The quatre soup with the ruddy complexion of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely

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Of the Shang Shui that the woman drinks surely: The quatre soup with ruddy complexion
Graph / article author: Peaceful _yz
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The woman drinks soup water series surely, around a theme ” warm ” , the purpose lets blood move namely smooth, cannot silt block is illogical, then you also are met ” complexion is ruddy luster ” . Respecting ” warm ” , I first appreciably is carried to it contrary ” cold ” . “Cold ” point to not simply cold second or the food of iced and so on, also point to cold sex food. Arrived summer, a lot of MM like to eat ice-cream, bought watermelon to also want to put freezer, taste cool in the heart, sensory spy bright. Return some MM to like many draft fruit, the fruit is actually medium wait besides the grape of a few, longan, litchi, other it is cold sex. Although be smooth sex,connect an apple, but also slant slightly cold. “Cold ” the taste that of the most immediate harm is you, “Kidney is a priori this, taste will be the day after tomorrow this ” , the stand or fall of taste function matters to you to eat the alimental that go in to absorb directly digest, just think: If you eat to be digested what go in,be not absorbed, do you return a hope to eat what filling what?

This quatre soup has the effect that enrich the blood, suit anaemia particularly or the MM of hematic depress, tipple of normal person classics also is to the more the better, on a few days must be drunk after period passes especially!
Click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters me:

Love cate loves preserve one’s health

Material: Red jujube 12 (two people portion) ormosia, earthnut is right amount Brown sugar one small spoon
Process graph:

1, 12 when I use red jujube, even give presents my woman
2, after ormosia water leaves, put again, and midway adds cold water twice, rot very easily so;
3, brown sugar also can be not added, it is 3 red soup. </b>

A thick soup of crucian carp fish that I do crucian carp fish

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I do *** the *** of a thick soup of crucian carp fish of crucian carp fish
Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** often makes cooked food of fish of a few crucian carp, arrange the photograph previously now come on hair, serve as today by order, from the back **** of ~ of ~ of to be continued
I do <a Href= Http:// > green relies on one of crucian carp fish crucian carp fish is clicked look please
I do the flesh of crucian carp fish to make crucian carp fish

Crucian carp fish, the top grade in fresh water fish. Produce all the year round.2 ~ April, what 8 ~ will produce in December is most fat. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, be full of nutrition. Every 100 grams have the flesh to contain protein 13 grams, adipose 1.1 grams, quantity of heat 62 kilocalorie, calcic 54 milligram, phosphor 203 milligram, iron 2.5 milligram. Have dietotherapy effect. According to [renown cure does not record] account: Dimming? sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, avirulent, in be being moved with the stomach, beneficial the five internal organs, prevent floods by water control is swollen… . Bloated to body empty, alvine wind issues blood, gastric disorder causing nausea is spat feed, the puerpera is galactic lack, chronic gastritis has remedial effect.

The flesh is qualitative exquisite, flavour is delicious, be full of crucian carp fish of nutrition, it is the fresh water fish that likes occasionally. Be in every year early spring, deep autumn season, often buy doing eat.

Yuan Mei is in [feed sheet along with garden] in say: &Fish of Nbsp; crucian carp wants be apt to to buy first. Choose its are flat personally and the person that take white, its flesh is tender and loose, ripe hind carry the flesh namely discharge bone and below… . . Tear open next flesh to be able to do a thick soup

Take the place of in Qing Dynasty allegedly be current of cooked food of fish of capital crucian carp at city, a thick soup of crucian carp fish also makes palace name food.

Bought fish of two jins of crucian carp today, did an a thick soup of crucian carp fish. Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty, ~~ of eating satisfy a craving

<a Href= Http:// >** welcomes to my kitchen sees **

With makings: Crucian carp fish 2 jins

Practice: &Nbsp;
1, choose of choose and buy its are flat personally and the crucian carp fish of the person that take white, go scale, go cheek, go splanchnic, raze inside abdomen black film, clear water is abluent.

2, water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the fish scald ripe.

3, carry piscine fish out with the hand tremble, go fishbone. Cruelly oppress is stand-by.

4, fresh and tender bamboo shoot, water sends Xianggu mushroom, the burden such as ham cuts into shreds.

5, fry boiler to burn heat, put lardy burn ripe hind, add Xian Shang and the boiling water of scald fish, put silk of cooking wine, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom silk, ham silk next, burn, add salt, gourmet powder, put fish and meat of ripe crucian carp, reoccupy water starch ticks off thick Gorgon euryale.

6, scatter finally on pepper, spot sesame oil is filled piece can edible.

Characteristic: &Nbsp; color is white, cruelly oppress is absolutely tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty. </b>

The soup of ear of snow of lily of the seed of Job’s tears of solution autumn dry

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh!

Before paragraph time it may be said is to talk about grandma color to change, the stream of people before the ark of supermarket milk products also decreases apparently a lot of, sticking above the goods shelves of milk products as far as possible hit variously fold sales promotion pictorial. Look milk fear should be in everybody disappears completely in the heart, was to return need for some time really!
Do not cross bird or to homebred milk products be very confident, ah! Went to a supermarket buying red jujube sour milk of Meng Niu yesterday, this is the mouthfeel that bird likes very much all the time, buy send one, such favourable strength, be in ” milk door ” it is unlikely before incident.
These days oral cavity ulcer, a few grew on the face seldom long young red born of the same parents, looking is suffer from excessive internal heat, the skin also becomes a little dry, autumn dry causes look, need is recuperated.
Show what this soup that go up uses to feed capable person for everybody today special method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is raised colour, soup of ear of snow of Yi benevolence lily, raise hematic embellish lung, the disappear that discharge poison is planted, suit us very much these JM people edible oh!

The net of Yi benevolence is picked related –
Yi benevolence (name of English of Latin Semen Coicis Coix Seed) name corn of rice of Job’s tears benevolence, Yi, Yi benevolence, earth, the seed of Job’s tears, remove bead of solid, Yi, answer a rice, Mi Ren, 6 millet. It is commonly used Chinese traditional medicine. It is general, the food that often eats, sexual flavour Gan Danwei is cold, advantageous water detumescence, be good at lienal go muscle of wet, easy heats up the effect such as a pus except pain or numbness caused by cold, Qing Dynasty, for commonly used benefit waterlogging wet medicine. Yi benevolence is food of a kind of hairdressing, often feed can maintain burnish of human body skin exquisite, eliminate sparrow of acne, spot, senile plaque, gravid spot, butterfly speck, coarse to taking off bits, acne, chap, skin wait to have favorable curative effect.
The seed of Job’s tears is officinal beautiful tastes filling body. According to analysis of medical branch assay, the seed of Job’s tears contains protein 16.2% , adipose 4.6% , carbohydrate 79.2% . Stew pig foot, chop and chicken with the seed of Job’s tears in the winter, it is a kind of nourishing food. Summer boils congee with the seed of Job’s tears or make cold drink put the seed of Job’s tears on the ice, it is the clear filling agent of very good disappear heat fitness. Kind of Ren Hegen of the seed of Job’s tears can be used as medicine again treat a disease. Li Shizhen is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account: The seed of Job’s tears can be good at lienal beneficial stomach, filling lung Qing Dynasty is hot, go wind is gotten the better of wet. Cook a meal is dietary, treat air conditioning. Decoct drink, benefit pee heat drenchs. In recent years, much scientific research and clinical practice prove, the seed of Job’s tears still is a kind of anticarcinogen content, preliminary appraisal, it can amount to 35% above to the rate treating curb of cancer. Pardonable Guilin area has a balladry to sing so: “The seed of Job’s tears surpasses glossy ganoderma grass, officinal nutrition value is high, it is OK to often eat Yan Nianshou, fatigue of rejuvenescent make contributions. Fatigue of rejuvenescent make contributions..

[raw material]
** Yi benevolence 50 grams, tremella is 30 grams, dry lily is 10 grams, red jujube 20 bead, apples 1.
** rock candy is right amount.

Graph 1: Yi benevolence, dry lily immerses 1 hour or so into clear water.
Graph 2: Tremella immerses into Wenshui to soft hair shape.
Graph 3: Enter half boiler water, it is good to join bubble with what had sent Yi benevolence, lily, tremella, join rock candy and red jujube conflagration to be burned, in turning, small fire stews 1 hour or so.
Graph 4: The apple is abluent cut small.
Graph 5: Wait for the apple is joined when stewing the left and right sides, boil again 10 minutes or so can.

[experience and recall with emotion]
** Yi benevolence immersing process is the process that wakes up the seed of Job’s tears, can let Yi benevolence absorb more moisture, after heating, compare can even gelatinization, and expand a few more greatly, and fire also is saved when boiling some.
** water quantity wants all immersion to feed capable person 1 centimeter or so, water is not too much, soup is boiled thick a bit stiffer have mouthfeel quite.

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

A bowl of potherb heats up noodles in soup

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I make this bowl of range in him a married woman’s parents’ home, a fellow-townsman that the word says one day that to family person manages a wedding helps, provide a meal midday, but I am not willing to stay over to eat, came back to eat with respect to oneself so. Cold boiler is cold in the home after coming back kitchen, do not have him method to search for circuit in vegetable garden, looked for a wild three-colored amaranth and two persimmon, boiled bowl noodle simply, flavour is honest, be the flavour that I miss.

Should say this is wild three-colored amaranth is to feed a pig to feed a duck here, I listen to old people to say that time in natural disaster also someone takes, bag steamed stuffed bun eats. It doesn’t matter of wild three-colored amaranth tastes, backward slip of the scald that use water is smooth, cold and dressed with sause is very delicate also. This thing vitality is tenacious, in me home town is everywhere, want to eat all the time, but the family member is not willing to eat, I feel they are the value that did not discover potherb, the netizens that my constant sees me go purslane also is dug in wild country, ever also saw those who sell have on the market, the price is very expensive, actually this dish also is feeding a duck over there my a married woman’s parents’ home, a lot of things are such, have do not know to cherish, lost also lost. . . .

A wild three-colored amaranth two small persimmon

Go old root takes tender page

Use boiled water scald

Heat is oily, chopped green onion explodes boiler, fine dried noodles falls after water leaves, add potherb finally, I still hit a poached eggs, I do not grudge all along to oneself


The chop of lotus root soup that take along sth to sb goes to longing for [Yan Jia small shop]

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Chop of lotus root soup

Enter autumn, what arrived to recollect again is seasonal. . . . . .
When the university, the lotus root that the Wuhan girl of the dormitory always says Hubei is how delicious, chop of lotus root soup how good drink, she present also is the wife of others. . . . . .
Stew on this boiler soup remembered her, remembered that side girl of the dormitory. . . . . .
Wish all of us can happy, must happy! Regular meeting is happy!
Take along sth to sb of chop of soup of a bowl of lotus root goes my longing. . . . . .

The left of chop is the good thing that everybody often may desertion—-Lotus root section

Raw material: 20g of 500g of powdery lotus root, chop 500g, ginger
Pretreatment: 1. Lotus root does not want to cut, resemble patting cucumber in that way after rotting, break right amount size again, lotus root is to use up
The quantity sticks ironware less, stew the Shang Secai that go out good-looking, won’t nigrescent
Water of blood of eliminate of water of 2. chop scald
3. ginger is patted sodden
I withheld 4. the thing that same everybody can desertion possibly, [lotus root section] , but lotus root section is good
Thing, have convergence, remove the effect of gore, so the root that lotus root section locates needs ream, put into
Shang Li is stewed together ha, the color on unripe lotus root is a few deeper is lotus root section

Flow: Try to locate sth by following up a clue please
1. puts oil to burn to 7 into heat
2. is fried into chop sweet
3. enters many water, add enough oh
4. turns into arenaceous boiler, begin to stew into lotus root and ginger
5. material all ready began to stew, 10 minutes of conflagration after water leaves, medium baking temperature turns 15 minutes after, small fire turns to stew to you after
Favorite rate, I am small fire stewed 1 half hours or so, lotus root very pink, chop is very sodden
6. puts salt, give boiler


The oxtail soup of the home that rice spends has a side

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Welcome to the home that rice spends

In one’s childhood mom has been done to us pull a face to eat. Mom gives commonly pull thick wide strip, next above irrigate on pepper thick broad-bean sauce eats, lacking the time that takes to be worn less, that sweet the childhood that lets me passes very happily as before. Now, be turn for me to do my child, my mother had, what should do naturally is careful and some more exquisite.

I like oxtail very much, doing Shang Shi is bright, need to put gourmet powder far from of what. General I put 9 oxtail only, add bit of pork one case again, press boiling water with high-pressured boiler, no matter be next noodle, issue New Year cake, or with respect to rice, the family member also eats forever insufficient.


1. knead dough when with cold water, add salt, conduce to the formation of gluten. The affiliation of the egg makes noodle soft do not break muscle talk again.

The friend that 2. has biscuit opportunity can use bread machine knead dough, according to first liquid, hind pink kind principle, charter flight allowing a side kneads 10 minutes but.

After 3. is taken out from inside freezer (those who do not have freezer, put normal temperature to wake face also but) , must not knead again, otherwise gluten ruptures. Have a side directly but.

If 4. first time is pulled, perhaps bad distribution, not crestfallen, experienced 3 two, had pulled very easily.


Autumn the turnip oxtail soup that fill

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Several days did not come, work went, I attended class, although sleep every day, but the person still gets over there, I am poppet, the teacher chooses a name I still continue the good child of attend a lecture
Oxtail, big jujube, egg, xianggu mushroom, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, turnip, green ginger
1: Green ginger is patted broken, turnip stripping and slicing, oxtail goes hematic bath is clean
2: Clear water is added inside boiler, put oxtail, green ginger, big jujube stews a hour
3: Egg break up, booth becomes egg skin, cool hind cut into shreds
4: 1 put a turnip in one’s childhood, xianggu mushroom, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, stew ripe can
5: Fill soup bowl in, put egg silk, scatter on chopped green onion can


Bask in bask in young woman soup of delicate a round mass of food makes a process

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Husband says to want to have boiling water of a round mass of food of wax gourd hotpot, buy material, oneself start work, ~~ of have ample food and clothing

Meat stuffing is put into big bowl, add powder of Jiang Mo, onion, sesame oil, 13 sweet below, pink of chicken of coal tub outfit, cooking wine, the attention does not forget add salt, the weight according to him taste is right amount place, agitate ~~

Add an egg next (saying well and truly should be egg white) , amylaceous, a few cold water (put cold water to be not put, and should divide as agitate second put) continue agitate ~~

With the chopstick suitable hour hand churns, can arrange agitate of a direction only, become meat stuffing agitate state of fleshy stiff congee can. Certain not lazy, a round mass of food that makes so only just loosens glossily tender.

Green skin of wax gourd expurgation, slice.

Squeeze ground meat into the meatball with even build, along with squeeze along with in putting bowl, a round mass of food should use cold water when next boiler, do not wait for the boiler below the ability when water leaves. The bolus that wait for the flesh becomes angry when hair is close, use spoon to be driven gently, those who make not adhesion.

Conflagration leaves to heat boiling water after ball has been squeezed entirely boil, put wax gourd piece boil 5 minutes, transfer into salt, pepper rises Shang Weidi.

Put dip gold to install gallinaceous pink finally, drip to be able to have pot into balm.

The soup of a round mass of food of wax gourd hotpot that one boiler lets saliva of stream of people has been done! Fill a bowl in, serve a meal ~~~

Characteristic: Aroma not fat, delicious is goluptious.

Health sticks person: The effect such as pleasant of flavour of wax gourd sex, weak, advantageous make water, clear heat, expectorant, satisfy one’s thirst, among them carbohydrate, vitamin content all taller and do not contain adipose. </b>

Soup of chop of red jujube egg highs birthday joy is breathed out

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Graph / article author: Tung Mom kitchen

Soup of chop of red jujube egg, besides the plan, a small room, birthday joy is breathed out

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Qing Dynasty of chop of original plan Bao fills cool soup, chop just discovers the Qing Dynasty in the home fills after redemptive home cool gave out, then of ransack boxes and chests, the data that boiling water of a few Bao sought in the inventory in the home comes out ~
Hum, red jujube is good thing, the egg is good thing, dangshen also is good thing. . . . That throws Bao entirely, this I still was added little little angelica piece, because do not have Bao for ages,cross angelica, good yearning the sort of flavour ~

(the following data comes from a network)
Gan Xingwen of red jujube flavour, put in taste classics ’s charge, have the profit in filling gas, raise blood to calm the nerves, the function of alleviation property of a medicine; And contemporary pharmacological discovers, red jujube contains protein, adipose, carbohydrate kind, the rich nutrition such as a variety of amino acid becomes calcium of C of A of organic acid, vitamin, vitamin, minim portion.
Angelica flavour pleasant and heavy, reason can enrich the blood only, its gas is light and laborious, friend can go again blood, in filling, have move, have in travel fill, want drug mediumly for blood. Consequently, it can enrich the blood already, can invigorate the circulation of blood, already but stimulate the menstrual flow, can loose. Can use at amenorrhoea of deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, complexion decline is yellow, feeble and anaemic,
Angelica, Gong Zaoshang can enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, regulate the menstrual function is acetanilide, embellish bowel is aperient.

Food is advantageous have disadvantage, in every case does not want excessive, also cannot breath out ~ with tipple so


1, full data, chop a jin, red jujube is caught greatly, a surname child, dangshen, angelica piece a few, egg 4.
2, red jujube goes nucleus.
3, dangshen is cut paragraph.
4, will go red jujube of the nucleus, a surname child, dangshen, angelica piece immerse slightly with clear water and clean.
5, abluent hind stand-by.
6, heat one caldron boiled water, iron chop float 1 to 2 minutes.
7, the chop that float has ironed develops exterior float foam with clear water stand-by.
8, add all material in the stockpot (the process that handles an egg was not illuminated, first egg Bao ripe, hull) one-time join enough much water.
9, receive electrify source, choose key-press of old fire boiling water. (the time among is shown inspect show in screen inspect 4 hours) .

Good, you are waiting to drink boiling water ~

Welcome to my rich guest

Soup of malic lean lean

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[millet bucket] the weather is hot! The appetite that do not have what - - - [soup of malic lean lean]

*** is permitted without the author forbidden reprint or extract and compile ***

Of acerbity Gan Tian—Soup of malic lean lean

In come before Chile, with respect to preparation of already intentional 裡
The city that I am in should not have Asian supermarket

When taking the advantage of a person to be in Hong Kong so
What 採 bought and so on of makings of a few sauce, male goods is marine come over
Not bad at that time is send in Hong Kong
Return Taiwan to just be sent otherwise. . . Postage but 嚇 person 嚕
(The post office of Taiwan can airborne, without marine business)

Ha. . . I think this a few box lap all the time, also want the most quickly when the ability end June is sent
(Or it is essential disappeared. . . . . ..
When thinking of Tuesday, I receive 嚕 (rate is really rapid. . . Just 2 months. . . . . ..

Open package. . . Look at the goods that him 採 buys, the edge arranges an edge to remember the scene at that time
The mother-in-law takes the money of Bao Shang Qian that I go to buying
Have when going to Shenzhen with lord, buy a few miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous 8
Have with small 3, Moon elder brother goes together when 採 buys bank rummy Su Cai to expect The bake articles for use that buys incidentally
(Ha. . .moon elder brother is breathed out etc. . . I can fall exercise drop to you certainly. . . . ..
Have young animal of cake following love, small fish, Sweet Irene, Jennifer, Purple Irene
After the party ends, go rambling when bazaar, bought Japanese condiment and lovely canal are provided

The memory of a lot of a lot of happiness. . . . The emerge in large numbers of a head. . . . .


The colleague of 週 end lord takes us to go traditional bazaar
Bought a bag big earth apple. . . . It is to should use those who make an apple pie originally
This can use Bao soup 囉

This apple soup also is me dote on
The small acerbity fruit that may be an apple is sweet the Gan Tian with candied date or jujube
Let soup drink rise acid is sweet the good taste with sweet acid
And stuff is very simple it is apple, lean lean, red turnip, candied date or jujube, dried tangerine or orange peel
(The friends of Taiwan are OK to Chinese traditional medicine the room buys candied date or jujube and dried tangerine or orange peel)

I think this relaxed and appetizing apple soup
Should pretty suits to be in burning hot summer is drinkable. . . .
Have an opportunity. . . Everybody also tries. . . . . . . . .

View the data that I use to everybody

Dried tangerine or orange peel
This dried tangerine or orange peel is the mother-in-law’s baby
The kitchen in the mother-in-law store content ark 裡, having several 裡 side is the big aquarium of dried tangerine or orange peel entirely
And each aquarium has affix mark 籤 , clear 註 bright be which one a particular year
My Mom. . . . Be a horizon really
Arrive all the time from a few years 199 most of the near future had 2005
I each canister is opened will hear. . . . Wow. . . Really sweet. . . . . And it is to jump over old sweeter

Candied date or jujube
I ever had been bought in Taiwan drug-store before, what character comparing pursues medium is better, more beautiful

Soup of malic lean lean

Lean lean () of chop Yi Ke. . . . . Right amount
Apple. . . . .2
Red turnip. . . . .1
Candied date or jujube. . . . .3~4 bead
Dried tangerine or orange peel. . . . .1 is small
Clear water. . . . . Can have wided the capacity with all again bit more material

1. apple uses hot water a little bubble passes, let the candle bate on peel, again scrub male is clean, next stripping and slicing, reserve
Bubble of 2. dried tangerine or orange peel is soft, raze is in-house white bursa (if be not blown,divide, make Shang Fa easily acrid)

The close proposal of small millet bucket:
If ◎ fears malic skin is washed not male clean remain pesticide, can go first Bao of flay reentry boiler

Flay of 3. red turnip is abluent, stripping and slicing; Lean lean is put into water to boil go hematic water, scoop abluent
All 4. material are put into boiler, add right amount water, conflagration Bao boils turn small fire slow Bao 1 hour
Boiler adds salt to flavor since, can (do not add salt actually very good drink 囉 ! Can (do not add salt actually very good drink 囉 !!

The close proposal of small millet bucket:
◎ also can replace cutlet into chop

Soup of apple of A of dark pleasant drop (the 語 austral ← 閩 : The malic soup of acerbity Gan Tian) when suiting to be heated up in the day very much drinkable ^^


Sleep every morning. . . The window of 臥 room can have drip
I can be brushed with dishcloth rapidly only male. . . Wind of reopen window all
This has been the look that gives the sun quickly to evaporate. . . . . . Still think originally above the thing that draw a feature is patted again
Ha. . . The trailing plants silk that remembers 裡 of Tie Dani date and Jackie are in that one act of car 裡 (the hand pats car window. . . . ..

Drip is wiped male clean hind. . . It is this scenery (today’s sea and sky are not quite blue still, distance is a bit grey)
Want good weather only recently, I can stand in window edge bask, two what looking at the sea continuously continuously is bemused
Sunshine is warm. . . . Sea shamrock is blue. . . . . Syaring blankly also is to plant enjoy

The rosemary on the balcony
Weather is gloomy and cold recently. . . . I also am disinclined to take care of these herb, 囉 of some quick be killed in action
Good. . . Wait for a winter to end to be arranged well again. . . . . (Ha. . . Lazy arrive to look for cover to oneself)