Woman’s head-ornaments of Chinese type oxtail soup

The breakfast breed of Wuhan is various, besides chicken of the hot dry face that introduces before, polished glutinous rice, beef face is like still having / pink. Just before price is compared both want expensive piece a few. When reading an university, it is to take the ability when fellowship to want to be able to be in commonly rise early buy on one bowl of him reward with food and drink. Have a holiday come home happier, because the expert good fun of my grandmother is beef soup pink, has had person each assist! A friend that remembers my mother comes to our home to play, had eaten the bear in mind constantly after the beef soup noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that grandmother makes, I encounter him in Beijing, he often still mentions that bowl of noodles in soup, say why he himself the put a lot of beef noodles in soup that family does, although true material fact expects, but why to taste total is there panada taste? Then I ask a family member for his phone, old Mom says: That is simple, and play a side a truth, the water of the face that boil is no good, the bittern boiling water that gets the beef that use stew in soy sauce does a prescription for a medical decoction.

Is the principle simple? I am reading a friend to borrow me recently ” face of beef of handed down from the older generations of the family ” cookbook, sundry beef face practice introduced inside, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes, all a prescription for a medical decoction that introduce in the book are to be boiled alone make.

The oxtail soup woman’s head-ornaments that everybody introduction should give taste of a Chinese type here. The beef range that Wuhan breakfast sells is with the ox big character comes stew does a prescription for a medical decoction, what spread on noodle is the bittern beef section that prepares additionally. The reason is soup is close friends drink, need is long stew, but cutlet cannot be boiled more, come loose easily otherwise form. Come so, can both prepare separately. Because come,choice oxtail is this thing is in here Switzerland is cheap and easy, oxtail flesh is old, long stew do not come loose. Additional inside return some muscle, have an opening pretty good. 2 will avoid to prepare a prescription for a medical decoction and cutlet separately, oneself cooks, come how simply.

The practice is simple, clean (the worry that won’t have any lampblack)

The first pace: Oxtail is put in cold water boiler, add two the cooking wine of a few, ginger, conflagration boils dichotomy bell, oxtail fish out, develop surplus end of the surface with Wenshui.

The 2nd pace: In arenaceous canister add clear water additionally, enter cooking wine, put Jiang Pian and bittern makings to wrap (the mother that I use is the complete flavour bittern that domestic post sends me makings, everybody also can buy him raw material to make up in Asian inn, bases is anise, cassia bark, clove, small fennel) . Also put oxtail arenaceous kettle, after be being boiled along with all the others, in turning, small fire is stewed boil about two hours.

The 3rd pace: In Shanglijia salt flavors, those who like soy taste is OK also add often smoked increase sauce sweet with mix colors. Such a prescription for a medical decoction had been made.

The 4th pace: Remove one boiler additionally to boil a face, the face that boil while, like to eat hot friend to be able to make hemp hot red oil (this recipe by achieve formerly really, first-rate with) . Put pulverize of Chinese prickly ash in a small bowl, put chili pink and dry chili again, spill the 8 sesame oil that become heat, make it hemp is hot red oil.

The 5th pace: From the fish out in the stockpot the noodle that has boiled Cheng Fang arrives in soup bowl, enter oxtail soup, spill on hemp is hot red oil (cannot eat hot friend to be not put) , medicinal powder go up chopped green onion can.

This noodles in soup cooks breakfast pretty good also, prepare a prescription for a medical decoction ahead of schedule. Rise early to want to boil good side, hot good a prescription for a medical decoction only, can eat. Heat up hot Shang Shang water, eating at ease. Just preparative work of a day needs the head floriferous dot time just.

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