The practice of corn bake in a pan

? Material of corn bake in a pan:

Sweet corn 1 canister

Give birth to powdery 50 gram

Medlar, pine nut a certain number of

1.Do corn drop water, join the medlar with pine nut, soft bubble, put unripe pink agitate even.
2.Oil is put in boiler half bowls, after oily heat, teem heats up oil, enter corn bead, press smooth, enter hot oil next,

Open small fire fly into rage, turn at the same time bowl, do not touch the grain of rice that move jade, the grain of rice that wait for jade is soft in belt some fragile can fill piece.
3.Chromatically is irrigated to pull sauce when eating or candy pink can.

Below this piece is the picture of corn bake in a pan on the net. Of above is a few move that I make in the home. Frank and honest, did not score a success, the reason perhaps is oily too little, fire is too big. Sticking these is the train of thought that wants to offer a test to everybody. Everybody communication. Below I eat that piece in restaurant the day before yesterday, it is malic corn bake in a pan. Sweeter, among a bit soft, but very delicious also.

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