Tomato crackling bean curd [dizi manufactures]

Tomato crackling bean curd [Dizi manufactures]
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Raw material: ?nbsp; of  of  of  of ヅ of  of  of felt diameter dirty, the meat is rotten, ketchup, amylaceous
Measure: Bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 of Pai of midge of  of Yu of  of approach of Huang of Zi of  of wooden tablets or slips for writing of  of felt diameter dirty considers Cui of appearance of Wan of locust of canister of  of dirty of diameter of felt of  of Xi of  of Hua of  of shelfing  of  school  to make fun of  of  of  zinc  to carve bad astounded of Qi of clique dizzy ⒍ flinchs stop  to lean raft
Oil is put to heat in boiler, put meat stuffing to fry, if ketchup of two big spoon, put salt, cooking wine, balm, drench the meat stuffing that has fried go up in bean curd

Eat, fragile portfolio is wrapping bean curd, acid is sweet Xian Xiang, with great difficulty is done

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