[Wen Yi is making food] I love De Yun company - - - [pass the summer in a leisurely way boils earthnut] recommend to stew the coolie that boil to provide

Went yesterday the photograph of heart cloud company is in ~ of ~ of trailer ~ ~

[pass the summer in a leisurely way boils earthnut]

Raw material: The flower gives birth to 1000 grams Chinese prickly ash 1 spoon (15 grams) anise 4 (also weigh aniseed) small fennel 1 spoon (15 grams) sweet leaf 4 salt 4 teaspoon (20 grams)


1) full leach bubble is put 5 minutes in putting earthnut in the basin, use clear water repeatedly again thoroughly abluent drop the clay above, squeeze earthnut with the hand mouth, when so that be in,be being boiled more tasty.

2) Chinese prickly ash, anise (aniseed) , small fennel and sweet Xie Fang enter tea bag bag, seal good mouth.

3) times more than earthnut clear water is entered in boiler, put makings package, enter earthnut, the cap on the lid, after be being boiled with conflagration, turn into medium baking temperature, fire involves after continueing to boil 10 minutes.

4) spill salt, mix is even the stew on rear cover after 2 hours again edible, flavour is best.

Super 啰 Suo:

** now just is the season that a large number of the flower is unripe appearing on the market, boil a few when snacks or food and drink of instantly of person giving the home pretty good ha.

When ** is buying peanut, must look clear, or hold small mouth, if discover the earthnut inside is already gemmiparous, did not buy.

** recommends to stew boiled small tool incidentally, namely below the tea bag bag in the graph, one-time, very safe convenient also, I am bought in home Le Fu, a packet 60, probably 5 Qian Zun are right, it is not quite clear to write down. Have different measurement type, you can pick bulk according to your need.

** earthnut does not eat, should put in last in freezer cold storage is saved in the box, I suggest to be in when saving, to the boiling water that enters a few earthnut that boil, when such morrow eat, flavour is thicker, and earthnut won’t desiccate, influence mouthfeel.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . . }

Say yesterday. At 6 o’clock 20 arrived company of crossover heart cloud. I live in An Zhen, take a car 803 to receive a doorway continuously so. Show at 7 o’clock 15 begin, but 40 ability entered the arena at 6 o’clock, what so you arrive is too early did not use ha.

Enjoin, if you want the word that go, had better fill up filling dot to eat, observe according to me, circumference of heart cloud company 200 meters in, thing of comestible of it doesn’t matter.

This is Guo Degang’s base area, theater of company of Beijing heart cloud, in a trail most inside. Here does not have extraordinary place, do not talk to go up what ostentation and extravagance, decorate also not very is exquisite. Say honest, just arrived when, I feel to hold out disappointment, in my impression, calculating here is not resplendent and magnificent, should also be of a lights brightly lit at least? But, it is so plain, so not dazzling, it is however can ” make ” comic dialogue ” regale ” place.

The will hear cross talk like those and me person that looks at a doorway to piling, I feel immediately, answered really that word ” good wine is not afraid of alley child deep ” ha.

The feeling after entering the arena is compared outside a lot of, atmosphere has so little meaning

Hold the friend’s blessing in the palm, she helped me buy the first ahead the ticket of 3 desks. My close face stuck arena quickly to go up.

Want to say old Guo Zhen is generous, entrance ticket is so cheap do not say, snacks also is the price that everybody can accept, a dish of melon seeds 5, build a bowl jasmine flower tea 10, between stanza infinite second add water to you. Nevertheless you are fastened really but interest is drunk, go up toilet not easily.

I am not to say here does not have a toilet, or inconvenience goes, however after begin, comic dialogue receives a paragraph one paragraph, outstanding one after another, you are affirmative not be willing to part with or use manages to find time on toilet.

First two programs, truth fact says, I feel general. The first program is a kuaibanr it seems that, the 2nd program, I also impression of it doesn’t matter. Truly excellent performance, after coming up from this two boy, begin. Left this child has an especially lovely name to cry ” sesame seed cake ” , hold funny in both hands to him, the crane calling Cao on the right side of is in relief, voice manner raise one’s hand is cast sufficient, very the Wang Wei that resembles traffic stage. I always feel this child will be sure the meeting is famous henceforth.

This two did not say, in every case knows heart cloud company, with the end of division of a few entertainment that has seen Beijing table, know who they are. Amuse the Xu Deliang of funny, the old gentleman that holds funny in both hands is Wang Wenlin.

The ear on Xu Deliang ear is nailed, it is to sitting for the first middleaged female comrade, shake an eye quite indeed.

The friend says, the show of heart cloud company, wrist bigger, come on the stage later. Then I looked yesterday this, cao cloud gold and Liu cloud day should are press an axis ha. If catch the show that has Laoguo, do not know he presses large shaft.

These two said one hour fully, of course, include to return ha. The show ended partly at 10 o’clock. On taxi the way home, chat with driver master all the time, he also is a Guo Degang comic dialogue confusing, has listened Duan Zi is greater than me.

I am excellent when getting off, say with him ” thank, adieu ” . He answered I am one sentence, let me feel times if kissing ” later De Yun company sees ” , ~ of growl growl ~

Once thought one ticket seeks the cross talk of heart cloud company hard all the time, the likelihood because their wrist big, I feel to should rise in price, should not buy, but actually? What think with me is completely different. It doesn’t matter of comic dialogue fare changes, the phone is booked can buy. According to the position different fare is divided one 20, 30, 40 differ. Upstairs balcony, balcony 60 money, side balcony 50, cheaper than seeing a movie. But I feel, a word - - value!

If you also like cross talk, go listening, the feeling of the spot is really different. I plan to go every months later, anyway their program every day different. 100 money, child the person can be happy one in the evening, much better.

Address of heart cloud company: Armour of road of north latitude of Wai Street of front door of division of Beijing announce military

Order ticket phone: 010 - 63040912

Network address of heart cloud company: Www.guodegang.org

… … … … … … … … … … …

When arranging this rich settle or live in a strange place in the morning, the humor is especially good, the Yu Wen that heard cross talk last night has not come loose fade. Liquidate an in part, receive mom’s telephone call, the dog dog that accompanied me 13 years left us this morning. I take a taxi immediately came home, saw him last times. I am very afflictive now. Think of his disengagement nevertheless, I am a lot of quieter also.

Did not want to talk, bad mood can be infected each other.

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