The hemp of current state pot-stewed fowl is hot phoenix claw wishs everybody National Day is happy

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The home is in a suburb, around a lot of factory, make garment trade especially most, making garment industry employer perhaps have an in part is Sichuan and Chongqing, so door mouth a driveway, have 100 meters long almost, have hotel of 56 plain flavour however, holiday business is very hot, if not be,have a meal to restaurant, if outside wanting, selling, avoid talk, because chef is busy,did not come over.

The plain flavour that just contacted to Guangzhou work first time is Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, it is near senior bank road, had not built trestle in those days, there still is the southern large building of famed whole nation on the side, the person is angry also the fluctuation unlike today 9 reach Beijing road not anxiety lets more, the person of 779 time comes Guangzhou play, had not rambled not to calculate to southern edifice had come to Guangzhou, the dormitory that I stay in is south people road, walk along an edifice to still be less than a few minutes, trestle be open to traffic when, slowly a section of a highway all round this cold and cheerless came down, the neighbor of understanding says trestle keeps watch for fun water was destroyed. The result of cold and cheerless is a lot of inn were taken away, inn of Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce also does not know a footprint, how many have some of regret now, because of that Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce I had eaten the most delicious Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, sweet, bright, dry, hot not acerbity mouth arrives I am in now other plain flavour inn also fails savor. Till the plain flavour that arrives in door impediment, basically be Sichuan person leave, those who fry is fish of pickled Chinese cabbage of dish of the daily life of a family, hemp hot phoenix claw, Mao Xiewang. Just know to eat before me no matter be,flavour does not consider plain flavour and Chongqing authentic, little a flavor Chinese prickly ash, chili doing is so little also that chili doing have pity on, reform the taste that fits Guangzhou person. The hemp of plain flavour restaurant of mouth of the door at the beginning of last year is hot phoenix claw 15 yuan a jin, those who go is masses course, pork rises in price, the carnivorous with other complicity also follows mad go up, hemp is hot phoenix claw also goes up 20 yuan a jin, especially fish of pickled Chinese cabbage from 15 yuan go up one dish 28 yuan, although price still can bear, but the drop in the heart is very big still.

The Spring Festival passes this year, I get the hot burden of a packet of big hemp that Sichuan sends, although be to take course of half another name for Guangdong Province in one’s childhood half Hunan dish (birthplace closes in beautiful, it is to be apart from the Guangdong with the closest Hunan to visit a town) , oneself also are can eat hot, still give frightened jump greatly, hot burden of really too much hemp, a lot of burden use large half an year in hemp hot ironed, especially the chili dressing of sauce stuff kind, use noodles served with soy sauce every morning to me ate, stayed several be responsible for a task unit until it is completed the burden that tastes chili bead, be anxious really do not know how to be solved, just remember in one’s childhood Hunan neighbour family expenses rolls pink of oily bubble chili later, join soy to be moved together, with will mix the meal reachs next noodle to eat very sweet. The result tries, the hemp hot dressing that follows plain flavour restaurant almost tastes, what use nevertheless is not rape oil however peanut oil. Thinking sometime to buy phoenix claw to boil will try, still worked really, the bittern that does not know plain ingredient should put what kind of flavor, oneself also are disinclined to get online search, just freezer safe has bittern juice, if not be to often boil bittern alimental to suggest not to withhold bittern juice, the hemp that became edition of current state pot-stewed fowl as a result is hot phoenix claw. The family member says not to eat to give a difference with restaurant, only difference is won’t the mouth works, because did not put gourmet powder, golden slab sugar is joined in bittern juice already enough.

1, gallinaceous claw is abluent drop does water, fly next water, the bubble in devoted ice water is cold after float water, again drop does water, such phoenix claw taste mouthfeel is more fragile.

2, old bittern flavour is very full-bodied, want a bit flavor only already enough. Little of the head of garlic, anise, small fennel. The person that the method of old bittern sees carnivorous additionally does not despise, pig head flesh (click examine) .

3, fry flavor with a bit oil sweet, taste after coming out, boil bittern juice.

4, in pouring gallinaceous claw into the bittern that already rolled boil next, move ammunition small, boil slowly, yield meat of pot-stewed fowl infiltration in. Used half hours probably, phoenix claw is not scooped after involving fire, bubble one bubble more tasty.

5, when the burden first time in bittern is boiled, burden can stay to be used next time, had better not exceed a week, had boiled the 2nd times scoop burden broken bits refuse, the bittern juice that has boiled next time so won’t cloudy same.

6, dry article there are chili of 2 kinds of burdens and Chinese prickly ash in chili bead, enter a bowl in, add a bit sesame seed, burn after rolling peanut oil, drench on.

The means lane hemp that uses oneself is hot, its are happy boundless, have Yan alizarin red, the head of garlic, sweet green. Teaspoon is 1/4 salt, unripe smoke, the chili that mature vinegar, sesame oil adds him flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is oily, mix with respect to OK, oneself like to make food most coltish, want how with respect to how, that is met much more amused.

The course of a few shape that plain flavour restaurant often takes at the door the home, had sent in cate before, look for less than sticking child, send afresh again.

Mao Xiewang

My love fish of pickled Chinese cabbage most

Acetic smooth Chinese cabbage

Chicken giblets of bubble any of several hot spice plants

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