is technology issue certainly. Have a very strange thing, because love Xi’an too,knowing is, is what I feel this in frying bean jelly bean sprouts of Xi’an compares Beijing how delicious hold? Love me? Indissoluble! The Ing in scratching one’s head…

Face of hemp hot Qiao. When making 4 words, saliva of my sneaking have one’s bosom filled with. If you do not have an opportunity to come Xi’an, there is to cry on the ghost street of Beijing ” Jia Ling building is piggish city ” the acid in dining-room is hot Qiao side is good also, seeming is 8 money a bowl, can have a try. The piggish frog of this inn is pretty good before, but the near future goes eating, discover bullfrog leg is gigantic thick tremendous, and of mouthfeel area area, I what eat am a bit cold, always feel that is to urge those who rise.

Rinse tripe, parched rice of pickled Chinese cabbage, barbecue is strung together, should be steamed bun of the clip that divide the flesh, rice skin, acetic pink, besides Remipi, the travel of this Xi’an, I most the thing that be reluctant to leave. True, if you come Xi’an, very much very much cate is delicate awaiting you, but this a few appearance, must try ha.

Short between 3 climate, in Xi’an idle away in seeking pleasure, it is absolutely and insufficient. Accordingly, the brigade of this my Xi’an, even if play a place of strategic importance of the life, still seek a range without predestined relationship and very much cate, calculate sacrifice a lot of sack time, still also go without the predestined relationship a lot of scenic spot ” come here to swim ” , hold so, these 3 rough ” the brigade of Xi’an ” connect Xi’an cate 10% did not introduce, very much place of historic interest also does not have record Lie more.

If you already itch to try should go Xi’an travels, my proposal is, give oneself the 7 time of the day at least, before going, do good homework, the plenitude of the scheduling oneself a bit, if can arrange the map of the brigade that prints cate of a Xi’an, better.

Face when going from the Huis street, I bought some of dog head jujube in a small shop, the red jujube after airing has chicken egg so big, when you say this jujube is fresh, should be what kind of? This jujube is very delicious, after bringing back, clean with water, can eat directly, everyday 3, enrich the blood already raise again colour. My means, eat a few, wash a few, also do not give washed, that is not put aside.

Besides dog head jujube, the stone steamed bun of Xi’an also is worth to bring back person giving the home is tasted, other special local product, I was not recommended, although yangtao works, small tomato works, walnut of what pretty good also, but these things, after all Beijing also can buy.

Afternoon at 4 o’clock, we go the hotel takes baggage, be about to prepare station of reduce internal heat a little while too again. Alas, tell the truth, I once had been to a lot of places, no matter be travel or permanent, never had produced the feeling of indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty, can miss Beijing constantly, the calculate that times returns the time of Beijing. And this, these 3 days, I forgot my native place it seems that, before leaving, have some of faint sadness suddenly, I do not know myself when ability regain Xi’an, very fast perhaps, very long perhaps, but I know, I meet what come back again certainly!

Super long-winded:

** goes Xi’an travels, it is OK that I suggest you might as well the choice takes a train, although the price of a ticket of cheap airline ticket and train is similar, but still contain insurance premium and airport construction cost after all. And, the plane arrives at Xi’an is to descend in salty in relief airport, have from Xi’an urban district very a paragraph long distance, make the word of the taxi, the likelihood needs many 100 money.

Price of ** train berth 200 much, if going there and back, probably 500. The public house with live cheap, one evening is made an appointment with 140 the left and right sides, I lived 2 night, 280 yuan, the friend says with me, in the hostel that Xi’an stays in an university, the environment is good also, price is relatively substantial also. If choose a hotel, make deposit with cash as far as possible, do not let a hotel freeze the partial amount of credit card easily, lest produce needless accident, find out rise take time is arduous.

The entrance ticket of tablet forest 45, go up city wall 40, hire 200) of car 20(cash pledge, imperial tomb of Qin Shi emperor 40, military forces tomb figure 90, shaanxi visits historical museum 35, hire taxi 230/ day (can mix friend apportion) . Hua Qingchi, and other places of half slope museum did not go, the value is unspecified.

The money that have a meal, very fragmentary, do not have law statistic really, anyhow is very cheap. Probably estimation, should come down on average each everyday, won’t exceed 60, I am to press my appetite to come calculative, estimation is changed do you to eat, still can little 20.

500(ticket) 280 (hotel) 45(tablet forest) 40(city wall) 20(hires a bicycle) + 40(Qin Shiling) tomb figure of + 90(military forces) rich of + 35(short for Shaanxi Province) + 230(hires a taxi) money of + 180(meal 60 × 3

Calculated these 3 days roughly to go the charge that Xi’an travels, probably 1300 much, plus now and then make hack money, 1400 enough. How, can be you accepted?

** chooses him one individual go on a journey stops, but if be a few friends,play together, hard to avoid can see skimble-scamble case of purpose, or the little trouble that anticipation is less than appears, must talk things over each other, show sympathy each other. Travel, the most important is the mood, hold so, we live besides what should take care of good ass friend bagatelle, take care of the mood of good other people even, did not resent because of oneself, do so that everybody feels feel disappointed.

** good friend a go on a journey, AA is made appear a bit unripe portion. Inside oneself capacity limits, bear cost more as far as possible, do not haggle over every ounce, more fasten for bit penny, accidentally injure the feeling between the friend.

** is good, it is good to do not have what enjoin, last: Seek bit of time, look for bit of leisure, come Xi’an!


Abstain chicken of polished glutinous rice

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Be in Wuhan so ” premature ” (Wuhan person makes eat breakfast to be ” premature ” ) , eat at most ought to be chicken of polished glutinous rice. Because heat up dry face and beef pink,need to hit a dormitory to eat slowly. The time in the morning is so valuable, often be so chicken of a polished glutinous rice is bought to be being wrapped with paper in the dining room eat. Wait to take education floor all the way, also eat, only regret is issueing a class always is buccal doing, must go rapidly buffet buys water to drink.
2 Switzerland franc sees in Vietnam inn today after a packet polished glutinous rice, remembered chicken of polished glutinous rice suddenly, come home was modelled on bout, unexpectedly pretty good still.

The method is as follows:

The 1st pace: The process pursues 1, send good Xianggu mushroom, cut Cheng Xiaoding, ham cuts Xiaoding.
The 2nd pace: The process pursues 2, abluent polished glutinous rice, mix Xianggu mushroom man and polished glutinous rice of ham Ding Yu next divide evenly, add salt to flavor, add the water that just has done not have polished glutinous rice finally, evaporate of medium baking temperature a hour. Mix after evaporate is good fine chopped green onion and pepper.
The 3rd pace: The process pursues 3, good evaporate glutinous rice is put cool, exert oneself to do sth. rub becomes strong small group a bit.
The 4th pace: The process pursues 4, burn hot pot, enter oil, medium baking temperature reachs group of polished glutinous rice to decoct the surface is crisp yellow can. The method that uses deepfry is best, but I use oil to save, used the means of decoct, give or take a lot of trouble dot, but the effect is not poor also.
Finished product tastes sweet sweet, be delicious! This can compare the quality of chicken of polished glutinous rice that sells in college dining room a lot of. The sort of polished glutinous rice has a bit chopped green onion and salt only in chicken, some moment put bit of crackling. I do this ought to be Aldine!

Result a bit:

  1. Salt wants to be put before polished glutinous rice still does not have evaporate, mix divide evenly. Or evaporate of polished glutinous rice became good stick together, salt cannot smooth.
  2. The water when evaporate polished glutinous rice need not too much, did not cross rice face little can, because polished glutinous rice is not very bibulous, if put water and cooking water are same, so boil a polished glutinous rice to be not held shaped. Master bad that this water is measured if, can immerse polished glutinous rice in clear water pass the night. Sift drop to drop moisture with net of fine key point next, it is OK that the polished glutinous rice that goes up dip goes up dip enters boiler evaporate directly. Recommend use this kind of method. Just expended time to stopped.
  3. When rub polished glutinous rice is round, can will last layer of velar surface Tu Yi is oily, be in the package of meal of polished glutinous rice with nice evaporate next last the rice group that squashs to bear fruit in film is OK. Rice group does not want too loose, or scamper when come loose easily.

Fill write down (2005-4-26) : Acknowledgment YESHUILAN found the source of name of chicken of polished glutinous rice to me, “Chicken of polished glutinous rice. The deepfry food of an extraneous of any a fraction with chicken. Polished glutinous rice wraps a doughboy, silk of bit of hot pickled mustard tuber is added inside the little taste burden of what, the blast in be being put to oily boiler next comes golden. The appearance of chicken of polished glutinous rice after scamper is good is golden the face is scraggly, form if gallinaceous skin, so from this abbreviation. ” man of hot pickled mustard tuber also can be put to become burden inside when so everybody is done, but when wanting to add salt, be about take into consideration the circumstances was put less.

The process pursues 1, 2, 3, 4

Finished product graph

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