Tea with milk spits department to be celebrated to Ka Ka unripe

*** tea with milk spits department to celebrate unripe *** to Ka Ka
Graph / article author: Midnight flower is not a flower [achieve formerly]** is not beautiful license without midnight flower, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** community

Very long taking the chaos in camera kitchen to pat, made a cook again pork yesterday evening, thinking weather of as it happens is cool, can send Ka Ka to spend birthday again, begin to take a picture again afresh. The course that as a result little watch for a chance takes pursues many, had been arranged, finished product graph is turned over in sheet in, take out memory to block computer to be not read however, catch mad ah, always hint my format is changed, cannot open otherwise, a few pictures that the finished product that is cook again flesh as a result pursues and take in gold coast are all and missing , cry. The result is forced unaltered search stock, replace cook again flesh to send Ka Ka with this biscuit. Birthday of wishing Ka Mr. Ka is happy, forever happy!

Very simple direct way, material:
Tall strength flour 250 grams, weak butter 40 grams, tea with milk heats up milk 1 bag to develop air with 80 grams cool, entire egg fluid 35 grams (forget patted) , saccharic 15 grams, salt 2 grams, butter 20 grams, dry yeast 5 grams

All 1 material outside dividing butter put bread machine, send dough order 20 minutes
2 join butter, continue to knead dough 15 minutes to stop (look time of dough circumstance increase and decrease) , ferment the small hole that touchs oil to insert to finger is not answered shrink
3 knead dough exhaust divide evenly, flabby 10 minutes
4 roll coil twice, among flabby 10 minutes
The 5 green compact that will coiled place the box that say department, ferment 2 times to 9 minutes full, the fluid that brush an egg scatters shredded coconut stuffing
6 oven warm-up 180 degrees, penult layer 35 minutes (my oven temperature on the low side, the oven thermoregulation that presses oneself please)

This picture has been done below did not look, 1, 2 with 3, 4 lane were turned over, sweat is dead. . . .

After section, because too soft the station does not live, took this form only so, more barpque:

Will go to mom home receiving a son tomorrow, just must come back in the evening, sent this card ahead of schedule today so, ka Mr. Ka can leave ate to breath out, say again: Birthday joy.

** misses the seasonal flower that spends to be not beautiful **</b> namely

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