The Chongqing Liu skill of Guangzhou FB (characteristic piece)

The Chongqing Liu skill of Guangzhou FB (characteristic piece)
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The Liu skill restaurant of this Chongqing, leave in Guangzhou this southern city, nature is to have the place with distinctive itself. Because everybody knows, southern is can eat not quite hot. But we go restaurant, those who discover the business here is to comparative then is flourishing. And listen rub Er says, also his Laogong recommends us this place, because they go eating, feel taste is very good. We had eaten later, really the flavour of factual proof dish is authentic very.

The environment of restaurant has Sichuan distinguishing feature very much, we are to have fun at very to its droplight. The outer garment of that droplight, be by make it of each Cheng of little alcoholic drink. A few design are being carved in wine Cheng, and the light is by what go out fully in these design. On the smallpox inside counter and restaurant, hanging the small lantern of a few brilliant red, it is auspicious very. Have a few big wood screen additionally, there are word of a few poems and picture above. What no matter be bench,still put boiled water is small a few go up, having the sign of their shop.

Very distinctive still has even if pour tea, I should be told mainly here, because I am first time,see. The boiled water that we choose is the characteristic tea here: Eight treasures tea. Sweet it is moist, after having hot thing especially, drink, it is right choice really. The tea on at that time is the makings that got on a cup to did not pour water first, next the clerk comes over to go in to water, was to frighten me to jump really, extended to grow long stuff to come over to pour water, so their strong tea tool is one is having the kettle that grows long crock mouth. Those clerk technologies are really high also, so far should aim a teacup.

Admire below piece, achieve a picture formerly, do not reprint please:

Greatly the brand hangs in marked position:

The doorway is hanging two beaming bright red lanterns:

Greatly dish card:

The mural of stair:

The droplight that wine Cheng does:

Antique decoration:

The small lantern on smallpox:

See this strange proboscis pot:

Those who put boiled water is small a few:

Very distinctive screen:

Close-up of eight treasures tea:

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