The life that the woman leaves weight to say — Chinese meal self-help of Cambridge

Perhaps be in your eye it is very common, can be common to be different from for me

On the world most what is dread affection.

It is you know the thing is occurrent, but place oneself is like have no regard for again however among them euqally unidentified truth.

I am experiencing such dread condition: Spellbound — I discover suddenly, in Cambridge this 3 months will be me heretofore is doing not have a paragraph of downfallen spellbound day most.

Adv unimaginably, a woman left weight to say how to will live!

Day, I leave the time that weight weighs namely now.

Rise in the morning, I feel to eat very every day suddenly accurate, but eat very more however, this was not to arrive home fortunately: Eat badly already, still eat fatly, is this the most depressed thing?

Then I run to toilet to say to weigh. This ability discovers, this family of 3 men did not say unexpectedly! ! ! ! !

Day, when a person not only cannot the palm accuses him, cannot know who oneself are even, when understanding oneself, will be how horrible. Be opposite when one individual woman oneself weight can utterly ignorant when, she will be how helpless.

I want so namely so helpless and be fear of the ground to live 3 months.

So I already was determined, HOMESTAYsince the meal is bad to did not eat, run out to take bit of minimum simply delicious the thing that gain flesh ah.

Hey, decide belly-worship in me that day, a Korea little brother asks me to eat Chinese meal self-help, after then I eat here, have most full bilge a meal of feeling.

Following: Chinese meal self-help. Lunch self-help each6.95, have a fruit (basic it is potted) with ice cream, but drink is bit odder. Of mineral water and coke and so on basic be a many pound. Affirmative somebody should ask me, pound and RMB are basic according to1: 15Conversion.

The Chinese meal self-help that our Cambridge sees in light of, hey.

1, the first dish of thing that I have, ha, give priority to with the flesh, look to have a rough time namely many days.

2, langouste many have imposing manner.

3, do in Rome as Rome does, tomato patch also place into Chinese meal self-help.

4, shang Pinji is solid also very westernize flavour.

5, I see these dish feel hot to the tear is filled with ground of the socket of eye immediately kind.

6, saline crisp chicken is rare not sugary hot food.

7, anyhow, foreign Chinese meal runs basically not to go out old flesh piece, a movement in martial arts of old cutlet, ha, I still discovered old shredded meat.

8, take the eat stage that feed not to calculate big

9, but dining-room is absolutely not small, have the feeling of hollowness, cantabrigian dining room is main not big, visible Chinese meal is much more welcome.

10, station design still must let me feel to have friendly feeling than meal — with home the dining-room style of and so on of the sort of dish of Guo Lin the daily life of a family resembles more.

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