Very delicious rice skin

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Cool skin eats quite more, introduce a more delicious than cool skin N~ N~ N~ today of times rice skin. And rice skin is OK cold heat two eat oh. . Although summer goes, can taste like delicate. We come first today cold eat, follow the spice like cool skin to have a way euqally namely actually. . . Have wondering, how can my rice skin be this kind of color. Be like La Fei blue, be like violet. . Cc, because I am to use violet wild cabbage to extract juice to come the ground rice oar of modulation, this thinking that the effect that come out will be very violet very aesthetic feeling is very artistic very who knows infection ~~~~ so can shallow drop. Nevertheless ~ does not cross ~ delicious ability is good sense, .

Today’s graph exceeds many. Look the head is greatly, although measure looks be like loaded down with trivial details, but actually complex not at all. Recommend strongly really, the absolutely meeting that falls in love with it is more than I and Guo Guo. . .

Rice skin makes:

1. rice immerses pass the night.

2. is added a few water (a cup rice adds 2/3 cup water) relapse a few times with arrange machine the rice oar with exquisite wear, filter.

3. joins one big spoon settleclear pink mix is even. Add unripe pink without settleclear pink. Did not add with respect to what really also did not concern.

4. takes 1/4 rice starch (actually not certain 1/4, a few OK) on boiler small fire boils ropy ripe rice oar, this measure must small fire, and want ceaseless agitate oh. Dropped very easily with respect to paste otherwise.

The rice oar that 5. has boiled is this appearance drop.

6. will boil the ropy rice starch that has made to join the rest rice thick liquid of unripe ripe rice is become inside the oar, agitate of reoccupy arrange machine is hit even. This moment adjusts the ropy rate of rice oar. If rare add bit of settleclear pink to perhaps give birth to cent again, stiff the water that increase a point. It is good that anyhow rice oar wants ropy place.

7. takes two steam dish by turns evaporate is made, be in above all evaporate dish on brush an oil.

8. fills oar of rice of one big spoon to be in evaporate dish on.

9. shakes even, oar letting rice bestrews whole evaporate dish bottom. This rice skin wanting evaporate is better than cool Pi Houcai, cannot aether is thin, otherwise bad to take bad also steam.

Evaporate of conflagration of the boiler on the rice oar of 10. general shake up 3 minutes two, it is same that this one pace follows cool skin, it is OK that evaporate has big bubble to the surface. The rice skin appearance that takes brushs an edible oil to prevent adhesion.

11. extends meter of hypodermic range with a chopstick, edge evaporate dish all around equalize circle is OK very easy take out rice skin.

The rice skin with 12. good evaporate.

Use sauce as cool skin, vinegar, salt, gourmet powder, face of Chinese prickly ash, oily hot pepper, white sugar, balm, chopped green onion mix divide evenly leaves eat. Want to put a bit vinegar more, it is very delicious really oh ~~

Saying rice skin is more delicious than cool skin ceaselessly, after all delicious over, what differs with cool skin?

Rice skin tastes soft soft. Of glutinous glutinous but won’t stick a tooth. Without cool skin in that way muscle path, do not break cool skin however in that way the feeling of QQ. Alas, did not know, anyway very delicious drop, cc. Try at once. Rice Pi Liang eats today, we will come again tomorrow rice skin heat eats.

You know piscine fish word:

1. preparation gives birth to the process scarcely of ripe rice oar to want to omit. This one pace is to decide rice skin Q is soft goluptious key, little the rice skin that evaporate of this one pace comes out can be hard rat-tat rat-tat, worked very quickly. Must be boiled with small fire nevertheless.

It is good that skin of 2. evaporate rice wants large drop. This follow cool skin different. When cutting water is touched on the knife first-rate cut, the rice skin that cuts still won’t be stuck.

3. does good rice skin to put freezer to be able to be saved 3 days two. My bubble a cup rice, I and Guo Guo ate 3 times. Every, someone has the power that grabs a thing to eat with me greatly.


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