Turnip doing is fried bacon and abstain a turnip to work

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( ̄ (labour)  ̄ ) the friend that haing everybody is able to bear or endure in person, old gal good ~

The turnip doing that uses here is the ~ that small female specified amount makes by hand personally

Have above all please luxuriant beautiful leading role comes on stage—-Delicious the Lilliputian ginseng of home of cheap and so-called poor: Zhuo exemplaries

————————–Abstain a turnip to work detailed solution——————————

1. is rectified: &Nbsp; Bai Luobo is abluent, expurgation root is needed, scarcely wants flay oh oh oh ~ ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) ~ cuts strip wide piece, avoid by all means does not want too thin, do not have after otherwise insolation model mouthfeel is bad also

2. is put on the ice: &Nbsp; next the turnip piece had plunged into with polybag, put 12 hours into freezer freezer compartment, refrigerant purpose is to quicken a water of the turnip here=====> > small doohickey <<=======

3. is basked in: &Nbsp; takes out the turnip that has put on the ice, look for a clean household utensils, put the code with even turnip above, place the air below sunshine to bask in to 78 into dry (I basked in 3 days of right-and-left time)

4. bloats: &Nbsp; cleans clean turnip to work, twist dry, undertake bloating with pink of chili of Or of any of several hot spice plants of liquor, salt, candy, bubble be soiled, flip through everyday 1-2 second. Because the jar of be soiled did not bloat in the home, I am buckled with Le Koule will replace, the effect is OK still

… (⊙ ﹏ ⊙ ) … (A, bloat patiently in be soiled process)

Bloat through what a week controls be soiled, the turnip is dry very tasty


(> mouth < ) should firing eventually use shovel

1. Will cut piece evaporate of the boiler on bacon, because bacon is general relative salty and fat more difficult also ripe can have compared below evaporate first so, the cured meat with good evaporate is made a bit clear put cool be used

2. turnip works to be washed with Wen Shuiqing, twist dry, cut paragraphs small

We still need 3. a few garlic piece, scallion paragraph / garlic bolt, bubble any of several hot spice plants

4. firings, do not cheer inside bowl ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) , had better be iron bowl after pulling ~ to burn hot pot, join, the turnip works, right ~ doing stir-fry before stewing does exterior moisture content to evaporate to the turnip, show piece. Bubble any of several hot spice plants, bacon repeats measure of dry stir-fry before stewing

5. heats up boiler cold oil to fall, put garlic piece, duration does not want too big lest garlic piece paper.

6. garlic piece give sweet smell, put bubble any of several hot spice plants to be fried together, rejoin bacon breaks up quickly fry, put a turnip to work, conflagration is fried quickly, the fragrance that should do bacon and turnip is fried come out, put a few sugar, a few soy (not be the sort of very salty) , break up fry ~ to add sesame oil, put scallion, break up fry ~ 2 times to give boiler ~ general situation to need not flavor additionally again, because bacon and turnip do itself,flavour is compared sufficient ~

╰ ( ̄ ▽  ̄ ) ╭ Loud call rice, rice


. . . . ≤ of.o(≥ ω ) O. . . .



Did not come for ages ~ my Hu Han 3 came back again ~

The friend that welcomes to like cate to like music comes Susan kitchen, click enter

Autumn the turnip oxtail soup that fill

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Several days did not come, work went, I attended class, although sleep every day, but the person still gets over there, I am poppet, the teacher chooses a name I still continue the good child of attend a lecture
Oxtail, big jujube, egg, xianggu mushroom, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, turnip, green ginger
1: Green ginger is patted broken, turnip stripping and slicing, oxtail goes hematic bath is clean
2: Clear water is added inside boiler, put oxtail, green ginger, big jujube stews a hour
3: Egg break up, booth becomes egg skin, cool hind cut into shreds
4: 1 put a turnip in one’s childhood, xianggu mushroom, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, stew ripe can
5: Fill soup bowl in, put egg silk, scatter on chopped green onion can


Summer is small the turnip of appetizing Beijing cake of cool dish [healthy kitchen of darling home De]

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[alimental nutrition knowledge]

Bai Luobo is a kind of common vegetable, unripe eat cooked food all but, its flavour takes bitter taste slightly. Modern research thinks, bai Luobo contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fibre, have promote digest, enhance appetite, accelerate a stomach to bowel wriggles and relieve a cough expectorant action. Theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also thinks to should savour Xin Gan, the gender is cool, enter lobar stomach classics, taste for dietotherapy beautiful, can be treated or assist cure a variety of diseases, detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine says for ” in greens the most advantageous person ” .

Bai Luobo has fair officinal value in clinical practice. Bai Luobo has the effect that fight cancer: Because Bai Luobo contains lignin, can enhance the vigor of huge bite cell, gobble up cancer cell thereby. And still contain a kind enzymatic can decompose those who cause cancer inferior saltpetre amine, have the effect that fight cancer so. Additional, bai Luobo is one of optimal origin with human body calcic complement, turnip juice still has fall blood pressure action. Among them amylase, can prevent starch overmuch, eliminate gastritis and gastric ulcer, its combat oxidisability and the effect that restrain cellular ageing very apparent also; Can prevent osteoporosis, still have very strong alexipharmic function additionally, can use at treating dyspepsia not diuresis of disappear, bronchitic, sober up.

[turnip of appetizing Beijing cake]

1, material: Haw jelly (Beijing cake) , Bai Luobo

Condiment: White vinegar, candy

2, will white a bamboo basket predicts flay, cut away becomes diamonds entity quadrilateral, change a knife to cut 0.5CM thick piece, cut again wide the strip that makes an appointment with 0.5CM

3, haw jelly is cut likewise thick the strip that makes an appointment with 0.5CM, with Bai Luobo ply comes can, the hawkthorn that will cut float in cool boiled water

4, Bai Luobo in join one spoon white sugar to mix divide evenly

5, white vinegar of rejoin 2-3 spoon, mix the souse after divide evenly 20 minutes

6, hawkthorn with the Bai Luobo that has bloated, interval has been put, asperse in the surface on white sugar can

Make little hint:

1, when cutting haw jelly, bit of cool boiled water is wiped to be cut on the knife the meeting is more suitable slippery, haw jelly touchs a knife not easily.

2, this local color is little cool dish, the edible after the proposal is refrigerated, gust will be much better.


Acid of iced straw rain cape is sweet turnip [of straw rain cape of detail drawing specification cut a way]

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** [acid of iced straw rain cape is sweet turnip] - the beauty of cate of の of the ELLEN that cut a way of straw rain cape of detail drawing specification engraves ***

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Speak of turnip of this straw rain cape, the old father that I can think of to I die, the knife work that in us the home wants to count my father is top-ranking, although my father is male comrade, xi Xi, but he is a very attentive person (what learn finance affairs possibly is such, my father is accountant) , a silk of what acid hot potato should be done in the home, should cut a shredded meat, still have do cucumber of a straw rain cape or turnip ah, these work are me of old father, he receives these work that my mom allocates to him, the first his thing takes out the very big kitchen knife there namely, relapse instead on holystone answer well grind go up to be ground, next he began to cut a turnip seriously (the order that seem soldier receives a check is same, with a ha breath out) , the silk that father cuts I boast not at all, this potato silk can cross stythe eye of a needle, ha, fierce! Summer reachs previously, father can do cucumber of straw rain cape and turnip of straw rain cape to eat to us, besides the taste with sweet acid, I still like its modelling particularly, had seen father had been done countless times before, because father is done adroitly, cut very quickly, so I always feel it is very easy to cut this, that year of summer that father dies later, I am wanting to eat turnip of straw rain cape, but small turnip arrives on my hand how not obedient also, do not cut that look that gives father namely, look or proved a word: See a person carry a load oneself do not take pain to, hahahaha! ~

I also learned to cut straw rain cape now, actually what thing is have one’s ideas straightened out feel easy to do, like thinking my panification confect, at the beginning also won’t, feel very difficult to do, but want you to master essentials only, everything is very easy.

Cut good straw rain cape your kitchen knife must fast, like if your inexperience is just like me then,still having, with the chopstick or bamboo autograph mat is below the turnip, such knives are cut won’t cut off the turnip, the knife is to fall in bamboo above the autograph (not clear see lowermost show a graph to analyse) , still the turnip wants to use thick salt souse, cannot make the purificatory salt of dish at ordinary times with us, father says souse thing wants to use thick salt, the thing of purificatory salt souse can have acrid, the turnip with good souse must be washed with clear water, so OK the salinity with redundant purify, still have the acerbity taste inside the turnip, the turnip of put away candy and fruit vinegar can put freezer, if you like to still can put thin lotus leaf, the turnip that has put on the ice so still can appear the flavour of light mint, I do today put a few, field mint is he is planted, thinking below a few to eat to be picked is convenient very, I am to be done midday commonly can take icy sick at heart in the evening sweet turnip, summer arrived now, eat meat dishes to be able to feel very mouth of be bored with, everybody tries to do do the turnip with this acerbity sweet, icy acid, it is very delicate and goluptious really.

Anxiously expect a round mass of food of turnip corn face of reunion

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***<STRONG>Recall one’s suffering and think over the source of present happiness, anxiously expect reunion — a round mass of food of turnip corn face</STRONG>***

<STRONG>Graph / article author: A Dan</STRONG>

<STRONG>Lamentation of 3 days has gone. The person that die cannot be redeemed forever, the person that be born wants firm unripe subsist. A round mass of food that makes this, be a kind to wish, wish the world all families circle of can round reunion, happiness is restful. </STRONG>

<STRONG>The sisters of disaster area still have now bad, we also are fastened too extravagant, take a place simple, with their share happiness and woe. Mom teachs me this a round mass of food. She often eats in one’s childhood. Await material to short in those days, hungry abdomen is often thing. Can eat on such a round mass of food is very glad. Of course, the affirmation in a round mass of food of turnip corn face of that time does not have meat stuffing. </STRONG>

<STRONG>This a round mass of food is simple, but explicit on nutrition. Although cannot satisfy talking around to the top of one’s bent desire, can maintain however the body. Flesh of braise in soy sauce is delicious, ate even ran; Fragrance of a round mass of food of coarse food grain is defective, can eat feel at ease and justified. </STRONG>

<STRONG>The procedure is simpler, one step comes: </STRONG>

<STRONG>Give boiler. What this corn face puts is a bit much still, so a round mass of food collapsed, not be rounded and rounded ~</STRONG>

<STRONG>I do not like to eat this kind of big turnip all along, had felt smelly. . . But say big turnip has nutrition, that eats appropriately a bit. Incision sees ~~</STRONG>

<STRONG>Although not be aroma,raid a person, did not allow the capital that person forefinger uses greatly, but nourishing turnip, healthy corn face; Have food, have the flesh, also have staple food, be more comprehensive, that admires a face to eat two ~</STRONG>

<STRONG>Finally, give the brethrens of disaster area all blessings, wish their new good life begins ~~~~ at an early date</STRONG>

** welcomes to ** of my home small kitchen

Silk of green pepper turnip and series of meal of box of husband of skin of soya-bean milk 15

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Silk of green pepper turnip and skin of soya-bean milk, series of husband box meal 15
Graph / article author: The bubble of the dream
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
Click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters the cloud to pursue a dream

Hurry update rich guest to go out to move, I am a poor so I reduce weight chose to go quickly, insist to be on half hour everyday as far as possible, adding slowly long, hum so decided, for summer, yes, for summer!

Silk of green pepper turnip

Raw material: Garlic of Bai Luobo, green pepper, green

Condiment: Salt, soup-stock, soy


1, green pepper turnip cuts into shreds

2, hot pot cool oil enters green garlic, silk of green pepper turnip is entered after giving sweet smell, fry come to be born, give boiler into soy of salt, a few, soup-stock

In come to a piece

Skin of soya-bean milk

Raw material: Garlic of ginger of skin of soya-bean milk, carrot, green

Condiment: Salt, soup-stock, soy


1, skin of soya-bean milk, carrot cuts into shreds, scald of boiled water of skin of soya-bean milk one give boiler

2, hot pot cool oil enters green ginger garlic, after giving sweet smell, fry into skin of soya-bean milk and carrot break to carrot give birth to salt, soup-stock, a few soy gives boiler

Take a picture the error that discovers oneself made sex of a common sense, carrot and white turnip cannot eat together, the carrot in collected a husband box meal that hurry to come out.

Silk of turnip of chop any of several hot spice plants [alluring woman kitchen]

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile **** of.sohu cate kitchen
Big careless — silk of turnip of chop any of several hot spice plants [alluring woman kitchen]

** lives simply, love simply — delicate life ** of the alluring woman

Big careless

I am big careless, more than 20 years big careless. Did not pass carefully. Although serious, but because careless err thing is often thing. For instance yesterday, I went out to shop, know perfectly well have showery, took the umbrella, but did not hold a bag in. So, shop half when rained, not method went Internet bar. Wanting to also do not have a thing, revise the picture of the Carrie of camera upload picture park. But chat with everybody later those who chat is too excited, forgot to unplug read card implement came home. When when cooking today, want to want to discover with ability, card be dead. You say me this is hapless urge ah.

So Xiaoliu’s card took an other people of my brazen-faced to use. Not bad, not bad, xiaoliu was bought today new this, need not use read card implement. I go to otherwise even buy read card implement go. As to the old computer of Comrade Xiaoliu I did not say, land of otherwise person wife and children can feel embarrassed.

After looking, I want great attention, the day grew otherwise after this, me all the day of forgetful much worse. The key is pecuniary loss of this accumulate over a long period but many ah.

Silk of turnip of chop any of several hot spice plants

Last year when first phase cate been do to challenge in jar is turnip of cold and dressed with sause, I did chop any of several hot spice plants 3, carrot, Bai Luobo and asparagus lettuce are done. But cold and dressed with sause, come this of a heat, discovery is pretty good still after eating.

Raw material: Bai Luobo, green pepper

Condiment: Essence of chop any of several hot spice plants, vinegar, salt, dawdle


1, silk of dig of white turnip flay (knife work is good can be cut, I am no good, with respect to dig silk. ) , green pepper cuts into shreds;

2, heat having pot is oily, turnip silk and green pepper silk are put to break up together after putting chop any of several hot spice plants to fry a red oil fry to ripe, add vinegar, salt and dawdle essence to flavor can. (because chop any of several hot spice plants has,the quantity should note when saline taste puts salt so)

This dish, go with rice is very pretty good still.

But the alluring woman is done this be a spring pancake.

As to spring pancake next period hair are breathed out

To what see spring pancake,

Should notice the alluring woman renews rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit

Because jar always bullies me not to let me send a card, so my spring pancake has been on rich guest

2008-04-06 | One day my — spring pancake

One of husband of turnip of winter pickled vegetables are various the turnip works [jasmine home]

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile **

Turnip of winter pickled vegetables is n/COL the head of a family various turnip does one of _______ [jasmine home]

1. boil in water for a while bloats the turnip is dry

2. sweet-and-sour turnip works

3. is hot fry a turnip to work

This is stuck child going early the end of the year prepared, can do not have an opportunity to let it enter the court all the time,
Now, year also went, big fish big meat also eats enough,
Still prepare some of cole, leave appetizing ^e^

********** does ********** about the turnip

The turnip works, it is I am opposite in one’s childhood a kind of memory.

In one’s childhood northward, without what fresh in the winter greenery is vegetable,
Basically rely on turnip and Chinese cabbage hibernate,
Be like every turnip Chinese cabbage that buys hundreds of jins by the ticket.
Then, the housewife of domestic home wants method, winter the dish with this drab different make all sorts of taste, so that go with rice.

Bai Luobo, turnip of the easiest strike out works,
Convenient deposit, also go out to have a way differently changeably.
Remember everyday in the winter, the season that the turnip appears on the market,
Before a lot of doors, in the courtyard, can spread mat, air is worn above the turnip is dry,
Be being done is a few jins, get on 100 jins even!
It is to had been done bloat in jar, have one winter.

Most the commonnest is hot turnip works, also most go with rice.
Can mix directly a vinegar or oil,
Still can fry with oil eat,
Again advanced bit, deserve to nod steamed stuffed bun of fat end evaporate.
Cannot leave year after year just about instead.

Now, have the pattern vegetable that eats to come nevertheless all the year round,
Take put in order, also no longer cherish rarely worked from the turnip that does not leave year after year then,
But strange is, everyday autumn wind sweep, still want to do a turnip to work,
It is to like that pliable but strong fragile sweet,
Be still carry secretly is worn does childhood wipe the memory that does not go that?

Just, need not do at a draught now so much,
Buy on 35 jins fresh turnip,
Changing pattern ground consummate cole,
The ” that became mensal God day quickly also to cannot leave unexpectedly bestows favor on ” newly ^e^


The way that all sorts of turnips work:

Bai Luobo has a trouble, it is not easy tasty, and just fried the turnip that come out to still taking a kind of bad taste,
So, want turnip doing is delicious, it is to want to flavor first, bloat again tasty, ability is delicious.

1. boil in water for a while bloats the turnip is dry:

Forget to tell a thing in the graph:

It is a turnip after air works partly, add some of salt, chinese prickly ash is kneaded soft arrive a water (fasten full airing, that is fried again so come out, bite did not move) ,
Next squeezing ramming bloats one day, reassume goes out abluent, boil in water for a while of feed in raw material is fried.

2. sweet-and-sour turnip works

This kind of turnip works, also be to be being illuminated above the method of 1, do turnip air partly first,

After be being kneaded with any of several hot spice plants of a little salt next, bloat one day, reoccupy is sweet-and-sour immerse.

3. is hot fry a turnip to work

This kind of turnip works, can get turnip dry air a few drier, such, taste more pliable but strong, have chew a head

After turnip dry air is good, knead with salt and Chinese prickly ash soft give water, bloat one day again, abluent, fry with dry chili or green chili boil in water for a while, have taste very much.

Guangdong still has a kind of complete air to become dry turnip or turnip silk, use boiling water of Bao pig bone, or evaporate pork eats, pretty good,
It is I had not been done so only.

Ground meat turnip and soup of dawdler of dish of dawdler of soup of ham beans seedling

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[Achieve formerly] the ground meat turnip of soup of dawdler dish dawdler and soup of ham beans seedling** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

The food that I make, always very save trouble
Why? Because I am lazy… very lazy…

The food that so I feel I am done, basic OK a general designation is dawdler meal: P

Though be dawdler meal, but not the delegate is not delicious

Because lazy while, I also am take money

It is delicious for certain and the thing of convenient operation often just can be done, just can recommend everybody

The welcome follows me tube of same characteristics drop perhaps wants to experience view and emulate of tube of our characteristics drop carries out: )

(the word outside the problem, I feel delicious, also hope you feel delicious very much, but after all it is difficult to cater for all tastes, cannot assure so everybody feels delicious certainly oh ~~~ )

Say to return today’s theme to come up

Prepare raw material:

Bailuo predicts, ground meat is right amount

Bai Luobo cuts older man (most be fed up with the dish bird that should cut into shreds, that is not embarrassed my poor knife meritorious service ~ ) : P

Still have thick broad-bean sauce (him mom does, than outside sell so that want exquisite)

If be done not have really, perhaps do not like plain flavour thick broad-bean sauce really, the other thick chili sauce that can adjust oneself to like ah what sauce (I had not experimented to use other sauce, so flavour need yourself held ~ )

Have oily pot, put into 9 anise to mix a few Chinese prickly ash

After stir-fry before stewing gives sweet smell, put ground meat

Can give fish out to come the anise Chinese prickly ash that has become angry actually before putting ground meat, but I lazy. . . . . .

When ground meat is fried drilier, put right amount thick broad-bean sauce to fry all

Because thick broad-bean sauce is unripe, can fry a little while more slightly so, fry ripe fry its peculiar fragrance to come

Add next unripe smoke (render palatable) , often smoke (chromatically) , pink of the five spices, salt

Continue to fry

Look, than above the color of that boiler became deep: )

Fry all later can enter turnip man

Break up again fry twice, make a turnip fourth touch condiment to go, add water next

Water is not added too much, because if the turnip is tender, oneself still can give water

Like to mix with soup juice nevertheless if the meal perhaps touchs a thing to eat, OK and many bits more extenuatory water

The boiler on the lid is built, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, in turning, small fire cook over a slow fire is worn

Next what does latency time do?

Do boiling water ~

This Shang Jishi is very simple very simple, but be done MS is a bit complexly by my sudden crank that day it seems that

Say originally simple way: Hot pot puts little oil, a bit stir-fry before stewing ham bowel piece with a few Jiang Pian, water is added after having sweet smell, baked wheaten cake leaves in, put pea young plant, add salt and essence of a few chicken to flavor, have pot immediately. Because pea seedling is very tender, basically be very hot ripe. If like, still can add a few sesame oil.

Will see me again how do that day do:

Ham bowel a section (the sort of conflagration leg bowel that actually individual feeling wants to use thick site is better)

A few sesame oil poured in boiler, should compare a picture nevertheless in again slightly much a tiny bit

Because only two people have a meal, I used small stockpot directly

Put two ginger and ham bowel piece go down a bit decoct

Add water next, burn

In waiting for the process that water burns, good pea seedling choose abluent and stand-by

Water left

Because ham bowel decoct passes, so soup shows small white a bit

Certain somebody discovers boiler many lis thing

some more really white thing, it is albumen

Why to add albumen? Everybody does Shang Shi to need not be added

The account that I add albumen is, in me busy ground cooks again below the circumstance that takes a picture again

Ground of some stupid be seized by a whim begins to prepare to make his cookie

Those who do is Margaret, ripe yoke needs in material, then albumen is abandoned by him one of edges

When I do boiling water, saw be added into soup with respect to conveniently, cannot waste: )

The water in respecting boiler left above, should put pea seedling to go in

Put salt and gallinaceous essence to flavor next with respect to success ~

Perhaps be me the start became slow, pea seedling in a way is ironed so that cross a bird a bit

Everybody can experiment to put salt and gallinaceous essence to flavor first, put pea young plant again: )

Cheng Qi will see ~

Shang Ying should be to look at very comfortable reseda

Can be illuminated to come out by the goofy camera of my home, color changed with respect to some

Everybody was done know, the sort of very good-looking color: )

The dish in boiler is about the same also at that time

The actual condition that still should depend on everybody of course is accurate

When just taking cate kitchen before, actually this dish learns with plum JJ

Very a dish of go with rice, shang Zhihai can mix meal

And after such doing, did not have the sort of turnip flavour completely

Do not like those who eat Bai Luobo to also be worth to try oh ~ : )

The dish of aroma, the soup of faint scent, warm sweet rice ~

Sweet sweet feed: )

Will see some stupid work finally

When I cook, he seeks formula in busy move, prepare data, undertake early days works

When we have a meal, area base took freezer winter sleep

The meal finishs, he begins biscuit model, my this ability is available help him take a picture

Placed full a dish

Still remained base of one small round area to be played when plasticene by him ~ sweat first ~

As to hold what figure, do not tell you ~~ : D

Bake good biscuit ~

We were tasted only in all be less than

Not be bad to eat, however a moment ago delicate dinner lets us eat maintained

Do not have a space to hold biscuit again so, complete outfit takes a case in

So, ask the mug-up after everybody has a meal: ) fasten polite oh ~

Home-made bacon fries a turnip to work

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This dish is ~~~ of drop of super go with rice, take such course every time my appetite increases one times the least, always extend Babylon claw not self-consciously again to meal spoon ~~~

Such good food does not introduce a feeling to I am sorry audience ~~~ above all: Raw material is good, bacon, turnip doing is Home-made, taste even if compare outside buy should delicious, be at ease. Another, the ordinal time of different material should have mastered when frying, just can make the optimal gust ~ that feeds capable person so

The way says to breath out:

Bacon cuts chip, the drop after scald water issues moisture ~ , turnip dry bubble is soft stand-by. Boiler burns heat, put oil (oily quantity wants many somes of ability delicious) , give garlic valve, dry chili and Jiang Si bomb fragrance to come first, put in cured meat conflagration stir-fry before stewing to fry again, the simple sense that fries a distinctive transparent oil profit comes. Still can put a few white sugar to be fried together inside boiler at this moment, the oil that fries a Gong Gong comes. When what bacon fries is about the same, turnip doing and green Duan Fang goes in continue it is good that conflagration is fried a little while. Add a few to be born transfer flavour. Saline quantity should have been controlled, because of bacon, unripe smoking is salty, do not put too much salt so.

Sweet hot sweet hot ~~~ turnip works to still take bit of light sweet taste, bacon is transparent also and sleek, delicious oh ~ !