The sandwich of person of Christmas breakfast light snow of darling

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[the Christmas breakfast of darling] — sandwich of light snow person (18 months above)
1. Sop.
2. Beans of candy of needle of piscine bowel, candy. (candy needle and candy beans are for ornamental, can replace with other food)
3. Haw jelly.
4. Darling cheese.
5. Go up from sop with appropriate tool at present two small circles.
6. Again at present two big circles.
7. 4 circles sop besmears severally a cheese.
8. Piscine bowel cuts chip, the shop is in size on each one biscuit.
9. 2 big, 2 bun piece stick a face respectively. Place in dish in.
10. With candy beans adornment gives button of the eye of snowman, mouth and dress. It is OK also to use chocolate bit.
11. Haw jelly cuts a thin strip and a square, place into the cap of snowman.
12. Sandwich of light snow person has been done.
Compose of pin mark of a few candy is aspersed again all round, simple sandwich of lovely light snow person has been done.
This breakfast matched a salad again.
Material: Carrot man, pumpkin man, a kind of dried mushroom piece, piscine bowel piece.
Practice: Before 3 appearance mire water, carrot most put first, pumpkin is put after 5 minutes, a kind of dried mushroom is put again after 3 minutes, mire again a minute OK fish out, drop does water, mix salad sauce can.
Still want to come to snowman and salad originally a group photo, change battery to camera in me this time, the candy beans button of snowman has been in Lin Lin mouth. This small greedy cat!

In festal morning, cook a snowman breakfast for darling, he can like certainly.

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