The destiny of good woman why little dignitary — fermented bean curd is hollow dish

I am sent from inner ground it is to like fermented bean curd so.

Can cool move eats: Besmear fermented bean curd in steamed bread, deep-fried twisted dough sticks even on the egg, perhaps mix in congee; Also can heat up edible: Flesh of the fermented bean curd that stew, fry dish of fermented bean curd. Anyhow, fermented bean curd and meat or fish and element, can cool can hot. And, return very cheap material benefit. Want you to want to eat only, can buy one tin none hesitantly the fermented bean curd that you like variety. When eating, needless also buckle buckle shrink shrink the ground is hated to part with always staying, putting.

The happiness of life is not OK so follow one’s inclinations — for instance, want to eat!

But, so good thing however the price is low, let a person be its defend sb against an injustice a bit really. But if the thing is good,must sell expensively, so our life is not very miserable — major while is in major thing of consumption if because not costly very extremely, why does the fun of that life come.

The need in the life is many not expensive but very good however thing, this makes us OK be infatuated with the space that we exist. We can have deep love for the life so, because to there is such too much letting in the life the person has felt,be actually and what can enjoy easily is cheap free even thing, be just like sunshine, be just like flowers and plants, be just like deep-fried twisted dough sticks, be just like this fermented bean curd, still have those people that make the living.

It is good person held absolutely great great majority certainly in the life, so ability lets us be mixed in the in living feeling of the crowd by safe gentle. But, the person is nice differ however name is valuable, so much so much good person, namely very prosaically lives a life.

In these people, have a man, also have a woman of course.

So can so conclude, good woman actually very a lot of more also. In love, always have so much so much very good woman. Good nevertheless woman may not can pass on the day of dignitary, also may not can by the person precious be like baby. The reason is depending on this: Not be good thing regular meeting is expensive, cannot make each good thing expensive rise more. Because be born,have in work and need is too much good not expensive however thing.

So, because oneself are a so good woman,need not fail however lifetime is showily and piteous, the normal of the life is actually by figure fermented bean curd in that way, although was not thought precious but like however, support, remembering with concern.

And for good to woman more abstain from, cannot ” good ” regard as oneself the greatest charm and entice that individual, because live in, what lack least of all is good woman — everywhere is visible, have easily.

Hollow dish is abluent, the stalk ministry with root a little old ministry wants cut away. If your boiler is insufficient big, cannot fry with whole, be about to cut course into bisection.

Garlic is patted with the knife first medicinal powder again mincing, a fermented bean curd (many somes less and optional) juice of the fermented bean curd that increase a point, add a few water next, little candy carries divide evenly.

Boiler burns heat, enter oil, garlic is put to break after oil is lukewarm fry sweet.

Put dish stalk ministry to fry first.

Appreciably breaks up fry put dish leaf.

Fry a few times can enter juice of fermented bean curd.

After frying divide evenly can.

I like olfactory of fermented bean curd extremely dish. Look at a photograph now very greedy ah.

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