The salt that I make Lucai explodes bright You

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Salt explodes explode with Yan, see salt explode from the definition exploding with Yan is consistent, in actual unit process of cargo bandling, there is the distinction of appreciably between them; Salt explodes add skin of Chinese prickly ash, caraway paragraph little, yan explodes do not add skin of Chinese prickly ash, caraway is much. Demand of dish taste characteristic is weak, but either few is weak, want to notice when flavor. Can consult the card before me [Yan explodes gallinaceous silk] .

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Open the sea to rambled to market that day, come to seafood city, full city is fresh squid everywhere. Build is not big, extremely fresh. The price is not expensive, 10 yuan 3 jins.

Bought two 3 yuan of money. The caraway that bought 5 horn fund again (but caraway is very expensive oh) . Answer family expenses squid piece do a salt to explode bright squid, do the hot squid that bake to eat with squid claw again. Flavour is delicious, economic material benefit. Salt explodes bright You cost does not spend 4 yuan of money, claw of the squid that bake is bilk ~ ~ is breathed out

the squid abluent, in take out abdomen east east not, rip go cortical, claw of take out squid makes it additionally use.
Will treat two clean squids piece change Dao Chengmai spic to spend a knife. The inclined knife interval that spends the left and right sides for 40-45 with included angle first makes an appointment with 3 millimeter to cut the 3/5 deepness of raw material, cut 4/5 into 90 degrees with straight knife and inclined knife next deep, cut strip finally stand-by.
Caraway is abluent, take out leaf need not, caraway stalk is cut paragraph. Put with end of ginger of water of wine of refined salt, gourmet powder, pepper, carry on, Chinese prickly ash, green, garlic piece, in the flavour juice bowl that wet starch of clear soup, a few moves.
Water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the squid after changing a knife piece rapid fish out accuses water after scald water.
Round-bottomed frying pan adds oil to burn to 7, 8 into heat, pour the flavour juice inside squid, bowl, rapid fall turns over round-bottomed frying pan, spot sesame oil is filled piece can.

With makings: Bright squid, caraway paragraph
Condiment: Silk of green ginger end, garlic piece, water of refined salt, balm, cooking wine, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, gourmet powder, wet starch, clear soup is right amount.

1, in the squid piece form of exterior Ji ear spends a knife, cut strip.
2, enter the scald in boiled water boiler next rapid fish out, accuse water to reserve.
3, right amount oil is added inside spoon, the squid piece, the flavour juice of mix up is joined, break up quickly fry even, drench balm can.

Characteristic: Xian Xian Fragile tender </b>

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