The relaxed meat cold and dressed with sauce in summer suffers from chrysanthemum [0806 cate challenge]

Summer arrived, for appetizing, a lot of person likes to eat the food of some of piquancy, but very easy get angry, so best every eat deserves to have a few cool and refreshing go the cole of heat gift is nice.

Suffer from chrysanthemum flavour small suffering, the effect of reduce internal heat is very pretty good, the cold and dressed with sause that recommends a kind of bitter chrysanthemum so has a way.

Cold and dressed with sause suffers from chrysanthemum: セ of cereal of Piao of  of grave of son Ci 

1, give bitter chrysanthemum abluent body first

2, put 2 spoon salt to do saline bath to suffer from chrysanthemum, knead 1 minute (but purify a few acrid)

3, later strong Xian Gan is clean

4, put oil of 2 spoon camellia (balm or hot oil also but)

5, 1 spoon the salt of 4 minutes of essence of chicken of vinegar of saccharic, 2 spoon, half spoon, 1 spoon

6, mix divide evenly can
Also can do piquancy, add some of chili oil and garlic to break, taste will be better, but my feeling has a way without this kind delicate

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