The beef face of copy plum gentleman

Face of beef of California of Mr Li United States, it is a chain snack inn, do not know other city also has.

The beef face of his home is very delicious, just, the price by 6.5 yuan all the way violent wind rises reach 11 yuan, and, face and flesh shrink.

Had never thought of oneself make beef range, also think that is technical content is very high, but, this big courage was done, understood a reason, what what eats doesn’t the person do? Others can be done, I why cannot?

The friend of husband gives husband a few very good ox legs the day before yesterday, ha, it is bovine leg really, hind leg, the tendon of chunk chunk child the flesh.

I carried root of a smaller part, change aspic, cut small, flying water, fish out <br><br>

A few oil is put in boiler, join two big spoon saccharic, small fire is fried to nigger-brown. <br><br>

Put had flown the flesh that water accuses to work, let fleshy chromatically. <br><br>

Put the meat that has fried color into high-pressured boiler in, add the water with full much amount, add often smoke, garlic of ginger of salt, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark, green, after the gas on high-pressured boiler, press half hours. <br><br>

Tangent plane thoroughlies cook <br><br>

Scoop up noodle in the bowl, beef of on dip one big spoon, irrigate again on the soup with dye-in-the-wood flavor, scatter on caraway, husband had two bowls big, wipe mouth, say: Wife, your craft is not blown really, I feel those who compare Mr Li is delicious!

This fellow, mouth is sweeter and sweeter, hey. <br><br>

Cross off year to want to eat New Year cake, I do not have evaporate to pass New Year cake, him gropingly evaporate, put stuffing of red bean, beans, jujube, cannot think of, quite successful. <br><br>

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