The drink of tea of beautiful type coffee of heaven cate diary (2)

Heaven cate diary, drink of tea of beautiful type coffee (2)
Heaven cate diary, drink of tea of beautiful type coffee (2)

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Come 3 tea with milk of a cup of A how?
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Indian tea with milk / harbor type an affectionate couple

Saw English table that day program of a cate, many Indian cate introduced inside, be like flying cake A, curry A of what.
Letting me is curious very, among them an India tea with milk is to let my itch to try more. Then I remembered a recipe to death to death. The plan is pounded beat
My home has the burden that the most amused is this tea with milk, differ lilac, this also does not have what, go the market is bought is!

Material of Indian tea with milk: Jiang Pian 2-3 piece small fennel 1-2 of 1 teaspoon cassia bark piece anise 1-2 black tea leaf (or tea is wrapped) right amount
Arenaceous sugariness of 5 pure milk measures lilac

1. Divide milk, saccharic outside, all material add the hot water that 4-5 cup controls to be burned together to give taste, stew 5-10 minute
2. Filter material takes boiled water, join right amount milk and join according to individual taste right amount saccharic can

After do well, my too impatient to wait tried, have the small pain of bit of clove, if like an attempt new taste is bold do.
If cannot accept new thing, I suggest everybody or province fall! Those material still suit go off with to do pot-stewed fowl A quite!
With a ha breath out ~~~~

So called an affectionate couple is tea with milk adds coffee, it is a kind of drink that has local amorous feelings very much, each big tea dining-room has carry out ~~ I was in that day
The way saw on TV. It is the practice with the commonnest dining-room of Hong Kong tea. I like coffee, also like tea with milk, since such.
DIY comes on the horse of course a cup of ~~

Material of harbor type an affectionate couple: Black coffee (pure coffee) a cup of black tea a cup saccharic 3 beautiful weak grandmas (or pure milk) right amount

1. According to drinkable teacup size, each take teacup height the black coffee black tea of 1/3 is together mix is even
2. Join right amount 3 flowers weak grandma and join right amount saccharic agitate according to individual taste even can

Some tea dining-room still likes white coffee black tea 3 person pour agitate together to be added again equably saccharic flavor, if love to drink cold also
Can add a few ice cube. Harbor type coffee matchs a Xiduoshi is perfect combination! Next time I can make all sorts of taste
Of Xiduoshi. Everybody expects!

The End Heaven_Travel

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