The hand rips airing chicken

To be warm, LG begins to drink bottle of iced beer in the evening everyday, the edge drinks an edge to plaint, it is good to if have,nod cole of go with wine. The cookbook that saw this hand rip airing chicken on the net that day so is enchanted. Come the author says this is a very good assist wine meat, 2 come raw material is chosen drumstick, this raw material that in Swiss dispute Chang Yi gets. Then I bought 4 fresh drumstick this at a heat in ALIGRO, the meat above is very abundant. At ordinary times this kind foolish the drumstick with big thick foolish lets me be at a loss what to do all the time, it do not know how to should make gift is good to do not know how to should make gift, it is this to have at long last settle way!

Practice also not difficult, the place of only trouble is the time that expends possibly longer.

  1. After the first day is bought wipe the surface of chicken immediately on salt and Chinese prickly ash. The part that takes a skin is wiped a little a bit thicker, facilitating salt flavour permeates the flesh in, saline heft is piled up according to taste weight of everybody, it is the heft that 3-5 of a drumstick overcomes about, adscititious a big Chinese prickly ash (if you have time,grind them wear delicate last stage of course the effect is better) . Put last bag, do not need heal. Save a day into freezer.
  2. The 2nd day arrived towards evening, take out chicken put on frame, one night is played in window edge. Because difference in temperature of weather day and night is big,choosing nightly airing is, the appearance that nightly air temperature also is in 20 degrees at present, constant still cool breeze slowly, use airing chicken appropriate. Air temperature is high by day, the sun is point-blank go up in chicken, my concern can make chicken degenerative. Putting chicken on frame is to avoid chicken is mixed dish of end is immediate contact, otherwise this part collects lunt easily. If do not have little frame work, the area searchs after you also can pass airing one side, then airing ensures additionally at the same time chicken by comprehensive airing.
  3. The chicken after one night puts airing of the 3rd day of early admiral to last in bag, do not need heal, reentry freezer saves two days.
  4. Take out chicken, the Chinese prickly ash that uses water general face and a little salt rush, put in window edge to perhaps play hour of one or two with electric fan next, make the surface dry.
  5. Put chicken on the steam box that takes aperture directly, do not need to spread dish below chicken, otherwise the drumstick that evaporate gives is damp, as been boil, influence mouthfeel. Cooking wine of gush a few is in chicken surface, next evaporate of medium baking temperature a hour is OK.
  6. Good chicken takes out evaporate to put cool, the ribbon that use a hand, bone and skin can be mixed the Yu Shang that stays in a pot for steaming food is stewed again together boil a hour, next filter drops bone and skin, use hot spot small greens to eat, perhaps issue noodle very pretty good.

The saline teal of flavour and Nanjing / gallinaceous flavour is very approximate, but because passed the course of airing, chicken contracts somewhat, the flesh is qualitative more compact, taste have chew a head, with will do cole of go with wine is very appropriate really.

Cookbook origin: Shop of food of egg Mom confidential

Left go up graph: Souse (is real operation in the souse in freezer) ? ? ? Right go up graph: Airing? ? Left next graphs: Is evaporate made? Right next graphs: The Yu Shang inside the chicken with good evaporate and a pot for steaming food

Finished product graph

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