The tail of fish of peacock of biscuit of dried meat floss

Biscuit of dried meat floss- - [the tail of peacock fish]

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Arrive oneself Sohu cate, I had not sent bake basically kind east, often be being done actually is only now and then very lazy, and finish to be eliminated immediately, grab today patted before eliminate piece
Shang Chong: 90g, tall pink 270g, candy 40g, salt 1 | 2 spoon, yeasty 6g, entire egg, milk 85g, butter 22g,
1: Bread machine puts sugar first, salt, in ordinal put flour, yeasty, shang Chong, yeasty, egg, milk knead dough
2: First time knead dough needs 10 minutes, putting butter 2 times knead dough 20 minutes [pull a film]
3: Ferment a hour
4: 幹 becomes big, put salad sauce, dried meat floss, chopped green onion, furl cut paragraph
5: Ferment 2 times, current weather 30 minutes can
6: Brush on egg fluid, oven 180 degrees of middle-level 20 minutes

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