Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

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[apparently severed] lotus root already disconnected, lotus root silk still is being connected. Compare apparently disengage, still have embroil actually. Point to affection of male and female more not absolutely, difficult give up. In the school explain still clear, often see lotus root, can you also think of this term? Think of the person is worldly hard a lot of affection of give up?
Unripe lotus root has disappear Yu Qing Dynasty to heat up, divide irritated satisfy one’s thirst, hemostatic (nosebleed, hematuria, n/med having blood in one’s stool, uterine haemorrhage) , expectorant, treat pneumonic, all disease such as collapse of blood of the have diarrhoea below tuberculosis, enteritis, lienal empty, woman. After lotus root course is thoroughlied cook, quality by cool become lukewarm, lost the property with disappear Yu hot Qing Dynasty; And turn into beneficial to taste, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, beneficial blood, stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

We come a hemp hot lotus root: Additional kind have a way, absolutely hemp hot delicacy is sweet, ah

The leading role with abluent flay, beautiful? (prevent lotus root to become angry, can put in the bubble in the water that added white vinegar to wear, do not fry with pure iron bowl the meeting is nigrescent. )

Lotus root cuts reserve:

Oil pours in boiler, small fire fries pink of sweet chili pink, Chinese prickly ash, (must small fire, papered influence colour and lustre otherwise more influence appetite, master dosage according to individual taste) put lotus root, drop little is white vinegar (come lotus root won’t become angry 2 will hold lotus root fragile bright) , the salt that increase a point, a bit candy breaks up fry a few times, balm of a little dawdle essence, drop gives boiler—-

Go up desk, eat ~0~ Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

The flavor of heaven, Xian Xiangzhi person biscuit

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Today is this month Heng of Hunan of kitchen birthday official highs advocate serve for everybody for the last time, hey. . . This pitiful clear division younger sister still is come to by my abduct, yao thinks in March the middle ten days of a month, I begin look for ” successor ” , I search look for to look for, look for look for search, in ten million philtrum, abrupt, a people is special greet, this person is younger sister of my clear division, HOHO, my fertilizer water does not shed division elder sister alien cropland, on the persistent hand that reachs this baton to division younger sister! Ah. So far, by a definite date of a small room of a small room the type of birthday official solicit comments of a month went to take up office. Nevertheless, to Xuan Xuan, I have an ashamed regret from beginning to end, because be in in April beginning, mom of a small room of a small room falls ill be in hospital, high a small room wants work from dawn to night take care of the mother that get a severe disease, handle chore even, the Laolao in the home is small want Xuan Xuan to take care of.

By last month, clear division younger sister asks I send her a biscuit, can be me this individual errors really lazy, try every possible way to persuade sb, when bilking her to leave off one’s post, today, it is to procrastinated to go nevertheless really, serve this Xian Xiangzhi person biscuit, prescription reference is carried child with bear’s paw, alter somewhat, 2 people say this biscuit can let a person experience the flavor of heaven, be suspicious be puzzled is put in the heart, immediately start working, pass do sth over and over again one time, sampled like what wish the flavor of this heaven, as to heaven be what flavor after all, still be you will be carried out personally, won’t disappointed oh ~

Finished product graph:

Raw material: (25)
Butter is 80 grams, medium muscle flour 135 grams, candy is 45 grams, complete egg fluid 30 grams, cheese pink 30 grams, powdered milk is small spoon of 1/4 of hour of 1/4 of small spoon of 1/2 of 10 grams, salt, gourmet powder, white pepper, dry small spoon of rosemary broken 1/4,

1, butter candy, dismiss

2, add egg juice, agitate divide evenly

3, join white of flavor mixture, milk powder, cheese, agitate divide evenly

4, the sieve enters flour, mix with rubber drawknife divide evenly

5, break up, every dough 15 grams, rub circle, squash, with broach extrude grain

6, oven warm-up, fluctuation fire, middle-level, 180 degrees turn after 10 minutes 165 degrees 8 minutes

1, saline dosage can be adjusted according to oneself taste, the dosage of small spoon of the 1/2 in Benfangzi, the individual feels a bit salty, next time but halve
2, a tinfoil can be built after biscuit chromatically, in case chromatic too deep

Bale cough up, , taking this satisfying small biscuit to go for an outing, experience the flavor ~ of heaven

Shang Xian of medlar mullet yam gives mother [butterfly cate] [nutrition calls for paper]

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[nutrition calls for paper] soup of medlar mullet yam, give mom [butterfly cate]

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Soup of medlar mullet yam, give mom’s love

Mom has coronary heart disease, blood sugar a bit tall still, the food in living daily so also needs an attention. Mom of the stepmother before remembering new year’s day 8 years because heart disease be in hospital, mom heart disease is very severe in those days, it is a little breath, difficult to walk. Look at the appearance that in former days healthy and optimistic mom is tormented by ailment, my heart should break. I am thinking in those days, after it is good to wait for mother fault, I want double filial mom, let mom have a happy old age. Now body convalesce of mom, make a person feel glad really. I show boiling water of yam of this medlar mullet give me dear mother, wish mom health is macrobian.

[the nutrient value of mullet is analysed] mullet contains a lot ofE of vitamin of protein, fatty acid, B a group of things with common features, vitamin, calcic, magnesian, Selenium to wait for nutrient element, shuttle fish bone is little, the flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious. Mullet with approach shuttle flies when wintry spring is alternant most delicate.

[the dietotherapy action of yam]   1. Be good at lienal beneficial stomach, aid digestion: Yam contains much amylase, more phenolic oxidation enzymatic wait for material, be helpful for taste digesting absorb a function, it is to make the same score the medicine of filling taste to feed blindly taste amphibiously. No matter lienal this world has a deficit or gastric deficiency of yin with irritability, all but edible. Clinical on commonly used treat taste frail, feed little body tired, the disease such as have loose bowels. 2. Essence of grow kidney beneficial: Yam contains a variety of nutriment, have able-bodied airframe, the action of essence of grow kidney beneficial. Generally kidney deficient seminal emission, woman leucorrhoea the disease such as frequency of much, pee, all can take. 3. Beneficial lung relieves a cough: Yam contains black to become, mucilaginous, have lubricant, moist action, reason but beneficial lung is angry, raise lobar shade, phlegmy cough of remedial lung empty is long coughing disease. 4. Reduce blood sugar: Yam contains some mucous protein, have the effect that reduces blood sugar, can use at cure diabetic, the dietotherapy beautiful that is diabetic person is tasted. 5. Prolong life yam contains many mucous albumen, vitamin and microelement, can prevent hematic fat effectively to be in charge of mural precipitation in blood, prevent cardiovascular disease, obtain profit records to calm the nerves, the effect of the prolong life. 6. Fight hepatic coma: Consider to discover yam has composed effect in recent years, usable will fight hepatic coma. 6. Embellish skin, hairdressing: OK and alimentary skin follows hair. Yam is the beautiful dish of edible not only, also be nourishing beautiful is tasted.

[the dietotherapy action of medlar] the indispensible nutrition that medlar contains the healthy eye such as the calcium such as rich carotene, vitamin A1, B1, B2, C, iron, reason is good at bright eye, so common says ” bright eye child ” . Deficient empty of shade of inadequacy of blood of liver of therapy of home of past dynasties cure, kidney causes look matter dim-sighted with nyctalopia, often use medlar. Bolus of glutinous rehmannia of chrysanthemum of famous prescription a surname, it is main medicaments with medlar. Medlar has the effect that enhances airframe immunity power, can fill enrage strong choice, nourishing liver kidney, fight consenescence, stop the disappear thirsty, warm body, effect that combats tumor. Still have the effect that reduces fat of blood pressure, blood and blood sugar, can prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, protection is hepatic, boycott fatty liver, stimulative liver rejuvenesce. Suit old person edible more.

Advocate makings: Mullet; Yam

Burden: Medlar, caraway, ginger, salt, gourmet powder, pepper, dry starch, liquor

The method that make:

1, mullet goes scale, branchial and splanchnic, clean clean, cut paragraphs small.

2, use the mullet that has cut salt, liquor, dry starch to pile up flavour 10 minutes.

3, boiler having oil, mullet paragraph two sides summary decoct.

4, a few water, Jiang Pian, salt are added inside boiler, conflagration is boiled, medium baking temperature boils 20 minutes.

5, yam is abluent, flay cuts chunk, put into boiler to boil 5 minutes instantly.

6, the medlar that joins bubble to had been sent finally boils 2 minutes to involve fire, essence of rejoin pepper, chicken, caraway paragraph can.

Sweet clew:

1, when yam flay section, had better wear a glove, lest have an itch to do sth.

2, yam had better be in piece husk again when next boiler, lest become angry.

3, yam is not long boil, can insert with the chopstick move can, time grew to be able to rot and do not become form.

4, the fish must be used had panbroiled, boil the Yu Shangcai that go out the meeting is sweet thick.

5, the color with piscine golden soup comes from mullet.

Click the picture below to enter ” butterfly “

Fabaceous Chi Xian Bei

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Fabaceous Chi Xian Bei

Practice: 1) preliminary flavoring: Fabaceous Chi, cooking wine, candy, carry on the back with ladle a little pulverize beans Chi.

2) big Xian Bei 5 - 6, transversely a few. Place in boiler, enter a moment ago preliminary condiment.

3) what I use is anhydrous cooking boiler — lid of the boiler on ― lid, air-vent is opened to ” ” the position, medium baking temperature, when waiting for steam valve to give out chirp sound, turn small fire, air-vent is hit ” close ” the position, boil a little while a bit again can.

Evaporate of usable also and common a pot for steaming food is ripe. Nevertheless, with this kind anhydrous cooking boiler makes the food that evaporate cooks, feel quite good — ― food not shrink, very tender.

The practice of oily stew prawn

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[characteristic] Flavor is delicate, xian Xianyi’s person

[raw material]
Advocate makings prawn 10. Condiment cooking wine 25 grams, refined salt is right amount, white sugar 30 grams, gourmet powder 5 grams, peanut oil 100 grams, balm 25 grams, aniseed 2 grams, green paragraph 75 grams, jiang Pian 50 grams, clear soup is right amount.

[the process that make]

1, rinse prawn, cut go leg of shrimp beard, shrimp, part of gun of pretext ministry shrimp is cut a sip of, take out sanded package, cut open shrimp back again, take out sanded gland.

2, get angry of round-bottomed frying pan, put peanut oil, burn heat, devoted aniseed, green paragraph, Jiang Pian stir-fry before stewing is fried, put prawn stir-fry before stewing to fry a shrimp sauce, boil enters cooking wine, join refined salt, white sugar, clear soup to be burned, build upper cover, bake with stew of low baking temperature fully, move spoon again normalizing, receive juice small thick when put tasty essence of life, drench balm is become namely.

The autumn eats lotus lotus root to raise taste more

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Autumn season, be Xian Ouying city when. Bright lotus root besides containing many carbohydrate, protein and all sorts of vitamins and mineral content are very rich also, folk has early ” collect tender lotus root newly to get the better of imperial physician ” say. To old people, qiu Ougeng is taste of take a tonic to build up health is good feed capable person.

If want to let lotus root have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, be good at the action that lienal beneficial enrages, must machine it ripe. Explanation of appropriate of king of head of department of nutrition of dietotherapy of the wide hospital that install the gate says academy of sciences of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, unripe lotus root but disappear Yu cool blood, clear irritated heat, stop vomit is thirsty, the woman is postpartum diet raw or cold food, alone not avoid lotus root, have very good disappear Yu effect because of lotus root namely. But sex of unripe lotus root is cold, gan Liang enters a stomach, for flimsy to intestines and stomach old people, the likelihood still can have certain stimulative effect. And machine lotus root to ripe hind, its sex by cool become lukewarm, although lost the property of disappear Yu, clear heat, turn into however beneficial to taste,

Make lotus root treatment into lotus root starch especially, be old people rare more feed Bu Jia to taste, already rich nutrition, digest easily again, have raise blood hemostatic, the appetizing effect in tone. At ordinary times the senile friend with bad taste, might as well taking the advantage of fresh when autumn lotus root appears on the market, eat more a few, oneself make lotus root starch in the home.

The method that make is very simple: Above all, slice of lotus root gross, to accelerate dry rate, can first on evaporate 5 minutes; Next, lotus root piece the insolation on the gauze that tile is in clean, etc insolation, bask in after appearing, powder is pounded in putting mortar can.

When breakfast, develop the lotus root starch that on one bowl of small glittering and translucent get rid of appears with boiled water, light lotus root is sweet special conduce to an old person appetizing. From the point of nutrient angle, can assure to absorb enough carbohydrate not only, still have C of a few vitamins and prandial thread at the same time. If drink congee in the morning everyday, might as well now and then change taste, will nod lotus root starch, like to eat sweet of the mouth, nod honey, brown sugar or still can be being added appropriately is sweet-scented osmanthus. Do with lotus root starch afternoon adding meat also is right choice.

When choosing lotus root, also have exquisite. The surface should be carried to send form of yellow, lotus root when buying brawny, the place of fracture surface is being heard have a faint scent. Use industrial the lotus lotus root that acid treatment crosses looks very white, hearing have tart flavor. The attention should be not had, without sodden, without rusty spot, ceaseless section, not drying shrinkage, did not become angry. Each part of lotus root has different treatment edible kind, if lotus root is pointed the part is smaller, can mix eat. The part among suits to be being fried eat, older common treatment makes lotus root starch, sweetmeat or blast wear eat.

Method of Guangdong Bao soup collects a gathering of things or people greatly

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There is bowl of reeky Xian Shang on table, often make person lick one’s chaps, be in especially wintry spring, shang Ji can aid a person to warm oneself, can make maw mouth leaves greatly again.

Bao soup often chooses to contain a lot ofprotein animal raw material, had better use bone of bone of ox, sheep, pig and chicken, duck to wait. Its method is: First raw material abluent, add enough cold water into boiler hind, with flourishing fire boil, convert again small fire, last 20 minutes, cast aside foam, add the condiment such as ginger and cooking wine, need water keep boiling with medium baking temperature after boil again 3 ~ 4 hours, make the protein in raw material dissolves morely, hoosh is shown ivory, refrigeration hind can be caky can regard soup as to boil arrived home. Can how does ability make Shang Xian delicious? Also be to have skill here but of character, it is 3 Bao, 4 stew and 5 avoid. 

3 Bao 4 stew: Bao, cook food with slow fire namely, boil slowly. Bao can make alimental nutrition composition dissolves effectively in Shang Shui, human body is digested and absorb easily. Although Bao soup is called the art work in the kitchen, but because it is in,not be cook on very trival, grow because of the cook time of need however, have some of cost time. In fact, bao soup is very easy, want raw material attune to cooperate manage only, 3 Bao 4 stew (chef common saying: Bao needs commonly two to 3 hours, the need that stew 4 hours of) , wear in the Bao on fire slowly can. Fire does not pass big, duration boils with soup degree is accurate, after boil, small fire is stewed slow, duration control can leave in soup can.

Stewed time grows is a respect, still should notice the following 5 avoid:
It is avoid midway adds cold water, because of the flesh that heating kind encounter cold systole, protein dissolves not easily, soup lost original bright fragrance.

2 it is avoid puts salt early, because put salt early to be able to make the protein in the flesh caky, dissolve not easily, make Shang Se hair dark thereby, chroma is insufficient, the exterior is not beautiful.

3 it is avoid puts the condiment such as green, ginger, cooking wine too much, lest affect the former juice raw ingredient of soup juice itself.

4 avoid put soy too much prematurely, lest soup taste is sour, color pales nigrescent.

5 avoid let Shang Zhida roll big boil, lest the protein element campaign in the flesh is intense,make boiling water muddy.