A thick soup of crucian carp fish that I do crucian carp fish

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I do *** the *** of a thick soup of crucian carp fish of crucian carp fish
Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** often makes cooked food of fish of a few crucian carp, arrange the photograph previously now come on hair, serve as today by order, from the back **** of ~ of ~ of to be continued
I do <a Href= Http://club.chihe.sohu.com/r-food-3429708-0-13-0.html > green relies on one of crucian carp fish crucian carp fish is clicked look please
I do the flesh of crucian carp fish to make crucian carp fish

Crucian carp fish, the top grade in fresh water fish. Produce all the year round.2 ~ April, what 8 ~ will produce in December is most fat. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, be full of nutrition. Every 100 grams have the flesh to contain protein 13 grams, adipose 1.1 grams, quantity of heat 62 kilocalorie, calcic 54 milligram, phosphor 203 milligram, iron 2.5 milligram. Have dietotherapy effect. According to [renown cure does not record] account: Dimming? sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, avirulent, in be being moved with the stomach, beneficial the five internal organs, prevent floods by water control is swollen… . Bloated to body empty, alvine wind issues blood, gastric disorder causing nausea is spat feed, the puerpera is galactic lack, chronic gastritis has remedial effect.

The flesh is qualitative exquisite, flavour is delicious, be full of crucian carp fish of nutrition, it is the fresh water fish that likes occasionally. Be in every year early spring, deep autumn season, often buy doing eat.

Yuan Mei is in [feed sheet along with garden] in say: &Fish of Nbsp; crucian carp wants be apt to to buy first. Choose its are flat personally and the person that take white, its flesh is tender and loose, ripe hind carry the flesh namely discharge bone and below… . . Tear open next flesh to be able to do a thick soup

Take the place of in Qing Dynasty allegedly be current of cooked food of fish of capital crucian carp at city, a thick soup of crucian carp fish also makes palace name food.

Bought fish of two jins of crucian carp today, did an a thick soup of crucian carp fish. Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty, ~~ of eating satisfy a craving

<a Href= Http://qdhqs.blog.sohu.com/entry/ >** welcomes to my kitchen sees **

With makings: Crucian carp fish 2 jins

Practice: &Nbsp;
1, choose of choose and buy its are flat personally and the crucian carp fish of the person that take white, go scale, go cheek, go splanchnic, raze inside abdomen black film, clear water is abluent.

2, water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the fish scald ripe.

3, carry piscine fish out with the hand tremble, go fishbone. Cruelly oppress is stand-by.

4, fresh and tender bamboo shoot, water sends Xianggu mushroom, the burden such as ham cuts into shreds.

5, fry boiler to burn heat, put lardy burn ripe hind, add Xian Shang and the boiling water of scald fish, put silk of cooking wine, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom silk, ham silk next, burn, add salt, gourmet powder, put fish and meat of ripe crucian carp, reoccupy water starch ticks off thick Gorgon euryale.

6, scatter finally on pepper, spot sesame oil is filled piece can edible.

Characteristic: &Nbsp; color is white, cruelly oppress is absolutely tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty. </b>

Thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years

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Original plan National Day resigns afterwards, the Lian Shen before the section has been written please, can arrive crucial moment, cannot open a mouth namely! Think of to want to apply for a job to feel a bit confused afresh later, also do not know after all the job of what just suits him, it seems that everybody is advancing, and oneself are in however place footfall. . . . . . Think of oneself go straight towards the person of 3 quickly, return this model, true distress!

Alas, do not say, serving! The entree tonight — thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years!

Hearing of a cycle of sixty years is a kind of seafood, flavour is delicious, and price is cheap, 5 sell here a jin (the ability 3 years two ago 2) , the individual feels this dish wants to have the ability that nod juice delicious, I am fried this so that did a drop a little, taste is very good still nevertheless!

The way learns to mom, although not quite professional, can taste likeness is spent have 80% however!    

Material: Two jins of abluent, purple perilla reach a cycle of sixty years the head of garlic is right amount and mincing, small chili 3 (viewport flavour increase and decrease) mincing

Condiment: 1, 1.5 spoon of Chi of beans of gust of old dry Mom, salt is right amount

2, oil of arrack, Chi, unripe pink, white sugar, water each are right amount, put a bowl completely in smooth and stand-by


1, because a cycle of sixty years is testacean food, water treatment should fly before boiling:

1) turn on the water in boiler burn, enter a cycle of sixty years that washs clean.

2) the conch that boils a cycle of sixty years searchs entirely, can see there is white bubble on surface at this moment.

3) fall a cycle of sixty years cistern in, boiled water bibcock is rinsed clean (a piece of picture forgot when spelling a plan, him everybody is envisaged) .

4) a little drop doing enters the water, stand-by.

2, burn boiler hot, receive oil, put the head of garlic to explode sweet.

3, break up into a cycle of sixty years fry a few times, put purple perilla and chili bead to break up fry, till smell the fragrance of purple perilla.

4, join right amount salt to fry divide evenly, ordinal put flavoring 2 reach thick chili sauce of old dry Mom.

(the practice of my mom is explode old dry Mom, purple perilla and chili bead first sweet, put a cycle of sixty years again next, fry so allegedly come out to be able to taste the meeting is sweeter, nevertheless I disrelish such chili flavour too choke, be overcome, moved order so)

5, break up ceaselessly fry, till juice closes almost, install dish!

Taking a picture is illuminated with the mobile phone, hope everybody put up with!

Come Zhang Jin of a bit!


Sweet thick Zhi person piece

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Sweet thick Zhi person piece, like thick Zhi person your ten million cannot miss olfactory oh ~

Finished product:

Raw material: (casing of 10 inches of quadrate Mu Si)
Butter pink of 100 grams, candy is 90 grams, complete egg fluid is 25 grams, low pink pink of 200 grams, almond pink of 25 grams, Zhi person 40 grams

1, after butter bate, agitate of the pink that add candy is hit even
2, cent second add entire egg juice, agitate divide evenly
3, the sieve joins low pink, Zhi person pink and almond white, knead dough
4, use dough the lay open with average hand inside Yu Musi casing, planish, bottom of Mu Si casing laps with tinfoil

5, be in with broach the surface every are removed 1 centimeter of forked holes
6, oven warm-up, 170 degrees, middle-level, fluctuation fire, 30 minutes, flameout hind uses Yuwen to continue 15 minutes to control
7, give heat, stripping and slicing
8, bale

1, because finished product is thicker, use Yu Wen long roast and OK make finished product more crisp
2, butter need not dismiss, agitate is hit even can </b>

Of delicacy of juice thick flavour hot fry razor clam (in progress)

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Had done last hot fry razor clam, compare with this method, feel or this betterer, so reappearance last time hot fry razor clam.

Yesterday evening bubble rice eats, that calls a delicacy, husband had never had two bowls of rice, his stomach is bad, cannot eat more, let me actively add a bowl of meal again actually yesterday, very successful feeling!

Husband stays up late in the evening everyday at 2 o’clock, very painstaking, the hope illuminates the thrive below makings meticulously in mine!

1, bubble razor clam of a day is washed for nothing
2, prepare Jiang Pian, garlic broken, shallot paragraph, still have thick chili sauce (forgot to pat it)
3, hot pot cool oil, put Jiang Pian, garlic first broken, thick chili sauce, fry a red oil
4, put razor clam, fry 1 minute
5, put white spirit 3 spoon, vinegar is 1 spoon, saccharic 1 spoon, clear water a bowl small, build frowsty 6 minutes, midway turns over boiler
6, put salt half spoon, because thick chili sauce has saline taste, add shallot paragraph
7, the wet starch that 4 spoon put before giving boiler

[The egg is delicate] simple a thick soup of egg of dried small shrimps of sweet alcohol

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Cook every day, stick from what had not sent me to cook here however child, suffer husband to encourage in the morning, be participated in now!

Name: A thick soup of egg of dried small shrimps

Characteristic: Simple, nutrition abounds the practice, mouthfeel is tender sweet alcohol of slippery, flavour

Get the materials ready: 1, two eggs
2, milk powder of one small spoon
3, dried small shrimps of one small spoon

Measure: 1, the egg is complete break up
2, milk powder adds Wen Shui make tea to become a bowl
3, egg, grandma, dried small shrimps assembles together
4, conflagration evaporate 12 minutes can.

A thick soup of tremella of lily lotus seed [maigre appointment 54] [pachyrhizus home]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Analyse first, I broke my promise haing ~~~ said dish of meat of the meat on today yesterday, the result looked for computer in, unexpectedly a flesh end has ~~~~~ , classmates, this is not my drop fault ah the dinosaur eating the meat that ~~~~ connects my home announces we want to eat vegetable more high-keyly… this year, eating vegetable is tide breaths out ~~~~

Did not see fleshy meat is not disappointed also ~~~ this syrup can be pachyrhizus my treasure that presses down melon oh ground of miserly of not stint of a person of extraordinary powers takes ~~~~ today beautiful, I also am to have the mind that respect property very much *^_^* Applause ~~~~~ ! Syrup boils pachyrhizus Mom, she is the closest the body is not quite good, and either in getting on for fokelore ” mammy section ” , everybody comes home should behave well oh ~~~~~ pachyrhizus takes the lead in be the first, I plan the medium friendship that travels to still count on pachyrhizus Mom next time to sponsor Nie, hey hey ~~~~~ is behaved well, behave well!

[a thick soup of tremella of lily lotus seed]

Material: Tremella spends 3 Lotus seed 20 grams Dry lily 20 grams Rock candy 100 grams Medlar 10 grams Clear water is right amount

Course of action:

1, after sending tremella about half hours with lukewarm bleb abluent, cut go a ministry, rip flake with the hand next; Lotus seed, lily and medlar also use lukewarm bleb to send respectively

2, put the tremella that rips flake into arenaceous Bao inside, enter enough much clear water, open conflagration to boil Bao of fire of lard one’s speech with literary allusions of the cap on rear cover 2 half hours (the attention does not want excessive boiler oh)

3, wait for tremella to boil to thick stiff hind, put rock candy agitate even, enter lotus seed next, the boiler on the lid builds small fire to boil half hours

4, put lily and medlar to be boiled again 15 minutes or so finally can flameout, mouthfeel of the edible after putting the tremella a thick soup that has boiled freezer to refrigerate is super assist oh

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:

1, the effect that this sweetmeats has gas of lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, beneficial to raise a heart, actually tremella, lily, lotus seed, medlar is good to the body Chinese traditional medicine material, the advantage of this syrup is super really much, do not believe search of the Baidu on you

2, tremella should cook very long time ability will be ropy, there is high-pressured pot in proposal home so will boil with high-pressured boiler, the smallest internal heat is used after exhaust again stew half hour ability is OK oh

3, the time that lotus seed, lily cooks cannot too long, change powder otherwise, but lotus seed should enter boiler before lily, medlar just is put finally, medlar puts premature meeting to produce acidity

[Maigre appointment] a thick soup of yoke bean curd

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Bean curd is good thing, the egg also is good thing, the individual feels much to eat this different east, it is absolutely and important to the person of abstain from eating meal.

— this confluence of bean curd and egg ” a thick soup of yoke bean curd ” nutrition is done not have so that say. And return do very easily, the situation that because had been in in dish process,a lot of can omit gets together.

Stuff is very simple, basically have bean curd together, make an appointment with 500g left and right sides, ripe yoke 2 — 3, green vegetables a few

Above all, thoroughly cook the egg, decorticate take yellow (ask BS my pare egg level) . Omit the pace gets together one of: Can the trouble of leave out coddle, I am replaced with bought tea egg.

Next, put bean curd and yoke in juicer together, add make an appointment with 250ml cool boiled water or milk, agitate 30 seconds. Omit the pace gets together: Want to eat mouthfeel bit coarser, need not use juicer, and carry crunch bean curd and yoke on the back with ladle directly, can add after dolly right amount or milk. Agitate divide evenly. Such I doing.

The 3rd the bean curd of dolly, yoke, join pink of Chinese prickly ash, salt, gourmet powder, mix divide evenly, in loading little tub (actually our north calls it ” earthen bowl ” ) , put into the evaporate in boiler, after be being enraged on 6 — 8 minutes. What I use is dish.

The 4th In a thick soup of evaporate bean curd while, prepare green vegetables. The green vegetables that likes at hand some, individual is abluent, cut man. Next, when reckonning evaporate made time get on for, in putting green vegetables man into oily boiler, fry ripe. When frying, it is oil wants little, 2 it is to also want to add condiment. But dosage wants use one’s discretion, because condiment has been added in bean curd. What I use this one situation is carrot, green pepper and green mushroom.

Finally, end of good evaporate a thick soup of yoke bean curd goes out, drop the green vegetables man that has fried above. When eating, mix divide evenly is OK.

Special clew: One Make this food, also can use entire egg, also can use salty egg.
2 Impose the sentence of milk, dish tastes can feel very be bored with.
3 Also need not use a pot for steaming food, and bite a few minutes with microwave oven.

Tell a story to everybody: When I made this food in the winter last year, build go in the china bowl that a microwave oven uses my home.
The course of incident is such: When the word says winter weather is very cold last year, I made this food once, microwave oven bites what use that. I bit 6 minutes, the china bowl that just gave heat carried the balcony instantly (the kitchen of my home is in kitchen table) , result, just put down a bowl with respect to scamper, cracked two very long lines, returned the hand lacerate skin me — thank everybody, my story is told!

Raise a thick soup of tremella of Yan Zhimu melon [maigre appointment 039]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
The card that sent black group last night works to just slept at 12 o’clock, very tired, beijing is enraged every day today bad, can cancel plan of go on a journey only, in slow-witted home. That rises early preparation raises colour soup him reward with food and drink, my pretty likes to do these raising colour DD, also let my husband raise Yan Yi to answer, · of Xi Xi ·

As usual, come first finished product graph

Material assembles greatly
Papaya, tremella, red jujube, medlar (forget put arsis, estimation has not waked up, xi Xi)

1. tremella lukewarm bleb is sent, reserve
Flay of 2. Chinese flowering quince goes seed, stripping and slicing
3, medlar lukewarm bleb is washed
What I use is dark blue city gold-rimmed small jujube, vacuum-packed avoid wash model, do not want bubble so

Papaya is put after boiled water is being heated in boiler, tremella, red jujube, small fire turns after conflagration boil, boil 20 minutes or so about, join right amount rock candy, medlar, boil 10 minutes or so with respect to OK

Give boiler to pull, can eat, hairdressing is raised colour good DD oh

A thick soup of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk of leaf of dried shrimps celery [butterfly cate]

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****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

A thick soup of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk of leaf of dried shrimps celery—Leftover pieces is used opportunely

The celery part of a historical period that selects celery to remain normally and the residue from bean after making soya-bean milk that do soya-bean milk to remain can abandon need not, house home gets along it is austere and advisable to still answer, celery leaf and nutrition of residue from bean after making soya-bean milk are rich, contain a lot ofcrude fibre, summary classics processes these data, can become the delicate soup a thick soup that one a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest sees the person loves.

Advocate makings: Celery leaf, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, dried shrimps

Burden: Essence of soya bean of hair of black agaric, water, carrot, salt, chicken, pepper, white sugar, balm, water is amylaceous


1, celery Xie Xi cuts end completely; Dried shrimps immerses 10 minutes; Black agaric shifts to an earlier date water hair, cut end; Carrot flay cuts man.

2, water is added inside boiler, put carrot man, black agaric, dried shrimps, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk to boil 5 minutes, rejoin celery leaf is boiled, water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale, put essence of salt, chicken, pepper, white sugar, balm to flavor again can.

Crucial: Celery leaf should put ability to be able to maintain bright-coloured green again finally.

Click the picture below to enter ” butterfly “

0803 cate challenge a thick soup of a round mass of food of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented glutinous rice

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0803 cate are challenged, a thick soup of a round mass of food of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented glutinous rice [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

This is the 3rd month that I come to to Sohu community, the activity had entered twice in front, feel pretty is amused, the activity of this month is join course with flowers, it is a bit difficult to be like in the seasonal feeling this early spring, the phase that just just anabiosising because of everythings on earth, had not seen greenery, prep let alone was spent, the baby that is forced to take out me to press one’s store of valuables so came out.

This is one of late foods that the woman in my home likes most [a thick soup of a round mass of food of sweet-scented osmanthus fermented glutinous rice]

First beautiful dirty tastes a graph:

Basic material:
Fermented glutinous rice 100g, egg 1, small a round mass of food of polished glutinous rice makes an appointment with 100, do sweet-scented osmanthus touch, white sugar 20g (two bowls quantity) .

Pink of 1. polished glutinous rice blends group of pink of polished glutinous rice into clear water, rub becomes small a round mass of food (have in supermarket of small now a round mass of food sell, this pace is so negligible) ;

A break up becomes 2. egg egg fluid reserves (the egg sees individual be fond of, it is OK to be not added, added more delicious, the fruit that put a drop also is a good idea) , fermented rice (also have in the supermarket those who sell) dial with the chopstick medicinal powder make grain of rice roughly apart;

After clear water boil is being added inside 3. boiler, thoroughly cook into small a round mass of food;

4. treats small a round mass of food float is on surface hind, churn by the clockwise at the same time with ladle small a round mass of food, lean to one side enters fermented rice, add candy to mix divide evenly, after the water that need boiling water is burned again can pour the egg of break up into boiler slowly, involve fire next, continue with the chopstick agitate, open egg beautiful agitate (I still added man of a bit strawberry today, with period add color) .

5. fills a bowl next in, asperse on Sa Gangui is beautiful namely OK. ;

Soft glutinous of mouthfeel of small a round mass of food, sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet wave 4 excessive, flavour acerbity acid is sweet. . . So the woman of my home likes very much.