Zephyr comes loose birthday manages [boil simply meaning]

Sudden crank did a simple and easy edition medicinal powder birthday department,
Because prepare temporarily, what don’t have to feed capable person well, ah. . .
Do a thing anyway, basically be oneself most buoyant,
Adjust measures to local conditions: )

Maigre be in Japan, be called ” essence of life enters arrange ” , include ” the food of wisdom ” meaning.
Nature is healthy, delicate and elegant, give a person big pure and fresh however feeling.
Of day type medicinal powder birthday department is celebrate in the section (for instance daughter section) , the flower sees (admire cherry) , the fundamental situation such as dinner customer just is done.

1) rice of department of the birthday that boil: Maize rub is washed to the rice oar that does not have white, thoroughly cook. Mix by heat birthday department vinegar, candy (the rose sugar that I use, ha, taste the sweet smell that still has a rose) , a few salt.
2) install birthday department meal in container, planish fact. Like according to oneself again, add various data. . . Had placed according to pattern, the originality that sees you. . . Silk of sea liver mosses, cucumber silk, egg silk is indispensable. . . Have seafood otherly, roe is best. . .

Because husband does not like to eat too acerbity, I do not have these material to undertake handling again, everybody can immerse the material such as cucumber to manage taste into a few in acetic water in birthday. . . Anyway oneself eat, also not need repeat what the book says, ah. . .

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