The potato silk of secret recipe handed down in the family scrambles egg [0802 cate challenge

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Potato silk scrambles egg

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Does potato silk scramble egg? Had not heard of! Can delicious?

I also had not eaten before. It is the end in the home in one’s childhood, do not have money to have a fried dish, although living conditions is good later, also did not think of both is so tie-in.

Marry a person from that year oneself Fu, what got husband’s family is true pass, learned this very simple very delicious potato silk scrambles egg.

From now on, potato silk scrambles egg the dish of the daily life of a family that became my home, 100 eat not tire of.

Not difficult really, can do tomato to fry an egg, can make this food. Come home at once try!

Nevertheless, eat went up addiction but I am not in charge of the ground! Do not blame me to did not tell you!

Finished product:

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