Will stick dot autumn fat flesh of pumpkin pink evaporate [Yan Jia small shop]

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Flesh of pumpkin pink evaporate

The autumnal equinox passed, raining all the time these days, it is a Qiu Yu really cool ah, return a hope to have warm feeling, want to eat a dot to have caloric food, a small pumpkin that buys in the home has been put very long, a pumpkin just 7 wool money, errorring petty gain is really below environment of this kind of price, hate to part with a bit all the time open this melon, small, silently, stay in the kitchen one horn already two many weeks, in one’s heart is showing a rural interest, look at like, it how so cheap, do not spend make the best use of everything, of the talking around that it does not satisfy the mankind inherently namely desire, still be my adage, respect it well arrange it, add the classy steaky pork that I still remain last, get a meat of pumpkin pink evaporate, my true esteem this different feeds capable person. . . . . .

First last finished product graphs, see you like?

Raw material: 1. Pink of flesh of 200g of slice of steaky pork 600g, pumpkin, evaporate water of half not bag, hot fermented bean curd right amount, thick broad-bean sauce 2 small spoon, alone garlic powder 1

If the processing of pumpkin pursues

Flow: Try to locate sth by following up a clue please
The flesh that 1. has mixed. It is powder of pink of flesh of a flesh and water of fermented bean curd, evaporate, thick broad-bean sauce, garlic, add oil of a bit edible even additionally, added edible oil to compare good agitate, the flesh also is met mouthfeel is better, all material a mix is even, had better wear a glove to catch, better and even, because evaporate flesh pink and thick broad-bean sauce are very salty, so basic be to need not put salt, be soiled bloats after mixing left and right sides of a hour.

Good gauze is spread inside 2. a pot for steaming food, can buy a gauze guaze mask to ravel, I feel the special gauze that sells than the supermarket is used fortunately

3. spreads the flesh in the lay open on gauze, the gain that extended gauze is the oil that evaporate flesh comes out can drop goes down, but evaporate flesh pink won’t leak go down, the Kong Haiman that lies between because of evaporate is big

4. conflagration begins evaporate, water opens evaporate of succeed add conflagration 20 minutes

The good processing pumpkin after 5.2 minutes puts evaporate 10 minutes, still be used conflagration

Take pumpkin after 6.1 minutes preparation is placed dish, a bit more careful, pumpkin became ripe rot easily, the time of evaporate pumpkin can see your pumpkin size thickness decide to breath out neatly

7. continues to turn into flesh of small fire evaporate 20 minutes, small fire boils a heart

After 8.2 minutes, fleshy it may not be a bad idea, place in pumpkin above

After 9. water leaves, iron order dishes heart and medlar, place dish with

Had placed dish appearance, hang is the distance between dish heart cannot too far, basic it is the appearance that lies between 3 centimeters, adornment of a medlar is put on the head of every dish heart, additional again 啰 Suo why to put the meat in pumpkin directly above evaporate, because I visit a lot of hotel so do, but my individual does not like, because pumpkin is filled up below, drew oily share of the flesh completely, such pumpkin is already bad to ate, so I part different, final ability incorporates together, such processing, such placing dish, do not know you like?


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