The flesh of water of pumpkin bowl vapour of merry christmas is cut cut illicit hutch

Actually before still should have 3 inferior the card was not sent, but today is christmas, must send lively stick festivally.
When going to mom home having a meal last week, this pumpkin sees, eat in mom home at that time the idle rich, packets of big packet is replete what mom prepares for us is delicious, face go out, I am final sweep sitting room, discovered this lovely small pumpkin, took 2 again incidentally, hey.
How does so small pumpkin eat? Want, will become with it bowl, do soda water flesh to eat to the son, the fact proves, succeeded.

This piece should express gratitude fish, offerred the stage property with lovely part!

Material: Bo? egg, pumpkin
Spice: ? is unripe smoke

1.Pumpkin is in incision from the 1/4 of upside, pumpkin interior hollow, abluent, should do a bowl
2.Egg break up, add ground meat, salt, unripe transfer divide evenly, add water of smaller part bowl, mix again divide evenly (did not cheer, the ground meat scale that uses because of me is flesh of 3 share out ill-gotten gains 7 minutes of lean lean)
3.Pour the mixture of 2 into pumpkin bowl, go up basket evaporate 25 minutes, the cap of pumpkin bowl also should be put basket in evaporate is ripe oh

End gave pumpkin bowl, son surprise ground is pie-eyed… . .
Eat, he is licked lick ladle, ask: Is A Chinese-style unlined garment new?
Dot, it is so good fool, soda water flesh he already not rare, but be put in pumpkin bowl, different! !

Finally, wish everybody merry christmas! ! !

Welcome aboard cut shears rich customer
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