The green pepper egg that I love to take piscine pill fries piscine bolus

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Did not post for ages, ah, come out to risk a hubble-bubble

Occasionally the piscine bolus that the home likes to eat stuffing of this kind of belt most, touch on supermarket sales promotion, bought one pile, take stuffing sundrily piscine bolus, ah, stir-fry usually, put also not common!


1 fish bolus one pouch, green pepper cuts little place, egg break up

Oil is put inside 2 boiler, had fried the egg of break up, reserve

3 green pepper, piscine bolus enters boiler, fry to 8 minutes ripe (add a few water, piscine bolus sticks boiler easily) , put the egg that has fried

4 break up fry, join right amount salt, gallinaceous energy can go boiler

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