Tomato egg fine dried noodles

The son is taken to take photo after coming off work in the morning, make vaccine, come back at 2 o’clock, give did tomato egg fine dried noodles, used big boiling water that remained yesterday. Flavour is OK still, show one’s incompetence is displayed on hair. First last finished product.
Raw material: Tomato, egg, rape, fine dried noodles, soup.
<img Src= >The egg sticks those who did to add up to packet of egg directly.
Practice: Tomato cuts small, rape is cut paragraph, the egg adds up to a bag.
2, oily Hou chopped green onion is put in boiler, put down tomato to fry sweet, add bone boiling water, put salt, chinese prickly ash flavors. After leaving, put down packet of good egg, rape can.
3, remove boiler additionally to heat water, issue fine dried noodles.

Finished product:

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