The chickling is small red cap and frog

I am being answered on was not to make a chicken - - - although great majority classmate says that is a duck, but I am convinced not quite, whose home duck still grows gallinaceous crest? Whose home duck still grows a spinous mouth? Of course, say it is ill-affected also like the classmate of the duck, say whose home duck grows a flat figure?

Although explanation of clever fellow student says, it is the duck is taking the advantage of a cock to not be in the home to go to a family doing bad thingAmazed , nevertheless, I still think stoutly, what I do is a chicken. Nowadays, this chickling has good fortune have good fortune ~Yock

IdealDid a small red cap to sleep to it with.

Small bluenessMade a frog cushion see TV use to it.

She two this two things that do, with me PK handiwork is used, give me quickly laugh smoke smoked. Basically, this three thing is in coffee ” lane of a dab hand ” appear, although do not have colourful Jing 4, nevertheless, accomplished basically ” press full-court quite ” , have the striking force that turns lane of a dab hand into plant of an eccentric person.

See small bluenessSmall red cap is made how, be to laugh at me dead really.

PS: Small red cap, it is the pet name since the pillow that ideal does to herself actually, the nightcap that absolutely cannot think this is really ideal is ideal perhaps the label that gives door moment to want to wear is breathed out.

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