[Wen Yi is making food] - - - [tomato fries cowpea] totle drilling cost is less than dish of 2 yuan go with rice

After knowing after I am enough also, become aware.

Very long later, namely after a few years now, I ability ascertain understands at the outset ” 7 days of 7 channel ” a flower. No matter what do you see, no matter what do you hear, no matter what are you experiencing. . . .

Yuan, one of compere that I like most. She grows, do not have a law to do compere absolutely by constant manage, sound also advantage of it doesn’t matter, angle is too subjective, select material indeed additional kind. But she is destined to succeed, because she is mixed,her group respects everybody.

Once in the program, without the conjecture of look on sb’s trouble with indifference, without commanding view and emulate, that is a kind true equal really, it is very few somebody, more never mention it the horizontal perspective that TV worker can accomplish. Clear everybody has his idea, pack the balance on bag as gathering up, the weight of the thing is same.

The sound of uncle aunt should listen, see they get meal of not feel like eating urgently, when resembling looking at get angry of oneself father mother same good-tempered show sympathy. The sound of little male girl should listen, do not go the small mood that disclose captures them, let oneself be faced synchronously at the outset those oneself also consider as extremely big problem.

Do not comment on, fasten an action, do not give a definition, than what genuine company is occasionally touching. Making food also is to breath out. A certain program makes me be detested extremely, will say with the audience on ” today, I teach you to do a × of × × × , take out paper notes to come down rapidly ~ ~ “

× (omit here a word) , do you think who you are?

Had turned the head will want, I am enough also 2. Sit before TV, sit beside board, another when sit in computer, sit in a lot of a lot of places, on the mouth can of caustic, I caustic. On the mouth cannot of caustic, in the heart also a run on a bank passed. What do this show? Besides 2, still have dilettante, of course, besides dilettante, still have more weak points.

Actually, without any person, a word is funny. If you feel others is funny, mere because, you think your standing room, have the life of others of right look down at.

Each days each years, someone is crying, laughing, in life, in sweetness.

Each days each years, somebody is being decorated, buying a shoe, in checkout.

Each days each years, somebody discovers the truth, resolutely of definitely - - grow.

[tomato fries cowpea] - - totle drilling cost is less than dish of 2 yuan go with rice

Raw material: Cowpea 250 grams tomato an egg 4 valve of 3 garlic

Condiment: Teaspoon of cooking wine 1/2 (3ml) soy 1/2 teaspoon (3ml) saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams)


What grow into 3 centimeters is cut after 1) cowpea is abluent paragraph. Tomato is abluent cut agglomerate. Garlic is patted medicinal powder.

2) egg break up, transfer into cooking wine and little rinse, mix is even.

3) boiler burns heat to pour oil, wait for oil 8 when becoming heat, enter an egg, with scoop the fast agitate that draw a circle is worn fry, after been fry, fill from inside boiler piece reserve.

A few oil is entered again in 4) boiler, oily 7 when becoming heat, pour cowpea to break up fry 2 minutes, put tomato to fry 1 minute again, drench a few rinses, put pat the garlic that scatter, the cap on the lid, use stew of medium baking temperature 4 minutes or so.

After 5) opens lid, drench soy, transfer into salt, pour the egg that has fried, change conflagration to break up fry 1 minute, the juice that need boiling water works slightly can involve fire.

Super long-winded:

When ** scrambles egg, transfer into in the egg fluid toward break up a few cooking wine, can the fishy smell of purify egg. Add a few water again, as a result of the action with water separate oil, can make the egg becomes soft tender.

** pours egg fluid into boiler after oil is hot, with scoop the fast agitate that draw a circle is worn fry ripe, fry the egg that go out so very tender. And after waiting for an egg to finalize the design, cut again medicinal powder.

** always makes food with parched egg, after must have been fried in other course and putting salt, will scramble egg again cook again. Egg very admit saline taste easily, if be put first, the flavour of the egg is met very salty, and summary delicacy flavour is not worth other course.

** comes with tomato stew makes cowpea, the flavour of acerbity acid can make cowpea more tasty, cooperate the flavour of garlic again, do not have what to say, fill rice ha.

** the cost of this dish, I must say, cowpea 5 wool, egg 1, tomato 3 wool, hey, totle drilling cost does not exceed 2 Qian Ha.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . }

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