Thank CHERRY- - Chi any of several hot spice plants fries whitebait

CHERRY made the whitebait that the friend takes from home to us dry receive. Because come from 10 thousand lis of Beijing besides, natural equipment is added precious.
It is to be able to do small fish earthnut, whitebait to fry egg, sweet crisp fish to work after whitebait dry bubble is good etc, basic it is very the dish of go with wine. This so I try to use fabaceous Chi and food any of several hot spice plants to fry, fry come out the result is right, deserve to go up iced beer is very perfect combination. It is to should thank CHERRY really, hope the brigade of your Switzerland embarks on a journey at an early date, let me also use up the friendship of the landlord.
The practice of this dish is very simple, quarter of the bubble after whitebait is washed clean, have the pot that heat up oil next, join end of garlic Chengdu ginger to fry sweet hind put whitebait to break up fry, gush cooking wine (the practice of MOMI of this action study, the means of gush fries cooking wine very easily dish equably in. Otherwise the temperature as a result of boiler is high, the cooking wine that enters has not been fried had volatilized smooth. ) , the fabaceous Chi with bubble is added good after (our home has the can of fabaceous Chi dace that had before today because of as it happens in, what use so is the rest in can fabaceous Chi) , add food any of several hot spice plants to fry divide evenly finally, add salt to flavor a boiler.
This dish tastes very sweet, if the oil in oily boiler is a bit hotter, if oil is a bit morer, it is OK fry whitebait more spicily crisp. Very good also flavour, but the way that I think to use deepfry next time does crisp fish of one incense coil to work alone fry earthnut (the classical card of duck elder brother) , report to everybody again.

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