Thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years

Original plan National Day resigns afterwards, the Lian Shen before the section has been written please, can arrive crucial moment, cannot open a mouth namely! Think of to want to apply for a job to feel a bit confused afresh later, also do not know after all the job of what just suits him, it seems that everybody is advancing, and oneself are in however place footfall. . . . . . Think of oneself go straight towards the person of 3 quickly, return this model, true distress!

Alas, do not say, serving! The entree tonight — thick chili sauce of old dry Mom fries a cycle of sixty years!

Hearing of a cycle of sixty years is a kind of seafood, flavour is delicious, and price is cheap, 5 sell here a jin (the ability 3 years two ago 2) , the individual feels this dish wants to have the ability that nod juice delicious, I am fried this so that did a drop a little, taste is very good still nevertheless!

The way learns to mom, although not quite professional, can taste likeness is spent have 80% however!    

Material: Two jins of abluent, purple perilla reach a cycle of sixty years the head of garlic is right amount and mincing, small chili 3 (viewport flavour increase and decrease) mincing

Condiment: 1, 1.5 spoon of Chi of beans of gust of old dry Mom, salt is right amount

2, oil of arrack, Chi, unripe pink, white sugar, water each are right amount, put a bowl completely in smooth and stand-by


1, because a cycle of sixty years is testacean food, water treatment should fly before boiling:

1) turn on the water in boiler burn, enter a cycle of sixty years that washs clean.

2) the conch that boils a cycle of sixty years searchs entirely, can see there is white bubble on surface at this moment.

3) fall a cycle of sixty years cistern in, boiled water bibcock is rinsed clean (a piece of picture forgot when spelling a plan, him everybody is envisaged) .

4) a little drop doing enters the water, stand-by.

2, burn boiler hot, receive oil, put the head of garlic to explode sweet.

3, break up into a cycle of sixty years fry a few times, put purple perilla and chili bead to break up fry, till smell the fragrance of purple perilla.

4, join right amount salt to fry divide evenly, ordinal put flavoring 2 reach thick chili sauce of old dry Mom.

(the practice of my mom is explode old dry Mom, purple perilla and chili bead first sweet, put a cycle of sixty years again next, fry so allegedly come out to be able to taste the meeting is sweeter, nevertheless I disrelish such chili flavour too choke, be overcome, moved order so)

5, break up ceaselessly fry, till juice closes almost, install dish!

Taking a picture is illuminated with the mobile phone, hope everybody put up with!

Come Zhang Jin of a bit!


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