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Alas, house leakage slants seam even overcast and rainy. Last week computer time and again in action, it is the compression on Msn first file, closed to be bothered, ceaseless still send other on-line the friend, one in action, connecting a string.

Also do not know to be rectified how later again, ” crash is become ” at a draught, cannot switch on the mobile phone. Someone says, this is character issue, the day wants absolutely me, have nothing to do with computer virus. No matter say how, be complete foster cordial relations between countries today anyway.

Computer hanged it may not be a bad idea, pass this incident, it is good to just discovered used software Avast, still installed a strange tiger incidentally 360 safe bodyguard. The friend recommends me, I recommend everybody to breath out again, what want security than that what hill that uses before me is much.

These days cannot get online, unlike previously so catch mad. Instead is relaxed and peaceful and carefree, also accordingly, looked to do not have the light reading that time sees more very much, made an appointment with a lot of idler that disappear for ages, did chore of a lot of protracted long, of course, also went out to eat a lot of seldom those who eat is delicate.

Today this dish, be go to a Beijing with the friend gigantic famous Yunnan dining-room sees, eat, acquire.

Cordate houttuynia this thing, before, I won’t be nodded, be overcome really its flavour, before others incites me to eat, I can ask normally the other side, first reconsideration of my life go off with.

I say previously, be before really, a long time ago. In those days, have a meal where, what to eat, got me to say to calculate, no matter be with family, still mix friend, whose place became wrong dish, I wish to throw the hand of the other side, estimate at that time, I feel for certain oneself times have article. And, of the dot is a few things that he can accept, do not like to oneself, do not look repeatedly.

Nowadays, should go out only have a meal, I do not choose the ground, do not order dishes, follow greater part team to go, where to walk along to fall where, others nods what, I eat what. Come down a few years, bring into contact with is very much, the thing that I do not know and the thing that do not know, it is the especially inimical flavour in my consciousness even, after the attempt that taking chopstick tottering passes, just feel, some something once originallied in him brain, hold out pull.

Feel all the time, the disposition of food and person, having a kind of concern that says to not be clear about, also do not have what theory to be able to confirm me ” great ” guess. The property of food itself, choose to alimental with everybody, include to have a way to alimental, can be in in the future, in oneself life, form an especially typical terrain distinguishing feature. Of northerner straightforward, of southern delicate, concern with food probably.

Look the day before yesterday Huang Ke is interviewed in TV, he says, “To food precisian, often have drawback of a few disposition, and the person that those what food can accept, disposition is relatively a lot of more open-minded ” . Look, do the person of running water banquet one year to 10 thousand much person, it is tall, this word puts aside me, I do not come out with respect to summary.

After-thought first time goes Xinjiang, 7 days do not eat me what do not drink, look again now, do not have me what what does not eat, looking is progress. Blemish still is had a plenty of, nevertheless, can use alimental means, silent him change of exert a subtle influence on, I should use China’s mobile advertisement word: - - - I can!

[salad of cordate houttuynia bright shrimp]

Raw material: Cordate houttuynia the 50 shrimp that overcome delicacy leaf of 200 grams mint 50 grams are citric piece 6 Ginger 2 green 2

Condiment: Salt 5 grams Olive oil of lemon juice 30ml 1 spoon (15ml) candy 2 grams (either must)


Abluent drop does 1) general cordate houttuynia, paragraphs what grow into 3 centimeters with hand clutch is small. Field mint leaf washs net drop to work. Bright shrimp goes the head opens a back, eliminate yarn (Particular way clicks here) .

2) Clear water is entered in boiler, put Jiang Pian and onion piece, conflagration heats to boiling hind, put bright shrimp scald to iron 15 seconds fish out.

3) general cordate houttuynia, field mint, lemon piece and bright shrimp are put into big bowl, transfer into salt, lemon juice, olive oil and candy mix are even can.

Super 啰 Suo:

The flavour of ** cordate houttuynia, not be everybody can be accepted, when accordingly the proposal is done to family, foretaste tries a few breathing out, lest is wasteful.

** cordate houttuynia also makes fold ear root, sound very curious ha. The method of cold and dressed with sause is the commonnest. Cordate houttuynia has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, a lot of a lot of advantage such as diminish inflammation. Unripe it is OK to feed, add bacon heat to fry very pretty good also.

** still has a kind of resemble thing that grows with cordate houttuynia, call cogongrass the root, but this is two kinds of things, did not make a mistake to breath out.

If ** can buy cordate houttuynia page, with will mix this salad also is very good choice.

Before ** bright shrimp is used, it is OK that in the boiled water that put green Jiang Pian scald is ironed purify fishy smell. The processing technique of line of shrimp of bright shrimp purify, click please enter here.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . . }

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