The taro 頭 of 圓 of 團 of 兩 of 08 people month is crisp [share short skin 製 to make 訣 竅]

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雖 like that, crisp 餅 my 還 is not to be done very well, but compared with last year, I am have a result than 較 .
Accordingly, the 點 that I want to share my 製 to make short skin with everybody drips, hope 對 has 幫 to aid at the friend 會 that wants to make heart of this 類 點.

One pace of my 們 來 . . . . . .

Above all 餡 of 準 備 good 內 . 這 second I want to make egg of taro 頭 鹹.

Practice of & of 內 餡 material:
From 黃 of 製 鹹 egg 6 個 (the 參 of 處 manage 請 of 鹹 egg takes an examination of egg 黃 crisp)
Taro mud 240g
20g of brown granulated sugar
Butyric 20g

1. 將 taro 頭 cuts 塊 evaporate ripe, the 壓 that take the advantage of 熱 becomes mud.
2. Like that candy and butter knead after rejoin 勻 備 is used.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ also can replace butter to suckle fragrance in order to increase with 鮮 butter.
Suckle the friend of fragrance to Wu Buxi 歡, also can use attar of general certain herbaceous plants with big flowers or salad oil to wait.
@ wants slippery 潤 of 緻 of 內 餡 細 , oily deal needs 須 wants to increase again. My recipe is low candy low oil!

Mud of 1. 將 taro is divided into 12 divide into equal parts.
2. divides 別 to wrap 備 of egg of half 顆 鹹 to use.

The material of outermost layer of skin reachs a way:
It is OK that 內 餡 does good after 開 only then do ~ of ~ of 囉 of outermost layer of skin

Tall pink 46g
Low pink 46g
Candy pink 12g
Butter 16g
White oily 16g
Water 48g

But outermost layer of skin of 個 of make it 30gx6

Attention: Feel embarrassed, left 1 reach left I put the 圖 of 2 turned over.
1. The material appreciably beyond 將 water mixes.
2. Join water 將 slowly again its mix knead 勻 .  
3. Chase 漸 knead smooth the 麵 糰 of not sticky hand.
4. Relax of 鬆 of bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 30 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The deal of the water in material of @ outermost layer of skin needs him 調to rectify, need 須 is kneaded.
The butyric 換 of half of @ my 將 becomes white oil, because 歡 of happy event of 較 of 為 my comparing is hard,be fragile mouthfeel. If you are fond of 歡 to compare 較
Crisp, can use butter.

該 of 應 of outermost layer of skin is the 麵 糰 that extends 強 of sexual photograph 當 . Be like left 圖.
Outermost layer of skin of 將 of after of 鬆 relax 過 is broken up, again rub becomes 長 model. Be like right 圖.

The material of short reachs a way:
The 時 of relax of 鬆 of 當 outermost layer of skin is awaited, can 製 makes short.

Low pink 70g
Finest cream (Ghee) 42g

But short of 個 of make it 18gx6

1. Summary 為 mixes 將 material.
2. Mix with the hand knead the short 麵 糰 to 無 pink bead.
3. Break up after rub 圓.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ Finest cream namely butter of 100 % 純 . (圖 piece 請 點: Video 館- - bake material piece)
個 person is fond of 歡 to make short with 製 of finest cream 來 . Fragrance and effect very not 錯. If did not have,also can use
What other 適 closes is oily.
@ In the part of short, oily deal needs 調rectifies him 須 . 務 makes surely the soft 軟 of short 與 outermost layer of skin is spent is very
Adjacent. Short 雖 is not provided like that extend a gender, but very soft 軟 also is on feel. 並 unlike I last year
體 會 , break with respect to 會 forcibly.  
If your short is brittle, 該 of that 麼 應 is too male. Oily deal needs to increase.  

Short skin 製 makes pace 驟

1. Take one outermost layer of skin, 將 兩 carries 壓 of the 間 in going to to close. A little 壓 is flat.
2. Put one 顆 short. 環 of left hand tiger’s mouth-jaws of death lives outermost layer of skin, receive 緊 slowly.
3. The right hand enters outermost layer of skin with 壓 of 時 將 short in, till binding off.
4. Receive 緊 轉 mouth, the outermost layer of skin of 將 much 餘 is by 壓 on 麵 糰.
5. The buy on binding off face at the desktop.

6. Short skin uses a hand summary 為 is pressed flat, like that after by in 間 carries 桿 開 to 兩 . The 長 that big 約 is one 個 palm is spent.
7. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . On binding off face, 鬆 relax 10 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)

8. With the hand summary 為 壓 is flat, by in 間 becomes 長 to 兩 end 桿 model. The 長 that big 約 is 2 個 palm is spent.
9. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . Binding off is gadarene, 鬆 relax 20 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)
對 of after of 過 of 10. 鬆 relax cuts 開 partly, can 進 luggage 餡.

Bag 餡

1. Take skin of one 顆 short, on tangent plane face, press a little flat, again 桿 becomes 圓 piece.
2. 將 圓 piece the 來 that turn over 過 , put 餡 after, the gimmick that is like the 餅 that include a month with 類 has been wrapped.
Binding off after can be in desktop 滾 one, 調rectifies good look 狀 .
3. Put 預 熱 to 200 degrees oven, the 約 that bake 20 - 25 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The rate of short of 與 of @ outermost layer of skin should be taken hold well. 過 of rate of outermost layer of skin is tall, finished product 較 is hard, 層 second also compare 較 not
Clear. If short rate 過 is tall, 則 會 creates the situation with 開 of not easy 桿 or crisp leakage 況.
The 時 of 開 of 桿 of @ short skin is awaited, the force wants all 勻 , 這 樣 make 來 gift is nice.
@ if the 時 of 開 of 擔 heart 桿 awaits 會 sticky in the desktop, can scatter some of hand pink to prevent at the desktop touch.
OK also one 層 of 舖 model 膠 bag.
The 鬆 relax 階 that @ 製 makes 過 Cheng paragraph, it is 為 the 時 in 桿 開 awaits 讓 麵 muscle easy extend.
Bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 or the film that protect 鮮 is 為 prevent exterior 結 Pi Huoqian to crack.  

Did not have quality of make it 雙, 層 second is seeing a 來 or 許 very bright 顯 ?
Not 過 myself knows, 這 is compared last year a lot of.
這 second did not have completely defeat crisp tired 擾 , also not 會 is awaited in the 時 of 桿 開 touch sticky in the desktop.
Short skin 異 constant good operation.

I am fond of the crisp 餅 of 歡, it is fragile in 帶 is crisp. 內 餡 is 鹹 is sweet, not sweet not 膩 .
Make tea one 壺 tea, laugh at road of 時 seeing 來 .
This year mid-autumn, and 讓 me, 灑 of 瀟 瀟 灑 .

Most after, 預 wishs everybody 節 is fast mid-autumn 樂 ~

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

The snow demon taro that Xiong Jia stews in disorder burns a duck

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*** lazy bear: Snow demon taro burns duck ***
Graph / article author: Lazy bear
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****
Snow demon taro burns duck and balsam pear to burn a duck, be me love most! ! Just regrettablly Beijing sells without snow demon taro! Nevertheless, pachyrhizus was bought to me actually east, happy my fart bump fart bump! !

Serving, snow demon taro burns a duck!

Look first see finished product, sell although the photograph is bad, but very delicious! !

This is the snow demon taro that pachyrhizus sends me, toot gives suddenly eat clean!

Snow demon taro uses lukewarm bleb a little while, wash clean, rip small

Half duck, cut is small.

Green ginger, forget do garlic

Noticed: Must cold boiler, put a duck to do stir-fry before stewing directly, the duck that such doing come out ability is delicious!

Look, moisture stir-fry before stewing comes out, must do this moisture stir-fry before stewing, the duck holds out fertilizer commonly, final affirmation is oily.

Wait for an oil, water worked, put green ginger, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash.

Give sweet smell, put piece of Pi county beans, melon gives me this beans piece, very sweet, eat well! !

Fabaceous valve fries divide evenly.

Put candy and often smoke.

Boiled water is better, duck flesh rots easily dot. Put next a bit: Essence of anise, sweet leaf, cassia bark, chicken, pepper.
Put snow demon taro next.

The cap on the lid, murmur 40 — 60 minutes, those who see a duck is old young degree, reckon one went.

This bowl is the biggest in the home, the result is eaten clean with the classmate by me, my husband plays game, although will eat,do not have, result, ha, do not have so that ate, eat plain cooked rice to add pickle, hahahahaha!

My pickle it may not be a bad idea is very delicious!

One 湯 of one 飯 is wonderful also sweet 飯 of 3 taro 頭 湯 of 樂 ancient tea

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** not 經 龍 兒 allows, 圖 of this post content character piece do not get 轉 載 or pick 編 **

Special 歡 of 別 happy event eats taro 頭 sweet 飯 . . . . .

Taro 頭 140g
Rice 1 cup
Water 1 cup (indicate according to 電 飯 鍋 )
薑 3

醬 oily 2T
鹽 1t
Black 醬 oily 適 is measured
Little 許 of pink of the five spices
Pepper little 許

1. Taro 頭 cuts small 塊, 過 oily after is put on oil absorption 紙 to absorb the oily share of much 餘.
2. Explode with little 許 oil sweet 薑 piece, receive the rice that writes a pan male 淨 to be put fry together.
3. Join 醬 oil to fry sweet, rejoin pepper and pink of the five spices break up fry all 勻 .
4. 將 3 in pouring 飯 鍋 , add water, taro 頭 塊 (1) and the black 醬 oil that 適 measures, 鍋 of the 飯 that use 電 is thoroughlied cook can.

樂 ancient tea? ? ?
Its 實 is fleshy bone tea. . . . . It is I do is element only, so he changed him 幫 name.
這 湯 A, the oily 條 that deserves to write crisp eats the most delicate.

湯 of fleshy bone tea wraps 1 packet

Fabaceous bubble
蔔 of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad 蘿
Steamed bun stuffed with sweetened bean paste
Xianggu mushroom
Element lean lean
Bamboo 輪

The directive that includes according to 湯 can.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ burden can add 減 變 to change according to 個 person be fond of.
If 進 of your 無 law enters my rich settle or live in a strange place, the means under 請 試 試 :
(Special Yolandallen of 別 feeling 謝 offerred 這 個 way)

Go in first this website Http:// OR Http://
Next inter address column (Web Address) address of guest of that input rich: Http:// can go in

Or 許 needs much 試 幾 second oh ~~

If be no good, also but the 網 location Http:// that 試 試 無 is short of eldest brother to offer
謝 謝 無 is short of eldest brother.

The feeling 覺 that feeds 譜 轉 載 to meet 溫 to strong and pervasive fragrance from the flavor of happiness of 當 of <a Href= Color=Blue Size=3> - one 湯 of one 飯 is wonderful also sweet 飯 of 3~~ taro 頭 湯 of 樂 ancient tea

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

Online88 namely 時 chats is 統

Cake of cured meat taro the students surpasses the teacher

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Graph / article author: Tung Mom kitchen

Cake of cured meat taro, the students surpasses the teacher

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Taro cake is one of cake that in one’s childhood mom often makes, wine shop of unlike of this kind of practice does in that way, always one do not turn over gust. Sometimes greediness, with respect to the practice with the mom in remembering medium flavour, impression, oneself buy ~ of turn from side to side of one pile data coming home to wanted to after be less than do sth over and over again a few times, succeed eventually, none exaggerated says, the taro cake that I make now the students surpasses the teacher, taste is extremely good ~
After Lian Tongtong ate, also cannot help running to the kitchen to come two thumb since vertical stroke praise me to say: “Mammy, good! Good! Very Good! ~ “
That momently, pai of the Peng on my vanity and contented horse rises ~

Original happiness is such ~ nevertheless


1 , full data: Stick ground rice a packet (300G) , taro half, bacon half, sausage, half fat thin pork together, head dish a few, shelled fresh shrimps a few, green a few.
2, taro flay is abluent cut graininess.
3, the evaporate in the boiler below the taro that will cut bead 10 to 15 minutes.
4 ~ 5, head dish immerses slightly after cleaning, accuse to do moisture mincing.
6 ~ 7, shelled fresh shrimps immerses slightly after be being cleaned clean, accuse to do moisture.
8 ~ 9, bacon, sausage and half fat is mincing.

10, chopped green onion is cut after green is abluent.
11, red onion is mincing. (before forget take a picture, basically use the material that fry stuffing. )
12, the taro bead with good evaporate is put cool stand-by.
13, red onion explodes below boiler having oil a fragrance hind is ordinal add the meat kind, shelled fresh shrimps and head dish are fried ripe, flavor add essence of salt, chicken, white sugar, a few giving birth to smoke.
14, the stuffing that has fried expects Cheng Qi is put cool stand-by.
15, the container that preparation orders greatly, add share sticking rice a packet (300 G) , water 3 cups (the measuring glass of 200 milliliter) ,
Agitate does not have grain equably.
16 ~ 17, in will putting cool taro bead and 2 stuffing makings of one and right amount salt to put powdery liquid, mix all.
18, take a steam dish, dish the bottom wipes oil, shake a few times into the powdery makings that has mixed, the others the stuffing makings of two is aspersed equably finally on. Whole process is used in conflagration evaporate 15 minutes with respect to OK!

Take the advantage of heat to scatter on ~ of chopped green onion

Put cool hind ~ of stripping and slicing

Tung letting tung tells you, the pretty good ~ with true flavour

Welcome to my rich guest

Young of emerald saute taro

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Desire intimate is changeless, still be like drink to have an insatiable desire for a spring ” young of emerald saute taro “

Film ” cottage hill loves ” have such the three unities: Heroine week skin of the bamboo brights to explore birch is right her love, geng Hua of engage by special arrangement comes to the side of cottage Shancong Ming Quan, the lapidarian line that pointing to fontal side reads aloud: One spoon is like oar fining jade, draft I sages and men of virtue; Desire intimate is changeless, still be like drink to have an insatiable desire for a spring.

Two people love each other forever for expression, the affection that oath does not cease to be faithful, still use long handle bamboo slip carouse of ground of one spoon spoon is clever spring.
Cottage hill has clever spring really, clever spring weighs Gu Longquan formerly. Inside the temple of Dong Lin of Jin Daigu Buddhist templeput on the brakes that it gives dew to the foot of a hill or mountain in cottage Shanxi north. Carry in this temple god the one clump side treasure bring up the rear repairs bamboo set off one another below, have the fontal pool of square of rice of a L, crack from rock gushing a fine spring, glittering and translucent and clear. There is ” of ” clever spring on the monument by the spring the big character of body of be subordinate to of 3 bold. There is day of skin of Tang Dynasty great poet to rest below tablet the clever spring poem of an ode. Fontal side has bluestone to lay the ground, tourist stands to go up in green flag, bow one’s head watchs a spring, the form companion Tong Cuizhu that can discover oneself, pine, blue sky, Bai Yun simultaneously shine upon is in bright spring, feel interest immediately times add.

Clever spring with abundant intermediate can clever and erudite and get a name. Intelligent Dong Lin temple was founded after ambitious division comes to cottage hill, initiated our country buddhism Sukhavati an administrative unit in Xizang. Can of intermediate of abundant of feudal provincial or prefectural governor of chaste tree state is eloquent, eloquent. After complete of Dong Lin temple, he comes round to visit a good friend on a special trip intelligent far. Between their ramble Yu Songlin, talk in all ” The Book of Changes ” , via day tireless. Intermediate can is admired intelligent the scholarship of far deep fact, say: “Division Zhi Shenming, solid difficult be the concubine a few. “Intelligent Zhong Kanbo of far more admiring abundant learns much ability, eloquent. The one place that he is pointing to bamboo Cong Jian emerges the spring replies: “Jun Zhicai argue, such spring emerges. “Later generations is in especially week build by laying bricks or stones of the spring with bluestone, number says clever spring. The ceremony assist that rests via leather day after, then the name passes square, also bring the tourist comes this view spring tastes water, beg grant clever.

Clever spring with respect to its water quality character, cool Gan Chun, all the year round does not dry up, boil boils Shan Ming, xian Shuang is goluptious, fragrance long put. The Zhou Hai of clever spring has a term applied to a kindhearted person spring, Bai Lianchi and pool giving wood.

After Pin Ming talking about a spring, this serving, will have spring together today of the footstep ” young of emerald saute taro ” .

Advocate makings

Taro young 400 grams

Spinach 30 grams

The method that make

(1) little sweet potato I am bought from the supermarket, open the bag that pack, do not want defrost to go up directly basket evaporate reserves 20 minutes.

(2) spinach is abluent, turn on the water in boiler, spinach float is put after water leaves, immediately teem bubble is in cold water, immerse a little while to twist dry cut end to reserve.

(3) have pot, turn on the water in boiler, have half cups of water about, flavor spinach end is put to hit Gorgon euryale after salty little taste, put agitate of little sweet potato finally, drench a few oil gives boiler to install dish can.

Special remind

Cook this dish is crucial: After the boiler below spinach end and little sweet potato, the movement wants fast, because spinach end and little sweet potato are extremely easy nigrescent. Still have method of a kind of cook additionally, it is little sweet potato after evaporate is good, go out soup decant, spinach juice hits Gorgon euryale to irrigate on little sweet potato.

<DIV><FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE:&Nbsp;18px" Color=#ff0000> is clicked enter > > > kitchen of arrange of You Xinsu 藝 </DIV>

Sweet taro burns pig hoof of short duration to will reduce weight after throwing all heads

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Do not like to eat pig hoof in one’s childhood, after be brought up, just begin to like slowly. The evaporate coming home that the supermarket goes to buying a family to thoroughly cook when just having him fossa one good, learning oneself to prepare food gradually later lane. I have had tried to use soya bean stew, cultured is raw ingredient, the fragrance each shining more brilliantly in the other’s company of soya bean and pig hoof. I also have had tried beer to stew, not oily not be bored with, still have light alcoholic drink sweet. This thing is actually bad also to often eat, although so-called and OK compensatory collagen albumen, beneficial skin, but adipose after all not little also. See the family was boiled of late, oneself also saliva is moved, the heart is crawly.

Add taro to be burned together be temporarily conceive a design. Before two days bought to exceed big taro, 4 jins of right-and-left appearance, it is to plan to make taro mashed vegetable or fruit originally when sweetmeats. Think of suddenly to be able to be added some go in, because taro itself does not have flavour almost, also need not fear meeting and pig hoof should not so. And this thing and potato are same, absorb the flesh extremely easily sweet and the fragrance of your itself is more outstanding. The result proves or succeed.

Raw material: Pig hoof

Flavoring: Cassia bark 2, anise 2, often draw 2 small spoon, a few sweet vinegar, gallinaceous essence, rock candy, cooking wine, unripe smoke right amount (still be that one, allocate completely according to individual taste)


Pig hoof flying bath is clean

Join except often smoke all flavoring besides, add water, water boil moves small fire later

Taro stripping and slicing

Drench a few water, fu lasts filmy, fire of small wave height ten minutes

Taro is joined when pig hoof boils 2 hours, add 2 small spoon to often be smoked next

Boil a hour to come again pig hoof is soft rot bone with respect to success

I was not used, install dish of outfit to get good malformation

This pig hoof not classics deepfry, not quite sweet not quite salty also, flavour just arrives the advantage of this person taste

Taro absorbed bovril completely, carried the scent of its oneself, soft glutinous and sweet, the entrance is changed namely

Big fast a cheek: )

The sweet taro egg of the first time of the blackart kitchen of hare hare flogs

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[the blackart kitchen of hare hare] reportorial card — the whip of sweet taro egg of first time

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Everybody is good, diving all the time, learned not little good prescription, saturday when hearten tried egg whip, added sweet taro act on one’s ownly again, ah ah the result is right still, ask everybody to sample these ~~ pictures are taken with the mobile phone, very not clear, etc come home the photograph of again photogenic machine


Learned the card that almost all military school and egg whip concern, prescription consulted precious jade cate of the dak that Mom, actor actors or actress, happy love, everybody should have the data with cordial acknowledgment specific ~~~ , I say next processes, busy morning ~~
After the area has waked, put in freezer cold storage, drench Ma Qi last on the bag velar roll leaves

Dough roll opens 3 times what length drenchs for Ma Qi

The bag rises, two end should have been wrapped

Break up, knock gently with rolling pole big, it is really with what knock, fold next 4 fold

The bag lasts velar cold storage continues after 20 minutes roll is old, want forcibly light

Fold 4 fold, the bag lasts film refrigerates 20 minutes, such two

This is the dough that takes roll to leave finally, can faint see inside statified, from go up to coil downward

The face coils the bag lasts film is refrigerated (I take the chance to handle affairs, still forgot to pat PP. . . . ) , the face coils when be being taken, had been refrigerated more forcedly, cut 1 centimeter wide small

Touch flour to press at the same time in matrix

Whip water: Milk bright butter candy leaves

Put cool hind two yoke

Enter whip skin 8 minutes full, add the sweet taro bead with a few good evaporate

Although not be clear about,also come a close shot

Breathe out, took moment to warm a hand not carefully still

Rise really crisp, ah, really happy

Sago of taro fine and soft is shown [pachyrhizus home]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Want not to understand why to be met very much somebody thought so extreme, want to make uneasiness to the society, disrelish the earth not quite random? The terrorist that be at large has not been caught, already the 5th day! This, the fame of Singapore should sell at a discount greatly really. See on the news yesterday report he has not escaped Singapore, the figure that because the police is inside a gas station and the CCTV that around another ground nods,sees him… day, is that me near the home? ! ! ! ! Ah, expect the meet by chance with number one terrorist however, let my brave fight gules wanted criminal.

[sago of taro fine and soft is shown]

Material: Taro 1 Sago 100 grams Rock candy 100 grams Coconut suckles 100 milliliter Clear water 200 milliliter

Course of action:

1, Cheng Ding is cut to put the evaporate inside a pot for steaming food 20 minutes to after taro flay is abluent ripe, take man of 1/3 ripe taro to stay to reserve next, the 2/3 that remain puts mixer to machine Cheng Yurong further

2, one boiler boiling water is heated inside boiler, sago is entered when boiling, boil 10 minutes to come among the boiler on lid of the flameout after a Xiaobai nods remnant covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire 10 minutes, sago is completely squashy (the agitate when otherwise needing in boiled process prevents to stick a bottom)

3, the fish out after river of the super-cooling in boiling good sago to pour water-cooling water

4, the boiler of the clean down sago that boil, put rock candy to boil dissolve into 200 milliliter clear water, put taro fine and soft the man of 1/3 portion taro before be being put after the mix inside boiler is even to be boiled together next, suckle agitate into coconut again even, the sago that has boiled is put to mix after be being boiled divide evenly can flameout

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:

1, boil make sago need to use roll water, if use cold water to boil sago, not easy ripe and rot easily; Stew of the flameout after sago boils 10 minutes can make sago 10 minutes completely squashy and managing and gas

2, the sweet potato that makes this syrup also can choose small taro to make

3, this syrup can be heated up feed, cool feed, taste is particularly good

Of fundamental taro mud make [pachyrhizus home]

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[pachyrhizus home] of fundamental taro mud make

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Make the desert of mud of a lot of taro recently, make an alone card — fundamental taro mud, super and simple!

Material: Taro 1

Course of action:

1, taro flay hind is abluent section

2, taro piece put evaporate of a pot for steaming food 30 minutes to fully soft

3, the taro with soft evaporate piece sealed bag heal is loaded after the dolly that use spoon, using rolling pole to press taro into mud is fundamental taro mud namely

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:
1, same method still can make potato mud, pachyrhizus mashed vegetable or fruit…

2, butter, white sugar can be added to wait according to different need after making mashed vegetable or fruit of good foundation taro feed material to make different taste

3, the taro mashed vegetable or fruit that such making is relatively coarse, can go further with mixer treatment becomes taro fine and soft

4, the taro sludge that does not use can load sealed bag or insurance box puts freezer to save 3 days

Shrimp of taro of sweet hot demon [royal seal royal seal with a ha breaths out cate kitchen]

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Shrimp of taro of sweet hot demon [Royal seal royal seal with a ha breaths out cate kitchen]

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Ha, be it

Raw material: Essence of essence of pink of green, ginger, garlic, dry chili, thick chili sauce, Chinese prickly ash, pepper, cooking wine, chicken, salt, chicken, unripe smoke, taro of white sugar, ripe sesame seed, demon, cole, shrimp (a lot of, with a ha breath out)

1, shrimp is abluent, leave with the penknife on every shrimp back mouth, so that tasty, also go to the lavatory to choose the sanded route of back of course go reducing fishy smell

2, the heat that fry pan is oily, put green, ginger, garlic, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash to fry a fragrance

3, salt is put to be born after putting taro of rape, demon, shrimp to be fried a bit smoke, pink of white sugar, cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash, pepper, in changing, small fire stir-fry before stewing is fried

4, dry moisture of stir-fry before stewing puts thick chili sauce (or chili is oily) , continue to fry dichotomy bell, the boiler since the essence that put chicken comes loose on ripe sesame seed can
Give boiler:

Hot hot, sweet sweet, of hemp hemp, wear a hot steamed bread not Titus is delicious, ha

Come a close-up:

Everybody wants the word that become, the time that shrimp cannot make is very long, because the flesh became old not delicious, see it became angry, the body coiled ripe ah, rape and demon taro are very good also ripe, so very simple, ha!
Amylaceous, protein, cellulose, carbohydrate enters gastric ministry through esophagus, hitting cold quivering stomach got full plenitude, mix in warmth groan is given out in satisfying. I am such doting oneself stomach, because the stomach is the directest,mirror the organ of one individual psychosis