Two by-product of banger grilled fish

Today Zhou Wu, the tune is old very old good.

Although like that outside cloudy day, although in the morning when the fright of head sufferring a pig, eating to did not drink the choke below standing condition to arrive to cough continuously. I still am sung ” the lid head that lifted you comes ” , sing ” your eye Ming Youliang ” when, want not to rise suddenly will fall sentence word, sing at random ” it seems that that butterfly an appearance ” . Head of my home pig listened, did not satisfy, which to say can sing foolishly in that way, whose eye is so long that resemble butterfly appearance?

Do then I forget a word cannot be still sung foolishly?

The pig says, cannot. The first, sing foolishly also must rely on chart, which can say the eye appears butterfly an appearance? The 2nd, below this kind of circumstance, had better go examining the home that check silver (family) original term what be, sing again next, fasten a good song be sung bad.

This fellow, speak of me to come to. He forgot that day is who hears a song when, listen should sing ” the lid head that lifted you comes ” that when, sing accordingly rapidly ” the fart shop flag that raised you come ” coming? He calls fart sign sing not bad good song, do I sing a butterfly to sing good song bad?

This paragraph of time has taken to answer banger grilled fish not less (the practice has a few days ago write, in classification ” aquatic product kind ” , or here: Banger grilled fish) , because,be really me two like to eat very much, so I love this to repeat the person that does same thing to also couldn’t help doing not quite over and over.

One of by-product: Banger corn celery congee

Do this grilled fish, want to move banger corn flour to fill in in piscine abdomen, move intentionally more occasionally a few, stuff comes to an end fish, the banger that remain piece lose boiler with corn face in, add a water and Xi Qin to break, boil congee, a pepper and salt are added to flavor before giving boiler, had held out those who drink.

Deserve to go up grilled fish, match salad of a green vegetables again, be very handy dinner.

Of by-product: Grilled fish banger is oaten bean curd soup

If bake, is a big fish, if eating suddenly, that is in the 2nd times when, can add a bean curd, cornmeal, water, boil together, a salt is added before giving boiler or flavour Ceng sauce, black pepper and caraway are broken the condiment that waits for oneself to like, also had held out those who drink.

I like the much meeting that boil, bean curd tasty, fishbone is soft also sodden.

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