The simplest: Pine benevolence corn longan soup

? Cate diary is written to today, two today’s dish may be the simplest. Pine benevolence corn and longan soup.
Song Ren searchs on the frame work that sells dried fruit in MIRGRO. I was tasted, feel a bit wet, with microwave oven then the firepower of the least file turned half minutes, go a little damp. Corn nature is bought can, boiler of the oil that burn heat adds salt to fry fry can give boiler.
Because,soup of on one longan is one pure saying serving is best is to have Shang Youcha, at hand of as it happens has the longan boiling water that one food taken late at night has to also go up along with all the others come up. Those who use is longan it is OK that the dry conflagration that add water is burned. Eat a bowl small in the evening, not be bored with satisfy one’s hunger.

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