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[saline crisp pignut]

Advocate makings: Pignut

Complementary makings: Qing Gongjiao

Condiment: Wine of pink of salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, soy, vinegar, the five spices, music

Cook a method:

1, water is added in boiler, put a few salt, burn when be being controlled to 80 degrees, irrigate in pignut, after immersing 5 minutes, shuck the skin;

2, salt is put in boiler, small fire fries 2-3 minute, to fire closes to join pink of the five spices to mix after color is ashen divide evenly is taken out reserve;

3, take a bowl small, join Qing Gongjiao attune of salt of circle, Jiang Mo, white sugar, soy, vinegar, gourmet powder, the five spices comes juice;

4, sit boiler ignition is oily, pignut cool oil leaves boiler, drive ceaselessly break up fry, turn small fire fly into rage comes golden, fish out boil joins alcoholic drink of a few music, salt of the five spices is spilled after air is cool, or mix condiment juice edible all but.

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