The sweetmeats of fruit of beautiful type mulberry of queenly kitchen

The sweetmeats of fruit of beautiful type mulberry of queenly kitchen

The first time use pigment makes cake!
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Flummery of mulberry conserve yoghurt / mulberry conserve Switzerland coils

Made sauce last, take Tu Tu beyond biscuit, must consider to make provision of some of what spy type, when translating data as expected
Find inspiration.

Flummery of mulberry conserve yoghurt:

Material: Mulberry conserve is right amount and auspicious Ding Pian most piece raw ingredient yoghurt a cup (100-150G but)

1. Water is dropped to join hot water of 1-2 big teaspoon to put microwave oven to heat after bubble of auspicious fourth cold water is soft 30 seconds or lie between water to add thermosol to change
Agitate reserves equably
2. Raw ingredient yoghurt is entered agitate of right amount conserve is added inside the cup even, but not complete mix is even make pink clouds result
3. Enter into auspicious Ding Pian freezer is put to refrigerate hour or 6 pass the night after the mix inside yoghurt is even can

About auspicious Ding Pian: Use this data every time not little netizen asks me what this is, sell where, what is used
This has caky action to take those who do silk of jelly flummery admire with pink of silk of admire of pink of jelly pink isinglass. Nevertheless
Many person reaction take above powder kind do have fishlike smell, influence mouthfeel, I see when buying material say auspicious man
Piece be advanced dining-room does sweetmeats to use, because use this to won’t have fishlike smell, won’t affect the taste of sweetmeats. So
I am used up to now. Can buy in TB, price is commonly together 51, cost comparing pink kind should low

Mulberry conserve Switzerland coils:

Material: Bubble of 80G of flour of low muscle of 50ML of salad oil of 50ML of milk of 4 purple pigment lays the egg powdery 5G salt
Right amount gold gets 4G white vinegar butter is right amount mulberry conserve is right amount

1. The Switzerland that panada writes before according to me coils or program of relative wind cake can
2. The partial panada with take mix good drips into 2-3 probably former panada is entered after purple mix is even inside informal agitate a few
Do not want sedulous agitate to just can make grain so equably
3. Oilpaper is spread in the oven on tray 180 degrees of warm-up pour panada 10 minutes into tray inside
4. After oven changes middle-level of 175 degrees of oven to bake 10 minutes, change 165 degrees are baking 12-13 or so minutes can
5. Right amount gold is taken to get conserve of big teaspoon of butter and 2-3 to be hit to with dynamoelectric eggbeater when baking cake 9 distribute (back up spends condition)
6. Take out the cake that has baked oilpaper surface is torn apart slowly after spreading for cooling a little after sauce of the cream on even daub has coiled slowly
Put freezer to refrigerate a few hours to finalize the design can

Bought pigment of a few bottles of edible to come back to pound beat, flower of cake back up is done to use after the plan, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch goes to cake recapture I complain heel
Cake is mildewy addle. Say another cake is done not have bad then, with respect to this broken regrettablly. I listened to ask — that
Cake coils to be done even early than this Switzerland, how likely? He says later — have purple mildew place, that conserve is like
Mildewy also become purple. . I listened to fall madly, that is the color of pigment and conserve, it is mildewy A far from. . . Result
After noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch listened, very happy ground and colleague are shared ate. . Day, be nerve is big person as expected!

The End Heaven_Travel

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